Chiliz (CHZ) – Análise de hoje, 20/06/2021! #CHZ #Chiliz #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #binance #ETH

Hi guys let's go down hz attili the puppets' coin folks I think at 100 hz Maybe I'm drawing it after having broken out of forming No Tooth our big triangular figure is very likely to be drawing a bullish virtual channel in this direction here oh, I would do this ballet, people here are studies, I have no obligation to predict the future But we can win in these falls because we enter healthier points Of course than all subjective technical analysis. How is, For example, this high-end virtual channel I'm drawing it is not subject to be reviewed so're these needles of Bitcoin stem from the most high degree of leverage operators then're in my reading shoot're're testing the bottom of this virtual high channel as well as Bitcoin's making his move of test and num in a high virtual figure the fact that this type of interpretation is within the sector of subjective technical analysis it is subject always to reviews This is the reading I'm doing of the market.

There are people who will do a bassist reading I'm of course if there is any substantial change in Bitcoin's movement, who is the one who commands this entire orchestra, we will review our bias and but I have to be I have the absolute conviction that the high bias of the crypto world hasn't reached any one-sixth of what it has to achieve in this donkey so this reading I make of the aunt she's in mine in my reading she is testing this this bottom of this bullish virtual channel and her target in this next da Silva that goes to what will start to Very likely in the next few hours it should take a shot for this congestional band here of zero 450 46 in this congestion resistance band this series of supports and resistances between 0 450 46 so here is our target datile as soon as she starts the kick and impulsive because now she is testing this corrective kick the basis of this dec sion of our virtual high channel realize that sellers are losing momentum due to the crisis here in Mcqueen's histogram the same reality if speed is reflected look here and the histogram already shows me a loss of momentum of sellers' momentum forming sales bars smaller and smaller to Maybe in a little while to form a wavy amplitude of a buyer character ok, I'll just come back with xrp's analysis and whoever wants to suggest an analysis of Some asset Just put in the messages below big hug

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