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Hey guys let's go from Chiliz it's now May 19th 2022 2pm here In Spain it should be 9 am there in Brazil Tile, technically moving to Bottom 19 with the complete transition of the Kelton Channel from the top to the bottom crossing Ichimoku cloud in the 26 إسقاط projection Schmorl periods the same cloud with red and thick clouds and with both lower lines أقل Supreme pointing down this reality is reflected in the scuise that opens wide controversy The nature of sales that do not by buyers whose spasms are just a bounce They do not face the violence of the selling waves, they realize that in this current selling wave , arrive now Sales bars to quarters below the floor of the lower band For the scale here in the Mac days.

Reality repeats with short exponential and exponentially slower both pointing down with a broad wave of personality being a salesman in The histogram is already a second violent ripple for the sales character who can't Spice in buyers dealing with sales violence even the shorter exponential is to reach the lower quadrants to the floor of the lower band of Chilean metric guys are checking out our virtual high channel right now, I always Make it clear that this is subjective technical analysis and that it should not always be respected at this moment Lose the ball to our Bolshoi ballet here, you can see that Tile Ela're forming Ripple from the channel let's see can be bored only if you go back in The next hours to our high virtual channel we can resume this reading For the market because well drilling – ephemeral needles and pointing out of the discharge channel Our default, it is acceptable but at that moment the shooting loses in the discharge channel Our default and its entry may not lead to a downtrend that may or may not be prolonged if Back in the next hours to our virtual bullish channel, we keep reading This market, but at that moment photography is losing to our rising virtual channel, so This log is left that can follow the downward trend of the soul or formation A broader bullish channel which we will have to read based on new boxes and new tops And more so we need to let the paper find the ichimoku cloud to form your jam New people so we can join new peaks and new points and new money to make This reading of this personal technical analysis Tile 0.33 employees are missing now Our default discharge channel to the Bolshoi ballet all of a sudden , and the price may go back to our high default channel in person.

Technical analysis was I was reading the market but in that moment the active loses E fact ssa which are also reflected here nutrix ok. This record is here at the moment It starts in a downtrend in both objective technical analysis and technical analysis Subjectively, this movement stems from the withdrawal that Bitcoin is promoting in all Bitcoin cryptocurrencies People every time you suffer from Halloween suffer from Halloween which is cut in half The mining season that Ralph experienced in 2012 upgraded a donkey between 8 and 12 months after Target then cut half of mining in 2012. Alvin's excuse for Johan 2013/2014 Which Takes Bitcoin From $32 To 1166 Ral From 2016 Cause Pearl 2017/2018 that took bitcoin from $1,166 to $20,000 and robin from May 2020 Ah take bitcoin from 20 thousand dollars to the region of 200 and a few thousand dollars and then Settling between $200,000 and $60,000 maybe $50,000 but the truth is that in this stupid environment With him it goes to 200 and a few thousand dollars but it will go down from at least 150 thousand dollars again, it was always crowded in Halfway where you see people, so it's no surprise that Bitcoin is in the saga your buran on your buran, but it turns out congestion is just a pull and take a channel Our beloved Chile may or may not come back, I'll be familiar with this role if He's back inside the high virtual channel that I remember again, so I'll be back soon you guys with some opportunities in the crypto world and who wants to suggest any analysis The origin is just leave messages below, well, we'll be back soon Big hug

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