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Hello everyone, let's go down the coin of the Tocantins fan and Atire in the wake of one of Bitcoin's una two which is now in 37421 Bitcoin is already starting its impulsive Bernardo number 3 towards 44 45 thousand dollars and activate it on the mat this corrective leg of Bitcoin's number two is and it was cooled down, it also returned to that rush region of 0350 three four and now you've given it to 030 but it, as it is already transiting over the green sector of the new hill here at four o'clock it will already suffer that magnetic repulsion that will catapult it to this congested band here in this series of resistances and supports at 0.42 0.44 Let's see where mm200 is in this story here it's far from mm200 shouldn't test shouldn't mm200 has 0.28 it won't reach zero 28 12 hours it pierced the stimulus cloud from top to bottom But that's normal because this resistance here guys and this one stayed in the market's memory this 0 3 0 35 range because this one fai xa congestional this resistance band sorry she imposed these two brutal corrections oh on May 20th Atílio e032 corrected it to a minimum of 06 it made the minimum 10 16 and on May 26th she did it imposed this correction here oh whose minimum hit 10 20 so this is in the memory of the market these two brutal corrections so it is normal that it has hit once in this region back hit again back in Price Action does not behave in the behavioral pattern of assets it is normal that on the third attempt the price can reach the its range of justice and fury resistance the tricks continues here in the second quadrant of the upper metric band denoting that Buyers are still under the control of tilly okay guys in a little while I'll be back to talk about Cardano and whoever has any suggestion for analysis That's it put in the messages below big hug

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