Chiliz (CHZ) – Análise de hoje, 15/05/2021! #CHZ #Chiliz #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #binance #ETH

Hey guys let's go from Chiliz, to Chz, the fan token coin, May 15th is the third and third Afternoon here in Spain it should be 10 in the morning and in Brazil in the morning there are people active, where I cut it, we go back inside our channel, the paper makes a purchase on Almost all indications, the shimoku cloud has already opened in the projection of 26 strong cloud periods It is thick green with the top line indicating the highest channel Else, everything crosses over the lead cloud with the three lines already Above the cloud after the chatter that revolves around the paper from bottom to top through a cloud schmorl through this red sector, it is natural that there will be exhaustion of Zinha to buy forces The seduction here is the force of gravity itself from the cloud and whatever it crosses on The extent to which the green strip suffers by magnetic repulsion catapult sheet upwards as it happened It happened here ó here ó here ó in the past that it is normal for paper to be something living And stão Zinha now but this does not change the upward trend reversal, this reversal appeared in The trend is already here in scuise with the formation of a broad wave of buyer personas Here in the guide, both the short and long exponential lines aligning samba dia have already migrated To the upper range of the scale and in the software the wave formation of the Jupiter figure is wide In clearing the mm200 at that moment live active individuals trying to cross from bottom to top The highest who averages 200 period movement here at mm200 is the most indication that paper The vacuum will clog mm200 is our special board but it will block With a certain difficulty Zinha, but it will cross you see that needle or back but this time it will pass I think here that the Ichimoku cloud strongly green with which clouds Abandoned by the party that abandons Twix confirms all this reading because the cursor is doing it here , As the cursor currently moves to the upper band of the Active People scale Check out our lovely high channel that I reported I'll be drawing needle here or Out of the channel but it's back like I said I'm going back and animating her to do this Bolshoi ballet here You guys nice thing she tested the bottom of the canal and now this whack is gonna hit and it's heading to 0.69 0.70 and then have a scheduled meeting here, look at this summit here 0.7 90.800 who knows how Getting it all the time up 0.84 ok guys this analysis here from tilly who starts Leg fixes this 0.70 which all indicators have already reported confirming a reversal Trend and I think next stop for the interesting tire is going to be 0.70.

Okay guys, This is a tilly parse for anyone who wants to suggest parsing some files just put messages Below and I find a good chance in the world of clips that I made a big hug again.

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