Chiliz (CHZ) – Análise de hoje, 08/07/2021! #CHZ #Chiliz #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #binance #ETH

it's very personal there Chile as and hz it keeps fulfilling our script it naturally got heavy due to this incursion here inside the red sector of the shimoku cloud it even surpassed this resistance range here from zero 25026 made a Top n028 kind of lost this one now Facing this support here it hasn't lost yet but this support between 0 25026 is being tested right now at this moment it's holding on to the lower edge of our big virtual bull channel and on the midline of the Kiel channel to have a Who are these altcoins of high octane like xrp Chile they are very sensitive to any movement of Bitcoin which is now at 32 722 and naturally they get heavy when the Bitcoin of those needled bitcoins rises collapsing As already reported on the channel So this band resistance to here imposed by these tops from the 25th June 26th June 29th and now this top from the 7th of July to the 8th of July that this collection ended up creating this resistance band that and it was a resistance now becomes a support it is very unlikely that Tile will lose 025 it can even stab 024 but due to the lower edge of the virtual channel it must hold there at the median of the kellner channel and at the very base of the channel in high in the projection of 26 periods the coconut cloud remains greenish there thickening in the squid wave amplitude is still buying and in the Mac of both lines the short and slow exponentials have already settled in the upper band of the metric So it's just one more of those pricks it's it is very likely that in the wake of the btc's recovery, it will promote this long-awaited impulsive stride so that it can reach this more impactful resistive tablet than the one represented by this rape here on the 16th of 6th and 11th of 6th and also here on the 6th and 26th of May where you actually shoot 10 340 35 you will actually have some difficulty, you must accumulate to go up to higher levels, okay guys, in a little while I'll be back with analysis by shiba inu and whoever wants to s suggest The analysis of Some asset Just put it in the messages below Grand What's up

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