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[MUSIC] Is the safety belt the only
way to attach my child seat? [MUSIC] >> How else can I attach my child seat? [MUSIC] >> What are these anchors in my rear seat? [MUSIC] >> Your vehicle may have a LATCH system
that makes securing your child seat easy, and could help keep your child
safe in case of an accident. You'll know if your child's seat can
be used with the LATCH system if it has either two rigid attachments with metal
connectors, or two flexible straps with metal hooks that can be connected
to the lower anchors in your seat.

And if it has a belt strap with a metal
clip that's attached to the top back portion of the seat. Still with me? Great. Now, let me show you how it works. The LATCH system consists of three
anchor points to secure your child seat. The two lower anchors in the seat bite,
where the back and the seat cushion meet. And the top tether anchor on the back
of or behind the vehicle seat, here. Attach the metal connectors on
the bottom of your child seat, remember, the ones that are either rigid or
on a strap, to the anchors, which may be marked with
a child seat symbol, here. If your seat has straps, tighten them by pulling up until
the seat is secure and doesn't move. If your clips are on a rigid attachment,
push your seat back and forth after you've attached it,
to make sure it doesn't move. Once you've installed your child seat with
the lower anchors of the latch system, attach the top tether strap under the head
rest, or over the top of the head restraint, if it's not adjustable or
removable, and tighten the strap.

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