Chasing The ENCOM 786 | The Renegade (Part 2) | TRON: Uprising

What are you doing here? Just returning your bike. Good as new. – You let him follow you here?
– He's nobody. Just an easy mark. Why did you do this? Because it was fun. Watching you sulk at the club,
staring at the girls and the dance floor… You seemed so… What's the word? Desperate? Gullible? Pathetic. As if any girl in her right mind would ever
be attracted to such a weak, hopeless– That's my friend, you're talking to. Grab it! What are you waiting for? Get them! Zed, they're gaining on us. Brace yourself. What are you doing?
They'll be on top of us any second! Trust me, okay? Like I said, pathetic. I"m gonna enjoy this. Not nearly as much as I am. That was amazing! Get off of me before I kick– Trust me, you really don't wanna
finish that sentence.

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