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Hello friends, welcome to your own channel,
I hope you are following the course completely and are also practicing, if you have any
difficulty, then you can ask on the telegram channel or you can ask this video in the comment.
I will definitely reply to you that so far in the course we have covered, we have fought a lot
in it, he has started trading and he is also making his own studies, so the more you practice, the
more you will have control over technical analysis and some things remain. There are important things like our support
and resistance and risk management in the course, but we will cover that in the next parts,
so once this course is completed, then you will definitely get the complete picture clear and it will be
easy to make you at the stage Whoever I am showing you, people
charge a lot for it, almost 50000 in the market charge more than that, but I am showing you all these
things, just need your input and you have to practice in this will have to Learn how much swimming is
technically done, but until you are imprisoned in water that until you limit yourself, you
will not be able to become a simar yourself and swimming here first drowns again and again and again and again once the whole lawyer comes So,
you become a professional swimmer, even in trading, it is a pending skill, so you will have to have some patience
and keep practicing, okay , before this, in the gift we saw the chart pattern side,
so you have started this training in that section.

The chart pattern is all that is left in this lesson, we
will cover as much as you look at the chart well, it is the pattern you will keep on getting and once you have found the pattern,
then how to strat it, that is what I am teaching you, so you can use it The recipe will increase
ok ok so first we saw the triangle, say to the channel, saw the trendline, today I will teach you,
and there is a continuation pattern in the place, what is the pattern, I will tell you first,
what is the continuation pattern, it is common market one is confused or is in a down trend, when there is a
strong any strain, the market does not go into any straight line, after going for a short distance,
the market does a little consolidation in this day and again it goes up again, it does consolidation and then
goes up So these jones are here in the middle, some patterns are formed and this is the pattern I
am going to tell you today, I am going to tell you this , the continuation pattern, the pattern is basically very tight in it but
these three are important, I will tell you first Here comes the flag pattern, only the flag pattern
looks like this, what happens in it, first there is a trend from it, then in this race the market fasts

Ok so here the market will do a little consolidation and after consolidating it will breakout from here and
then go ahead and go to a different type of pattern for somewhere, then it can reduce at all that it will do such a flagpole
and then it will go up like flat Looks so If you say flag pole pattern is ok, it
also comes in uptrend  when in down trend it is here that where is like is formed which is inverted.

What is the most important thing you have to remember is that when this trend happens, then understand that you are rent for more
prank, when it is going in the angle, then the direction of the flag should be in the opposite direction, now the direction
of the pleath is that of the angle From Opposite and then goes up ok then the direction
of the flag should be opposite to friend means if you get stuck in the trend then the direction of the flag call
should be in the direction of the light and then it can go up from here likewise what is the delay If this pole is a downtrend,
then the flag should be in such a slight upward form that it should be like a brahmin, a friend
should have a mood in the opposite direction, which is the product.
Remember the important point End K Opposite direction should have two angles of slide
and after that again comes payment pattern Bullish and very different pattern don't say so what is the point
it is like a little symmetrical triangle Just difference in this so much cover comes in friend continuation
Means the market was trending here , it consolidated in the middle, then it flagpole
and then he went to a friend that in the platform from me I told you that the addition
is trending, this triangle should be in its opposite direction, after drinking the flag like this What happens in a hot patient? If
this tomato triangle happens, then this triangle cannot
be down.
There is a symmetrical triangle like it will make in a symmetrical triangle it
will be called peanut and then it will go down ok then it speaks bearish paint and plum is peanut
identification comes after that that juice juice I also have type   and language and rising veg what is veg
uttaran colors channel how we are but drink the line 2 labels each other ok and what is the west there
is always a fungal in veda both will be the same And its addiction is this angle, this angle
can also be upwards, it can also be

The pass is getting closer like it is
here and it is here they will go here and if it is on the down side then send it
calling and if it is on the up side then it is rising as it is ok then flagpole like if this trend
K is its angle in the opposite direction, then we can call it another language that in the nation pattern and from
here it is back upwards OK, so here also the same rule is there, if there is a dont in the dont then it is
because of the continuance This pattern is made in the opposite direction of the front, its angle will be
upwards and then from here it will continue to friends. So we can say that we send rising and these are all
continuance patterns that means they are formed in the continuance of the trend and you must have seen it on your big time sim
, it returns such patterns to you, then it happens in between, it is small, it is a Continuation bandh
speaks and all this is what it is only then it forms ok now trend ho yaar dont ho Now the question comes
how to set place I have always told you any different pattern or any pattern in 2
lines If it is and you are trending it then always we will stop for testing only after agri testy
we will add head or take entry in it and stoploss will always come below our line
or below that which is the bottom line If so, if it is a black hole, then this line
will go up after irritating from here, then you can tweet for Retail Singh or it is better in that you
can put your stoploss below this line or call it below.

I can test once if it fails, it
goes down too then your stop Loss will fit here and your entry will increase ok
so always you have to read it only after Ritesh has any trend pattern ok town trend or
friends, once you have to test it then only after that you set it It is ok that Vidya
must have seen her hand shoulder in the market or else I will show you how it happens when anyone understands the trend,
now the trend is going on from here and after that comes from a panday, the market makes some such pattern and then in do
n't If it comes after the
trend, then it is the end shoulder pattern and more from that it is velvet, if it is after the trend, then it is the end shoulder pattern.
Will appear after the organization and it is a reversal pattern i.e.

Head and shoulders
, after the pattern comes, usually people start after this, ok, once the adventure is done
, then those who are going to do the shot, they take entry here, their reversal pattern Head and Shoulders Reversal
Pattern So now I am going to give you the stroke of it. Let me show you the character, see it speaking adventure girls
, think like a man, think that this man is unity, it has become Dr.

Ayya has become electrolar Ayodhya right shoulder,
so how this end shoulder is called the left shoulder is the second shoulder from the shoulder, in such a situation This is a
complete pattern, so how to do it, and the important part is the same
, you remember the point in the neck line, it is closed at the level, I am the left shoulder and right shoulder
, the results are in the level of resistance They also have support, that is the level, that means it is on this line,
it will be formed at the level and but if it takes support, then what is below it, they work and
how to do it, if it is done, then it breaks from the market, then do it. After that we will give it here,
so it does the test , then post our entry here, then it is most important.

you see this pattern from the market at a time, then understand that it can be a reversal and you
must do it. Then you can take entry in it, okay now if you reverse this pattern completely then it will Will become
reverse and shoulder, which was our man, we hung it completely upside down, then this pattern has become complete like this.
Here, if a person is hanging upside down right now, so remember him, reverse and shoulder speak it now.
This year the property of adventure What is it, what is it, it will be formed after the don't trend, don't stop here,
how is this end folder made that it is your neck line and this is your left shoulder's
result support and right shoulder support will be here If it reverses from then reverse end shoulder which is
this berry comes after this trend and this is reversal pattern ok normal adventurer shows reversal from
above and reverse end shoulder shows reversal from below so after that now trend from
Maybe reverse and solar now it also has same pattern from body which is shoulder both it needs at same level this sim
need its price at support level and neck line this neck length is pearl on top so market do
n't from here After taking it again takes reversal from here and can go in trend This is the hand shoulder
end, he has to stop for Ritesh or you are entering, if you are in this phone then it needs a clear shoulder
below it is fine and this is reverse end shoulder pattern after that this is the important pattern What
happens after the trend, you have seen this , if it happens in a trend like the market, then a point comes,
where the market tests a level twice, tests it twice in Sampras and then from here
itself there is a reversal.

This is also a reversal pattern, which will be from after angle and is being rejected on family force,
so it is called double top pattern is ok that now in this double top pattern back neck line is not banti Hai Yeh
Bhi banti but if it is stopped then This is the neck line, after this people usually take entry here, it is at
this point that it tests to catch the double top trend, if it is forming here after the trend,
then you can stop it for confirmation once this neck line If it breaks, then it goes to the
market, so in the same way these people fold it, but this one which is above r's ok it happens at the same level, there is
a reaction of sampras, then it is called double top pattern and it will come only after angle, if you market is in Chand
celebration is in side trend then double top will be formed a lot then in that case I do not melt
, if it comes after this angle, then we call it double top pattern , in this type it is triple top sometimes
market remembers goes up three times at sam level , after result it is same level If the plug is the
result for the third time also, then it is said after the triple top up trend, if this double stone pattern is coming, then
universal market from there can be the same type and what is in it, what happens in double gautam gautam pattern
is reversed It happens that the don of the market is in trend , then from here it tests at the same level
, presses the press immediately and then after that it gets reversal from here, if the market will be there, then after this reversal
, the market it goes to the front and in this also you can draw neck line which is
previous price which if cross with bottom water Does our entry can be made at this point, from here we
can take entry at this point and we need stoploss which is the previous bottom and can put the hips,
that means market if you didn't even go in trend and reversal from here If your entry will
increase then it is double stone pattern and this plum will come after this trend and in this entry is to be taken only after
confirmation if this neck line breaks then in every case this pattern from head and shoulder double top tip
top Or double whatsapp message reverse and shoulder, then I would have to take entry only after neck line.

So in this way, these are all the
patterns that you will see in the market from time to time.

Who is very important then we are
next Till then I will shift in the pot, practice and find these patterns,
message me too, send me on telegram, then we will search together and verify, then see
you in the next till then take care bye-bye.

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