Charles Hoskinson About HBAR: Opinion Changed?! MUST WATCH!

charles hoskinson has said a lot of things about hedera hashgraph and it was very bad charles hoskinson is so hard on hedera hashgraph and he did not even do his research right he literally just bashes in and talks nonsense about it and just makes it seem like it has no future no utility or no value whatsoever well here at almighty altcoin we're going to discuss real quickly what he said about hedera hashgraph and i'm going to just put justice to it because he is wrong about hedera hashgraph hbar has the most promising future so are you ready [Music] well then let's get started what argument does charles sodskinson have against hashgraph just because they are patented hedera hashgraph speaks for itself and i believe that's why the likes of hoskinson are speaking nonsense about it because it could be a threat to his beloved cardano hedera hashgraph is on the world economic forum in two different councils they are partnered up with some of the biggest companies in the world they are competing directly with cardano i think that's why mr hoskinson is scared of them charles is literally talking about hedera hashgraph like it's some type of scam like something is not happening there at hedera whatsoever and i believe that is because he is scared in many ways that they can replace many of the services that cardano is doing and do it much better after all just like cardano compared itself to bitcoin hedera does that as well and hedera outshines cardano now that comparison with ethereum and bitcoin in a mile is no comparison so the potential of hedera although it's not there yet not at 10 000 transactions per second and we've already talked about why because the platform still needs to grow that is where it could go cardano's limit is not that high whatsoever hedera hashgraph can be scalable but much more swiftly and easily than cardano hashgraph use cases are identity theft tokenization agriculture healthcare almost exactly like cardano they are literally going after the same market and that's why i believe mr hoskinson has not much good things to say about them because they are competitors have you ever thought about it like that hmm well while you're pondering that before we move on any further let's make sure you give this video a like button click on that subscribe button and don't forget click that notification bell that way you get notified whenever we have new videos dropping okay guys let's get back into it now think about it we speak very well of both coins cardano or hbar we speak well of both of them and we are not making this video to bash on cardano and we're not tagging cardano as the loser we just like cardano and we see a lot of potential with them but hoskinson's main argument is that hedera is patented and that is why he will not look at it he has not even looked at it but he dares to talk smack about it and something that you guys need to understand from an investor's standpoint think of it from the government standpoint as well what will they trust more something that they can know who to hold responsible a central authority running a project or running a company or something completely decentralized think of it from the government standpoint yes yes you can invest in decentralized technology all that you want but as well the governments like to identify who's making a transaction and why and where it is coming from you know stuff like that hedera allows that to happen that's why they're working with that world economic forum that's why they're working with governments and we're going to see who's right at the end yes there is a place for both but saying that because something is just patented you will not look at it whatsoever and speak so negatively about it that's something that doesn't sit well with me you know i think it's always so funny how people talking about oss while using mac os and storing their lives in google drive i just think that's always been funny hedera hashgraph is the future and that future well it's now want to know more well check out our playlist about hbar in the top right corner there what do you think about this well i'd like to know so leave some comments down below there and what do you think that hedera hashgraph is literally worthless or do you think it could have some actual value in everyone's lives because i'm gonna tell you i personally believe so and i think it's being pushed aside by many youths and as many crypto industry leaders and that's why i want to speak out about it now hedera hashgraph is a decentralized public network where anyone can carve out a piece of cyberspace to transact play and socialize in a secure trusted environment it may offer you consensus as a service for blockchains or distributed ledger technology dlt networks hedera is a leading provider of enterprise grade dlt solutions the consensus as a service offering may provide a hybrid network model to large blockchains people really have to come to terms with the fact that hedera doesn't run exactly like every other dlt just because they came first doesn't mean every single project has to conform to dogma otherwise it's trash listen they are actually the only innovators in the space right now everyone else is just rehashing blockchain in one form or another and competing for contracts at least just say that you will not comment literally just that and then period do not say anything else stop talking because from the reaction to his videos people do not agree with him people think that he is being naive but why can't hoskinson work with hedera why not work with them if they work together it is a win-win you work together to improve your own platform and improve theirs if you can add value to them that means you could be more valuable than them so prove them wrong instead of talking nonsense about them go ahead and work with them yeah come on let's try to make this world a better place like you're claiming to be you don't see mark zuckerberg talking negative about twitter do you and you don't really see bill gates doing the same on apple now even though in the past he has okay but when it gets to that level of talking smack hbar is in charles's head man [Music] hbar is backed by international companies and perhaps the central bank tell me cardano's partners i'm going to leave that up to you hbar has all stars for partners and management so i guess now you know why mr charles hoskinson is mad at the positive development and improvement of the hedera hashgraph okay well we want to thank you so much for watching the video and if you like this video and got something out of it please feel free to click the like button subscribe to the video and don't forget click that notification bell the almighty all coins is here to bring you more crypto updates and if you have any questions all you gotta do is leave a comment below and we'll respond to each and every one of them alright guys that's it for now we'll see you in the next video

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