Chaos At Tron City / Flashback Scene | Scars (Part 1) | TRON: Uprising

Your scar… You've been away from the
healing chamber too long. Funny.
I hadn't noticed. Just once, Dyson, I wish you'd come
to me when you don't have bad news. But then I wouldn't be doing my job. Let me guess…
Another disturbance in the ISO district. Ever since the ISO showed up,
it's been one incident after the next. Talking like we've never had
security problems before. Programs are written to be competitive. ISO outbreaks in progress. But it's different with them. Nobody knows what these ISOs are. They've got the whole city on edge. And it's time to take the edge off. Assemble our team. Apparently the locals don't like ISOs
moving into their neighborhood. So we're going to show them that there's
room on the Grid for everyone. Slap a few wrists, send a few programs home,
all the cycles work. How would you know, Reeve?
You've never worked the cycle in your life. I want the crowd dispersed peacefully. Under no circumstances are you
to draw your discs.

– Understood?
– You want us to go in? – Unarmed?
– For ISOs? What should we stub the mug with?
A group hug? In case you had cubes in your ears,
that was an order. Now, get moving, programs! On the double! – Thanks.
– Anytime, old friend. Freaks! Go back see you crawl down out! This is our home too. It's Tron. It's him. Look at yourselves. Flynn intended the Grid for all programs. To be shared, freely. Don't dishonor his vision through violence. ISOs!
It was them! No. No! Derez! Stay back! Get back! No discs!
Tron said no discs! Dyson, fall back! Dyson! Dyson! Welcome to Argon… old friend..

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