Today we’re going to talk about link Shining which I also positioned folks I took idle and buy that this is the link as always Charlin I used weekly type it came until the air you send you believe it find link back to my grandfather weekly Look fig at the minimum to maximum point at the weekly point the price is 61 I bought it I bought it I got negative Look I think twelve percent I think this one I put there in the group and the telegram I don't think it was another then this one that he will have that is seven percent get here making you percent and at this moment I’m like now using 19 Ponciano Ah okay then there were a lot of people selling him or buying because because he knows that the market has cycles he knows he has market cycles he knows that I have spoken at the beginning of there said you only pay attention to that here you will give up a lot of money only pays attention in this image here is going to win pretty much just have not qua As a result of this, of course, only for those who do Road for those who do trails like this a lot in the city of 1:00 2:00 For example, when Fox does not have faster operations, then there is no way to take this into account more cryptocurrency, which I press for example with some bile and some weekly There it already makes sense you know and let me just open something that you have a lot of people here in Brazil here on live but here ninety-three percent in the public on my YouTube channel the Brazilian only for you to be aware the rest is jealous among Brazil there are many portuguese american australian mozambican angolans finally there was some interesting thing that the odious all my videos i put caption on and right i managed to reach one percent and the american public looks only here gives a lot of subtitles, at last I was talking about Shaolin It is a lot of people who were Brazil for example I and I also seen in some Brazilian companies that are also highways in the cream will invest in some one stop alarm about this type of market and we will continue to be a pharmacist so you were a link xlm XL is we have the thing right the right screen on the screen I was already positioned you already know you already know the positioning I need the lady down there is right in that and Water is over now I’m going to go a lot now, I’ll have to get up to get some water and the screens, I already need it down here and I have conditioned it for that day here since it’s 18 Disney that the notes that I’m positioning the screen are good for obsolescence and 18 January 2021 and I positioned it on the screen because simply Fig of the last gram-negative can week for maximum this negative benefit and in this one here I had the opportunity to get a position in 61 but without this position If I wanted to buy more for the boldness and I could think I would let's see here hide here also look just if I brought a Bonatti like this minima here too and this minima here that I want negative Even the one that is not negative Look it almost touches one almost it touches the same thing that doesn't choose me, it almost touches it is 61 low It doesn't touch this is true it almost touches it but it doesn't change it loves me so it could be that external opportunity for those who want this week right I said I would have an opportunity but I doubt I sincerely, a video because it airs today only here today in the diary here today wrote it came down And if she arrived here she paints only today and is already cheated And now you are fourteen half of what you had before, so no I do not know if I will return but I do not know if I will be back but I’m already a Estela dealer for a while now I’m going to worry so much I’m going to position my Largo up there already and less in the air people She’s very specific because because she already already it's close to the whole history so he has this one of the games here I trust this one more I mean the ambitious but this Ah ok good population is already at zero to zero love time and it's already a while time from zero to zero also quiet already I even took a walk in the She there Ah n I don’t have it in my head now, but I believe that these price regions here I usually got partial because first that already broke the previous top I get a prayer here the price of Voltaren breaks this region it’s time to get at least a partial a see managed to have done that a is good anyway

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