Chainlink & Uniswap Going To WAR!? Why!?..ETHEREUM!!

Boy do I have a story for you guys….and
it puts two cryptocurrencies face to face. Battling for the future of Ethereum! There is no denying the problems Ethereum
faces today, are worth multi billion, even trillions of dollars. Everyone wants to solve them, and enjoy their
slice of the Ether pie. Well my army loves, Warm Apple Pie…you ready
for our Americana…because it’s time for Chico Crypto! Let’s begin this story off with cryptocurrency
#1. Chainlink. I love me some stanky lank. Of course the meme culture is awesome, but
their oracle solution is the dominant oracle within the blockchain space, including for
Ethereum. A highly important organization to Chainlink
is the ic3, the initiative for cryptocurrencies and contracts, which lists them as their #1
partner and donor, among the other heavy weights including ethereum and it’s foundation. But who is the ic3? Going to their about me page they say about
the organization “IC3 is an initiative of faculty members at Carnegie Mellon University,
Cornell University, Cornell Tech, EPFL, ETH Zurich, UC Berkeley, University College London,
UIUC and the Technion.

It's based at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell
Institute at Cornell Tech in NYC” It’s an academic based organization, home
based at Cornell Tech in New Yawk on the recently developed Roosevelt Island, Cornell University's
answer to Silicon Valley… But who is both a leading professor at Cornell
Tech and is a co-director of the IC3? Well that is none other than Ari Juels… What else does Ari do? Let’s just watch the Flan Man himself introduce
him in October of last year… Yeah, Ari is also the Chief Scientist for
Chainlink Labs, working on some of their oracle solutions and problems. He was brought on just before this, and guess
what was one of the first materials juels ran with as a chainlink employee? He dropped it in September, 1 month before
that Convo with Sergey….

This blog and research…Fair Sequencing Services:
Enabling a Provably Fair DeFi Ecosystem. And let me tell you this blog has soo much
to unpack. First let’s unpack the problem, it’s front
running on Dex’s and DeFi, and they give a research study, which first highlighted
the problem…. Flashboys 2.0, which of course includes Ari
Juels. But Flashboys…doesn’t that sound similar
to something we’ve been covering lately? Flashbots? Well well well, here weeee GOOOO! Just look at the Flashboys 2.0 research paper
originally dropped in 2019 #1 listed contributor to the paper is Philip Daian of Cornell Tech… Let’s just go to the Ether Research announcement
blog post of Flashbots, they say “Flashbots is stewarded by Scott Bigelow, Phil Daian,
Stephane Gosselin, Alex Obadia, and Tina Zhen.

We exist thanks to the continued support of
members of the MEV Pi-Rate Ship and Paradigm” Phil Daian broke away from the Teacher. The padawan broke away from Jedi??? Well it seems to me that may be the case,
as Phil’s website still to this day says “I am advised by Ari Juels and based in
New York City” Well maybe that is the reason for this article
he put out in partnership with Coindesk over the weekend titled “Miners, Front-Running-as-a-Service
Is Theft”…specifically calling out Flashbots in the post saying they systematically exploit
users! While at the same time referencing the flashboys
2.0 paper, Ari and Phil wrote in collaboration together. Then at the bottom they kindly note Ari Juels
is working on his own approach to fair sequencing at Chainlink labs..

So who do you think responded to the piece
by Ari Juels? Not Phil, but Stephane of Flashbots, thegostep
on Twitter! “This is the most ethically questionable
hit piece I’ve read in a while. Maybe AriJuels should do research instead
of using the media as a weapon against an OPEN SOURCE RESEARCH ORGANIZATION. Maybe he should consider disclosing conflicts
of interests? Shaking My Head….with a retweet of the article. And here we go, one level deeper, I already
disclosed the conflict of interest with Phil, but now it’s time for Stephane’s turn….and
the ties and connections just keep getting crazier. Remember from my video Monday, I posted that
Stephane had been working on the front running with DEX problem for awhile, since late 2018
early 2019 with lib submarine! Well let’s just go back to it’s website.…defeating front running
on Ethereum, it explains just how it does that, but at the bottom it shows the contributors.

They say “Lib Submarine is developed by
Lorenz Breidenbach, Tyler Kell, Stephane Gosselin, and Shayan Eskandari. It then says “LibSubmarine is based on research
conducted at IC3 by Lorenz Breidenbach, Phil Daian, Florian Tramèr, and Ari Juels”
And this libsubmarine, was part of the IC3… Now let’s just pull up the Fair Sequencing
Services blog from Chainlink, right along side this website…as we can see 2 names
from Lib Submarine are on the Chainlink Blog Ari Juels and Lorenz Breidenbach. From the flashbots ether research blog post,
we can see there are 2 names on there too. Stephane Gosselin and Phil Daian… This goes back in time, back to late 2018…and
what it looks like to me, is the students learned quicker and expanded on the Jedi principles,
and now the Jedi is mad, so he put out a misinformed article against them….

But, Chico Crypto always thinks there is more
to this than meets the eye. And this ties into the flashbots backer, listed
in the announcement blog…Paradigm. Yes Flashbots, is listed in Paradigms portfolio
companies, right there… Paradigm is the powerhouse VC, who besides
flashbots, is Uniswap’s lead investor and backer, besides the many other crypto and
defi based companies. Led by Coinbase Co-founder Fred Ehrsam, and
Matt Haung… But how did Paradigm get it’s start?? Well this 2020 Forbes article showed their
initial backers. Of course the title had two them, but it said
this about the firm“The pitch worked. By October 2018, three of the highest-profile
endowments, Harvard, Stanford and Yale, had joined Sequoia in investing in the mysterious
new firm Paradigm…their first major forays into backing a crypto-focused fund.” Harvard, Stanford, and Yales endowments are
invested in Paradigm and its portfolio companies. Cornell’s endowments is not invested. Cornell stayed out of crypto for the most
part from what I could see, and this hurt them. Cornell was at the bottom for Ivy League endowment
performance for 2020, and as we can see from this blog that covered it, Harvard and Yale
were listed as leaders, those that had invested in Paradigm.

And again, Chico loves to find stuff no one
else does. 1 day after the Coindesk article from Ari
Juel, Hayden Adams, founder of Uniswap, Paradigm Portfolio company said this in response to
not going to an Ivy league school, and another person saying he could have gone to….CORNELL. Hayden said “I did apply and get rejected
from Cornel This is actually what would have happened-I
might be an avalanche maxi instead of an ethereum one… Shots fired? A little side elbow from Hayden?? Well let’s just go to this chainbulletine
blog post from January of this year “Crypto Research Organization IC3 Receives Chainlink
Research Grant” to improve Chainlink oracles…they say “IC3 is led by a large group of industry
experts and academics, including co-directors Ari Juels, the chief scientist of Chainlink
Labs, and Emin Gün Sirer, the founder of the Avalanche protocol” You should know that Uniswap v2 doesn’t
use Chainlink Oracles & v3 is once again using Uniswap’s own in house oracles for their
version 3.

Ari Juels of Chainlink is working on FSS,
Fair Sequencing Services for Chainlink, which obviously is a precursor from Research done
with Flashboys. Flashboys and it’s precursor, libsubmarine,
split….Ari and Lorenz one way, Stephane and Phil the other….. Like I mentioned solving this MEV crisis,
is a billion, possibly trillion dollar solution…and the battle of the Nerds…begins. Luckily I’m invested in it all, Chainlink,
Uniswap, and a dash of alchemy. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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