Chainlink Price Prediction | Can Link still moon? | Is chainlink 2.0 the smart contract game changer

[Music] welcome to perry unlikely today we're going to talk about a crypto that really by now needs no introduction that is chain link see there's a theme that runs in sports that is very similar to the crypto world in sports everyone was always looking for the next michael jordan now they're looking for the next lebron james who will be next well you see in crypto there absolutely is no difference everyone's looking for the next greatest project that is going to come by and steal the show now is that reason for the technology or is that reason about the money i'll leave that up to you to decipher for yourself but here is one thought that i have on it here we have a miniature version of nessie we have the abominable snowman we have gargoyles we have gnomes trolls as well as there is a host of other creatures that just simply haven't been proven to be in existence well i think we should go ahead and get it out of the way and add two more creatures to that the first one is the eath killer and the second one which i just recently heard is the chain link killer let's go ahead and add those to that list we hear about them all the time people simply can't prove their existence and to my point of looking for the next biggest thing you see in sports they're on their way out the game nearly before we try to replace him whether that's michael and as i said earlier lebron james but see in the crypto space often we try to replace these projects before they've even come to full maturity heck some of them haven't even launched fully yet and we're talking about the next greatest one now i think that's because of the money aspect not because of the actual project and the actual technology but i want to make that point because when we're talking about chain link let's just start off first with the partnerships now here on perry unlikely i always like to emphasize partnerships and i generally lump those into two categories real world partnerships and we'll say blockchain partnerships or crypto partnerships however you'd like to say it when it comes to chain link the list goes on and on and on like the energizer bunny most of these are crypto partnerships but there's some real world partnerships in there as well and what this long list of partnerships should tell us is there's something about this technology that projects have to have or that they respect or feel they need to be a part of and we cannot overlook that these partnerships are not just for the sake of partnerships there is a beneficial reason for them and there continues to be more and more so as usual let me explain that i am not a financial advisor before you invest in anything you should do the research and you should seek the help of a professional that is extremely important in cryptocurrency you can get absolutely wrecked let me also say that in the comments avoid the fakes and the scammers i will not put any messages in the comments about whatsapp also when it comes to the messages about amazing traders those are fake and those are scammers so be careful out there people are trying to take your money and your crypto so now that we got that out of the way i think it is extremely important that i give you a basic rundown on what chain link is now most of you by now probably know that this won't take too long at all oracles it is all about data you see in the blockchain world we need data before chain link we had issues getting real world or off chain data on chain so it could be used and as the evolution of the blockchain continues this is something that we absolutely have to have and it's got to be data that we can trust now there's any number of reasons why you need data in the blockchain world and due to that chain link rose to fame because they figured this out whether it's gaming betting or any other host of reasons you're gonna have to have data that supports those actions chain link is able to get that data needed on chain to fit the needed application and see because data is so important and we're in the world of smart contracts data is becoming ever more important chain link is able to make sure that that is trustworthy data so there's no shortage of cryptos that have to have chain link or have to have an oracle to carry out their mission in the crypto space so i could go on and on about how chain link works specifically but that is not the intent of today's video it's more so just letting you know that it's all about bringing the data on chain and also making sure that there's a format to eliminate bad actors and there are consequences for bad actors who give bad data an easy way to look at chain link would be let's just take the stock market for example you're looking for prices you want accurate information or we could also say sports betting it's extremely important to know the scores to know the numbers to know the times within the games because all that plays into the world of sports betting if we're hosting that type of activity on the blockchain we need that same information that's in the real world to be accurate on the blockchain and chainlink was the one who made a way to do that because smart contracts are the way of the future data is even more important and oracles are going to be around to stay and chain link is going to be the leader of those oracles as it has been and it will continue to be if you ask me as i alluded to earlier there is no shortage of people talking about the next chain link or now the chain-link killer we do have other emerging oracles in the space we have band protocol teller dia polka oracle and there are many more chain link was first to the space and chain link is the leader but there are emerging projects much like i always say with ethereum there doesn't just have to be one project in the space there is room for several and just like ethereum chain link is the same in that aspect there are other projects that will be used there are projects that will use chain link and use band protocol because when it comes to data you don't want to leave yourself with only one option that is the way it is for many projects but as far as the clear-cut leader without a doubt it is chain-link and i believe that it will continue to be chain-link now chain link has been around since 2017 but it was last year after the changing events that we saw chain link rise up from the ashes and go on what i would say was a historic run so we had chain link go from the one to two dollar range where now we set at above 32 at the time of this recording but because in the blockchain world everyone is impatient many people are starting to doubt chain link we must remember that just because price doesn't move doesn't mean a project isn't needed and isn't doing what it's set out to do if you were to ask these other projects that are partnerships with chain link they would tell you they're not concerned about the price at all and they're getting exactly what they bargained for so that is something to remember we cannot gauge it just off the price but i do understand as people are investing in crypto they want to see the price move and that is what you are likely wondering about today well what i do believe is good for the price action is the white paper for chain link 2.0 was recently released this document was over 100 pages the paper outlines the new architecture for building hybrid smart contracts where decentralized oracle nodes can offer all of the capabilities that blockchains cannot so while this video is not about chain link 2.0 we know that chain link does deliver and they are saying that this is the next generation of smart contracts this will bring a new level of scalability and confidentiality so i have no doubt that chain link 2.0 will be major and i think this will be a catalyst for price as well that is simply my opinion but we have to remember chain link has delivered and i believe they will continue to deliver some other things to mention about chain link are i like to always talk about the network effect much like facebook has the network effect ethereum does as well and chain link also has the network effect while these other oracles have been in place not as long as chain link but have been around for some time it is going to be hard to take the place of chain link i think they can operate in parallel to it at a smaller scale but to be able to take that network effect of a project that's got that many partnerships and is working as well as it is is going to be extremely hard chainlin's community the link marines are probably second to none in the crypto space i would say about as passionate as can be before most of you heard about wall street bets and really knew much about different subreddits the linked marines were around and standing strong and even stronger today and you best believe as fudd would come out about chain link the marines would rise up so some of these battles that we've seen in recent day over the stock market we've seen these same battles already play out in the crypto world and that was last year so with the community the partnerships the network effect and just simply the fact that chain link is a good project and the announcement of the 2.0 there is no reason to think that that recipe isn't going to help the rise in price action during this bull run it's been somewhat of a somber tone the last couple of days in the crypto world because bitcoin crashed and of course that led to pretty much every other crypto crashing but this is a bull run this doesn't just happen overnight and i do believe we'll start to see some of those rebound as we actually already have up to this point i've been hearing whispers of a thousand dollar chain link and that's not just recently but that was back when chain link was on the rise making its run up to 30 and even at this point i think it hadn't even reached 20 yet the question you have to ask yourself is where would that put chain link market cap proportion to other cryptocurrencies at said time that it would be a thousand dollars what do you think that this market's going to in the bull run you always have to ask yourself that question because per se if you only thought that the total market was going to go to five trillion dollars then to think that we would see a thousand dollar chain link would not be very smart and please believe there's always someone in the comments that talks about how market cap doesn't matter there are several things that go into a market cap obviously the outstanding amount of coins tokens either or that you have are going to play a factor so you always want to look into that and see down the road what the distribution of those coins or tokens looks like but to say that market cap doesn't matter is crazy the market cap is simple math so at the time of this recording chain link is in the 32 dollar and 80 cent range and the market cap is 13.77 billion dollars and the circulating supply is 419 million out of a total of 1 billion so to tackle that question of can chain link reach 1 000 and we're specifically talking about this market cycle what if we had a 100 million dollar market cap well if the circulating supply has not changed we'd be looking at a 7.25 x from where we're at currently on price and that would put us at about 238 dollars per link so now you can start to gauge based off of a hundred million dollar market cap do you believe that chain link in this cycle is going to reach 100 million dollars i per se do believe that we will reach 100 million dollars so with that being said i believe it's safe to say we should see a 238 dollar link during this cycle now let's take it a step further a 1 000 chain link would be a 30.48 x from where we currently are that would give us a total market cap of 420 billion dollars and that is if the circulating supply does not change just think about that 420 billion dollar market cap something else to always remember is because it's always balled up that would be the size of such and such that would be the size of this market cap no way what you have to think about though is you have to give context to it where will the other coins be at that time so for example if we were talking about chain link having a market cap of 420 billion dollars the expectation at that time would not be for ethereum to be at its current market cap the expectation would be that the whole market has moved up so then we are likely talking about ethereum and the likes thereof having a trillion dollar plus market cap by that point so whenever you talk about a projection like that it is usually a foregone conclusion that people are expecting the entire market to move up we are in a bull run cycle for me personally i believe that 420 billion is a stretch during this market cycle now is it possible well anything's possible and currently i want to say that link is ranked number 12 out of all crypto currencies i would think by this time if we are saying that it's hit 420 billion even with the other coins moving up it's going to be higher than the 12th spot where do i think a realistic spot is that we could see chain link during this market cycle i'd like to look at around a market cap of at least 150 billion dollars now this would be at the height of the market so we could be going parabolic at this time i certainly do believe it's possible that it would reach above that 150 billion but i feel like 150 billion is a safe number and for those of you all that don't believe that's possible or that's just a crazy number we're talking about a 10.88 x from here so just below an 11x from where we currently are that would put us at a chain link price of 357.

I wouldn't be surprised if we did push up into the 400 range but i do not believe we're going to see a thousand dollar chain link during this cycle will it be possible in the future i certainly do think we could see that in the future as the collective blockchain world continues to move upward throughout the years what i want to know in the comments do you hold link and what is your projection for this bull run cycle at the height of this cycle what do you think the price of chain link will reach thanks for watching the content we recently just reached 2 000 subscribers i cannot say enough how much i appreciate each and every subscriber if you enjoyed the content and you aren't subscribed which by the way most of the people who do watch my videos are not subscribed so if you do enjoy the content you should consider subscribing make sure to hit the like button hit the bell for notification and i will see you next time [Music]

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