Chainlink Is Due to MOON!! $1000 LINK IS DESTINY!!

Another corporate domino falls, just as we
put out the video saying it was going to fall….tuesday, we dropped our Coinbase, Visa & them pushing
forward the bull run video, and by Wednesday morning Visa had announced their bitcoin plans….partnering
with crypto banks to connect to their clients crypto api…allowing the buying and selling
of digital currencies through their network. Who does it like us!? No one, that is why you should always set
your clock, because it’s time for Chico Crypto! Yes it’s true, Visa is going hard on crypto. Visa is piloting a suite of crypto APIs, allowing
their network of bank partners to perform bitcoin buying and selling. And this is accomplished through a partnership,
with the first federally chartered crypto bank, Anchorage which only got its final approval
a few weeks ago. So this is remnants left over from the last
administration, the OCC, Brian Brooks, former Coinbase CLO…remember, I think there is
more to all this than meets the eye & it comes down to a big event expected to happen in
late February Early March…the coveted Coinbase IPO.

But, we’ve covered that, we know all about
it. Let’s rewind, reverse gears right back to
Visa’s crypto API. Application programming interface. This is important, because its an API…and
this could tie back to the crypto powerhouse API, chainlink. You ready to get stinky!? Who was one of Visa’s first blockchain based
partners!? The one they made a strategic investment in,
all the way back in 2014? Well berkshire’s business wire covered it
then, Visa invested in Docusign. So what did they do!? Well docusign posted this video of the collaboration
together in October of 2015. They built Visa’s first blockchain based
prototype, of an integrated vehicle system for the future of car leasing, built on none
other than the bitcoin blockchain and docusigns tech, but also payments to the bitcoin blockchain
with Visa.

Invested in since 2014, aka early, and working
together with bitcoin and payment tech since 2015, aka for a long time. So what has docusign and visa been up to since
this demo and proof of concept? A ton. 2016, president of Visa, Ryan Mclnerney spoke
of Visa’s own in house integrations and the deeper strategic partnership and the POC. In 2018, deeper visa integrations as Docusign
integrated with their for 1 step signatures and payments….which is going
full steam ahead today, plastered on docusign’s website..but it’s not only authorize, today
they are integrated with another partner of Visa, who they have invested in…

Stripe. So, Visa, docusign and even stripe are close,
connected at the hip. I wonder who docusign is connected to in the
stinky crypto world whose focus is APIs. Yes it’s that linky! February of 2019, chain link announced that
Tom Gonsner, founder of Docusign would be joining the team as an advisor to the project. And he has posted highly of chainlink on multiple
occasions. Now, Chainlink and Docusign are both also
apart of something called the Accord project which is about setting the open standards
for legally enforcing smart contracts. But within the members, there is another connector. Clause…Now I wonder who created and initiated
this project back in 2017?? According to this jaxenter blog post, it was
none other than Clause… Who funded Clause? Providing them 5.5 million in 2019? None other than docusign. And here is where things get really interesting. Visa was trying to make a major acquisition,
they announced in January 2020 that they would be shelling out 5.3 billion for Plaid. The DOJ like Amy Whinehouse said…. No, no, no about that blocking it early this
year, january 2021….but the connection is clear. Who was working together in August, while
the deal still looked to be going through? Plaid & Clause were, and still are to this
day with Financial Data Verification and Decisioning in Smart Documents.

Shwing babing, something big was in the works…but
let me tell you it most likely still is…. But visa is moving full steam ahead, not only
through that avenue but multiple others. And we are gonna slam dunk it in a second,
but first time for a short sponsored segment from the team at Dodo, the next generation
on Chain liquidity provider. And like always, the full details of our agreement
can be found in the description. Liquidity provider, onchain? Sound similar to Uniswap? Decentralized token swapping!?Well uniswap
is an automated market maker AMM, Dodo is a Proactive Market Maker PMM. Providing many benefits to traders, poolers
and arbitrageurs alike. Similar to the AMM, dodo lets liquidity providers
pool together assets into token swapping pools, where they earn the fees for trading through
the pool from traders. But unlike the AMM, it gather’s the funds
from them near market prices only, to provide sufficient liquidity to the pools. Also, DODO dynamically adjusts market prices
to encourage the third component arbitrageurs to step in and stabilize LPs' portfolios. What does this do!? Low slippage for the traders and minimum impermanent
loss for the liquidity providers LPs.

But also, the big Dodo advantage. Single sided exposure to pools. With Uniswap, you have to deposit equal values
of each token to the pool, eth-usdc pool, equal value ethereum, equal value usdc or
you can’t be an LP. With Dodo, you can deposit any amount, whatever
you have and it can be included into their liquidity pools. Per example usdc or Eth, not both…but you
can if you would like too. Now the swapper is easy to get used to, like
the traditional ones but you get to enjoy the minimal slippage for the trades. Better prices, is always a good thing…but,
everyone knows bout those DANG ethereum fees…getting ridiciulous…but DODO is here to dodo the
day. A couple weeks ago, they announced their gas
reimbursement program, where traders could save up to $35 dollars per trade. How were they accomplishing this? By something I recently covered and knew would
be integrated within dapps, Chi Gas token!!! ANd another bonus…what oracle soultion do
you think is powering the PMM price feeds? Only the most solid one, and a crypto we just
talked about Chainlink! Providing something different, that is what
you gotta do in the crowded space of token swappers.

A minimal slippage, minimal Impermanent loss,
single sided swapper is just that and if that is something you’re looking for, of course
all links are down in the description! So we gotta narrow in and zero in on, who
was working on crypto products for Visa, and that is Raj Parekh, head of crypto product
at Visa. And Raj has been a tweeting away, dropping
what I would call crumby hints. October of 2020 after visa announced their
crypto plans Raj tweeted “I've talked to many fintechs before the PayPal announcement
and they are working on their crypto strategy already. Lots more to come in the future” Like his own company Visa, but that was known…he
was talking to other fintechs other giants. Could it be google, like we said months ago!? Or could it be the one who was quiet all of
2020…samsung? Those 2 are the ones we think could drop crypto
news next! But, getting back to Visa.

Like Is said they aren’t only looking at
the API and payment side of things in the crypto space. They are getting deeper. Like with DeFi…head of product Raj, tweeted
this august of 2020. “A big shoutout to head of strategy and
business development at Compound Finance for presenting what Defi and Compound is all about
to the many teams at Visa! Thanks for stopping by virtually! Ughhh, I hope you know that tis bullish for
compound. And I get why the pulled some of their recent

Remember, it was August of 2020 Compound presented
to them…they are in talks for something then…. Well just 4 months later, Compound announced
they were developing their protocol on their own chain, reading the protocol for CBDCs. Around the same time compound announced their
chain, guess who published new research on CBDCs. None other than Visa with a thorough technical
paper on how it will be done. So, the final hint I want to give everybody
is regarding the heads of Visa & what they are getting into. Terry Angelos, head of Fintech at Visa, not
even in the crypto department…is tweeting about NFTs.

Raj product head of crypto is tweeting about
NFTs, specifically NBA topshots, built on the flowblockchain. Flow is from dapperlabs…who is invested
in them? None other than Coinbase & Samsung… And then…As we can see from the blog post
on the CBDC. It was published by cuy sheffield, senior
head of crypto at Visa…what is Cuy tweeting about recently…NFTs…he retweeted souja
boy being tokenized with Rarible… Hmmmmm who just closed 1.75 million dollars
seed round funding with Coinbase yesterday!? Rarible did…my favorite NFT based project.

Booyakash. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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