Chainlink Fence Installation With Tension Band and Tension Bar

hello welcome to our introduction video now we will install small chain link fence to do two adjacent posts we have a piece of chain link fence small sample and we had to tension band to tension bar and three of pieces tension band and we have fixing bolts and nuts that's rounded square neck now let's start please first we will install tension wires yes my friends installed tension wire first leg till valley are sociable you'll cut and you position first and you go to the other post and you cut roughly here you will do small gap in the end of the wire like this hole okay you will another piece of wire to tension it we will cut at suitable length and you will bend the wires by this way you will tension the bar tension the tension wire okay you you will check the position of the wires and now in the second step you will install the other the other tension wire on the bottom again you do a small hole and cut a suitable length wire to tension it you Bend two wires to each other by these are net we convict on a shadow Douglas check check the position of the wires to the horizontal to the ground as you see the wire is getting tensioned or a everything like I did is not tough to customers and in the next step you will install the tension band one for bottom and one for top for our sample project but in most projects it's required to establish not spacing longer than 35 centimeter you will fix it by its special bolt the first bolt and nut will do the fixing the tension bound by say it's stable here do not go down or up you will install the second one to the bottom position you will first open the tension bond yes now you get the tension bar she'll yeah llama solution – aah – no see up tonight is Anja you will place the tension bar and in through each loop and for the other side again a return of your function now we are ready to install it to the posts and you will place the second a bald and nut and you will fix it and for the other adjacent post you will tension to all the chain-link fence where special tool and you can fix the chain-link fence to the tension wires white tie wires botanic patella tibia polish air getting ill Ashiya here's the implementation of the flipping tires Bob Dylan's a thermobaric oh in in this part you will first tension the channeling fans with its bar and you will place the other tension bands thanks for watching

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