Chainlink: 2: That was quick

you one hello everybody right 3 2010 here i'm joined with the fancy hats pas la with the sequel to chain length which do you want to actually say the mapping of that over you want to shine link island to the Forgotten sink shirt or the forgot alisios i can't remember all right nobody can play some blood nope it's the same as last time playing peaceful jones from your nominal brightness sheets have fun and don't subset youtube channel and let's go alright then sleep so who are you master master the link can stun is the word okay in the ground hello I'm for a message from master link hello I'm far too old and weak to trying to be big to be the hero here I nearly killed myself in the Forgotten sanctuary trying to catch the damn Robert it's better that I just stay here to die in this cell using some of the stone rubble I found myself in my cell I built you an extremely weak pickaxe use it to escape yourself you are the bravest man I know breaking the power yes I know about that I know about that and coming after me to help me if you ever return to the chain-link islands I want you to be in charge once you escape yourself well follow the red flowers they were lead you to the abandoned house where my old friend used to live I believe he died last year you will be safe there tulisa I love her now go I guess he already left so to use on the pickets means I I mean one use on the Patriots means i can break two balls right to the corner blocks I'll do it Bravo who are you some stranger checkpoint who's this guy from me oh gosh you hey hey you taking your torch wait who put a cell inside of a cell hey fancy he listened to me typing in chat law you know what his name is some stranger nope stolen stranger I got that same when Frank's even worse I turned down my right here Justin everything it's like though you could horrible friends now logic oh wait we're supposed to follow the roses hurt yeah they're with me guys they shouldn't get better we're just loading the chunks now for the first time on the server yeah I can't use it at serious eats yeah I can hey doing you're an illustrator search right dog [ __ ] is what it is yeah oh goodness gracious one second lake close I closed legions like trying to connect to chat please hold on what oh holy Frank's Travon this way LMR oh I did skip part of the map flaw he didn't go to the cabin no i wanted to i think i want to i went to a completely different cabinet yeah there's a fireplace I did come in here just cuz i was bored earlier and we were just passing things and rock was updating his pc message from old friend i am getting very old i'm going to die soon I don't know if anybody will ever read this but if somebody does I need you to finish a quest I started long long ago I found a treasure map 20 years ago and I dug up the entrance right behind my house for the past countless years I have been searching down here traveling through cave systems filled with puzzles trying to find the treasure my journey always ends short as I need to return for supplies when I drove that down though puzzles have reset I'm starting to doubt i will ever made you if anybody reads this must go down there and finish my quest and find the treasure by the way you just made the boy but disappear congratulations I you said anybody who does the vegas is still open yes so what did you do anyway I went into the cavern letter that is all that I did you removed in under pearl hey that's your fault for not Willian you need that will do about I'll just take a piece of gunpowder it's the fault of the person who made the map they should have added of thing on to the command of the chats to make sure it's non ender pearl they should have honestly so not my fault alright so not [ __ ] fo de Perrault yeah so good about coroner another enterpreneur so that's four i think is five we need to find their sneaky and applying it cuz i don't want away and they didn't set us in a bunch mode but they totally did not make it so you can't break glass well we were not supposed to being the snapshot flitter sir yeah no good because i'm not in shouldn't we have waited until we got the last ender pearl it's fine pelham o yonder how I love to ponder in the water I'm guessing there's one in the water but I'm just not George source of water this is probably why they went off on eighty percent brightness so we can't actually cheat and beyond full braid look we have think there is like a listen now Josh match i'm not on 16 Shawn's right now that's because my pc reset so I'll set that afternoon I'm supposed to be on eight marriage relations I thought it was seven that's the only water source i have not sure did you find it oh goodness okay so supposed to right-click right I would kill you what is this supposed to be a challenge where you have to get it through this it's not a challenge trust me this is supposed to be a part to our challenge yeah it would be easy and frames goodness gracious all right just sort of straight jump right into to [ __ ] now I just didn't have the phrases like no like you except face come on I just remembered I need to get my head in itself about whoa I just guessed it's a huge fan of water make sure some up here in them that's buck base camp it is now December 13 3097 13 years ago and it is my 20th time down here while I decided might as well make a light base to stay at I've got my my two beautiful sheep Selena and Gomez and life is great I wonder if I will ever find that treasure I supposed to use this pic ads to break that stone below just writing a moaner here I think so yep perfect out shroo girls cheerio Ross oh no no no no wait wait wait wait is there anything that yep as a chest okay clearly see weight set of chess yeah I 30-percent meet ya other than exactly she rose when I far what do you give you ender pearl and a flippin stable online message from robbers assistant why the hell does the robber have an assistant ah well look who got here first it looks like I get to claim this treasure and good look escaping for this place that's a very [ __ ] now you're not loud Oh what buckle do I hit you now no no I'm just being an idea I I'm guessing now to grab that water shoots them yeah shouldn't you want us both to go or I got it no no no no Batman Batman let's set it up actually throw the ender pearl if you want second just put the book where the bucket you know got start off okay I was supposed to juice oh there's something just didn't take a bucket of water for security I definitely see he likes water I see hey villagers just on fire once fancy gets here I'll leave the book Ditko message from robber well well well would you look at this while you are trying to be the hero I simply strode up to the chain-link islands and threatening to blow up everybody it was so easy to kidnap everybody I just looked around everybody that some cling to you is locked up here's the deal overlock I will unlock and let all your stupid people free a one condition there is something I want is the eye of I of an odd odor okay older sorry I know English this I is worth millions and millions of dollars and is located in the tower far away but I can get you there fast with a teleporter I do it is full of dangerous traps and falls get me that I or all your friends will be killed now leave go now the teleporters just over there not before I just realized I put myself in gate a actual like survival instead of adventure I can just broken the blocks high security tower I'm not enter we have fasted 10 is this like a water puzzle I think it figures to be I think we'll come up here that's an air ball strange forever blocks extra pair own sorry I don't have a bugger no I stove with the engine and I threw a book Jimmy go rock no I got you bud I already found the top yeah I was just spamming the water like it because you move faster since its air I'm guessing there's a key somewhere better be honest general facin it should be just knocked out a torch Tenley would so suffocate with the starch here but don't tell Malaysian tently isn't that teaching hot ginger so I found the door yes yes it is you just now I've on the door to get out yeah we did find and I looked but hey water get me up digesting someone circles I can't never tell when I'm water I can't either especially since it's a water puzzle so can't really tell if your store in circles because you have to go up and down and we see my name give his hand back towards the other door passage maybe near at someone the hell stop with the water cart if you find it i'm at the door Oh No where we going I'm looking for the third and if that I had the right way I just thought i had the right way that's over just turn into a quick scan out here to see if it's actually out here okay I tricked we'll grab that tree over there mate alleged I have a few cobblestone I do flash have pieces down button too early into the night we can sir bodycon game mode three times Hey look spawn sheep tell me where the leavers tell me to tell me before I murder you tell me they told me room yes hmm I said some they said somewhere in the Eastern vicinity of the tower better than what we had before sounds good by the way i legitly found it I actually found that place that I thought I was looking at before but I lost it cuz it how trying to hit in it is oh I legitly family so it wasn't Livius turn vicinity of the tower she / right know that we west but who's in the western part of the Taiwan wait wesson from the entrance or the Western from the way you were heading Western from ever I don't know what the actual front is but our front is north all right then was it East no it was west odd that by the way I'm at the door well the front is Northwest my way Emily I'm on my way that wasn't theirs near you but you stay out says end hello you wouldn't actually believe that the I the real I of the yoga was in this tower it's heading far away where nobody shall ever find it now what shall we do with you how will make you pay the price for trying to steal the eye of the ogre life in jail sorry it's really nothing personal ok maybe it is the chain we could manage your map adventure part 2 ends here thanks for playing youtube channel don't even touch it it's annoying stay tuned for part 3 will do are you kidding me it's not a pressure pray in there anything fancy I am smart enough to set my own game I just had to command up already oh thanks for watching guys I will see you in the next episode bye

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