CGX Cast 62: Geforce Now RTX 3080 Released, Forza Horizon 5 Impresses, Netflix Gets Into Gaming!

what's up what's up hello hi guys welcome to cgx cast this is called gaming 
podcast uh we have some pretty good stuff to talk   about today and we have two awesome special guests 
with ray how you doing sir i'm doing great thanks   for uh inviting me to the show to be with this uh 
always awesome panel of uh guys i appreciate it   for sure for sure good to have you and of course 
we have chase the gaming advocate how are you   doing today sir happy saturday everybody it's good 
to see you glad to glad to be stopping by again   yeah yeah i was watching your uh uh table talk 
uh discussion today good stuff overall man i love   that it's a good way to wake up saturday mornings 
man so shout out to you for that good stuff   all right so we're gonna get into it man uh we 
got some stuff to talk about this was actually   kind of a pretty slow week um in the cloud 
gaming space amazon luna had one game uh which   well it's it's called curry it doesn't even know 
if you guys are familiar with it yeah i'm familiar   with it yeah okay so we'll get into that see if 
anyone has played it see what your thoughts are   with that game but uh we do want to speculate a 
little by amazon luna so we'll get into that some   of you guys might have heard red flag red flag 
netflix is getting into gaming right so uh i see   cheaper you say chicken they delivered the most 
epic uh cloud game platform um so we'll we'll   talk about is i'm just teasing but we'll talk 
about that a little bit as you guys know gfn uh   for those of you guys who pre-ordered the 3080 
tier and you live in the states some people are   actually getting the 30 80.

So we'll just talk 
about and if you guys in the chat who have the   3080 let us know let us know how your experience 
has been and then as you guys know forza horizon 5   great reviews for that game it looks absolutely 
incredible it's looking like one of the best   racing games to ever grace the face of 
this earth but this game should be coming   to xbox cloud gaming on the 9th which is next 
week so but again it's already out for people   to test right now um so we'll talk about that i 
i was hoping gtp was on here because i know he's   had some hands on with that but we'll 
speculate about that and see how excited   we are with that so again there's so much to 
cover oh you too duncan you love him for us   cool cool yeah so well but we'll touch on that 
it's absolutely brilliant yeah it's one of the   games you start playing and you don't want to stop 
you're just continuing on i think other people are   going to absolutely offer and you can see why 
from even my first about four or five hours   into my people are talking about the game of the 
year yeah it's crazy ign gave it a 10 out of 10   and man they they're picky with the 10 out of 
the tents you know so that jesus is like that   should say a lot uh but yeah well we'll get into 
all of that um but yeah so let's get into this   let's introduce the panel members and uh then 
we'll introduce the viewers and say hi to you   guys so to get started we'll start with ray um how 
you doing today sir what have you been up to what   have you been playing what platform sure uh i've 
been playing on the gfn i don't have the 3080 i   i just got my just paid my 49.99 i've been playing 
a new world which it just plays amazing on it   um i've been playing another really cool rpg 
game called eleon it's free um and let's see uh   been playing dirt five i've been playing 
dirt five on stadia i played far cry 6   on stadia but then when i played it on gfn it's 
like oh my god it's like uh you know i just got to   be honest it's like night and day uh with the 30 
frames compared to the 60 frames per second so and   then i've been playing a lot of uh writers loving 
brightest republic um so i've been playing that   so are you able to check what rig you're getting 
for your priority and gfn do you know if you   get into 30-60 and i wonder if that's why that's 
making performance-wise a difference for you are   you still like getting the 20 2000 right i think i 
think it's you know what it's really weird because   it's like sometimes i feel like i'm on a 2080 and 
then sometimes i feel like i'm on a 30 something   it really depends on the game um and then um 
another thing i've been doing is just tweaking um   i'll do high ultra i've been tweaking a lot 
of settings on the games to get the best   uh textures and the best graphics and the best 
play right um i've been playing uh oh one game   i totally forgot that i've been playing all day uh 
the uh ghost recon breakpoint they got the new dlc   um i played that on gfn i can't stop playing 
actually tweak the settings on that to make   it just look beautiful the water the textures the 
trees and everything so yeah yeah so that game on   gfn um so i bought the ultimate edition on google 
stadia and i was so excited for the game but the   issue i ran into is trying to find people to play 
that game with but just don't know for experience   on gfn right how is it just being able to 
log on and matchmake and find people and   do you right now honestly i'm i'm just trying 
to build because you can also uh your ai the the   your crew you can actually build their build their 
stats up so on gfn i've honestly i've been playing   on stadia i've actually played with uh stadia pro 
and certified doc dismal i've been playing with a   group on stadia on gfn i just been playing alone 
um i don't know i just don't know that many i i i   i see everybody's playing uh galaxy with guardians 
of the galaxy that's what i'm seeing everybody   playing but uh you know or writers republic yeah 
okay fair enough good to have you in here ray   yeah yeah i can't wait to get your input in some 
of the conversation pieces for sure um duncan   how are you doing today sir what have you been 
playing what platform i'm doing absolutely awful   today so i'm going to be really grumpy today 
so we're not going to go dying that sort of how can i like that oh yeah of course uh i've been 
playing on gfn uh a lot this week uh went on there   by the stadium this week very interesting stuff 
on studio which i'm not gonna go into uh also   i have stock and like i said about four or five 
hours it actually might be a bit more than that   and forza horizon and it is just magnificent and 
it is i'm really curious how it's going to be   how it's going to run on x-cloud and i 
really i really hope it runs pretty well   for everybody because it is an absolutely 
brilliant game and i think people are going   to be really taken back back because it's 
it's it's very moorish uh you as soon as   you go into it you just want to play more and 
more and more and if you're if you're like me   and you've got your a gamer adhd uh there's 
so many things pop up on the screen with   accomplishments on top of your achievements you 
have to do these accomplishments to get into more   stuff it is just when you get into it i think 
people are gonna really like it and i can't wait   to talk about it more nice you know i'm curious 
to see performance wise how it performs in xcloud   i mean i've been watching videos and my goodness 
that game looks gorgeous you know so is x cloud   gonna do it justice or is it gonna make it not 
look too good that's the question to ask right so   yeah yeah that's going to be the big question but 
for me forza horizon 4 i tried it uh last week   and it was running pretty decent for me now 
hell monkey's not gonna like me stand up   but yeah well it was it was good it was 
feeling a hell of a lot better than it was so   touch weight everything's gonna look well cool 
awesome awesome good to have you on duncan   benser how are you doing uh what 
have you been playing what platform i had to go back and look i uh i couldn't 
remember what i've been playing um let's see i played a little writer's republic 
uh i've been playing a lot of goose goose stuck   lately um which is not in the cloud but it 
is on pc mac uh android and ios so you can   literally play it anywhere on on a potato but it's 
a lot of fun i've been streaming that on twitch um   let's see what else oh man i can't 
remember um played a lot of star   wars pinball and luna i just got got into 
it just kept going i couldn't stop nice   no i'm so mad i'm still waiting on it that sucks   by the way uh ray when uh ace was asking 
what rig you were getting on gfn i don't   know if you know this but you can click with 
it control n or control g and it shows your reg i didn't know if you knew i was just checking yeah 
yeah man i just want to get in my game and play   i know yeah you just want it to work and work 
well and you don't care what the stats are   that's i know you do cool yeah good to have 
you in here ben how about you chase what   you've been up to what have you been playing 
what platform oh man i'm i'm everywhere i'm   gonna be honest with you so there's days that 
uh so this past week i was on the series s um   playing siege um i enjoy playing it over there uh 
for 120 frames um as far as competitively you know   when i really want to be competitive and actually 
go for stats and kd and everything else um   super animal royale uh over on series s and on 
pc great game uh those of you that haven't played   that yet um i highly those of you i'm trying to 
think of what i would compare it to outcasters   if you enjoy outcasters if you've played that 
before this is a bigger scale and i think the   gameplay has some depth to it and has some really 
cool mechanics so a lot of fun that game um and   i tried to stream new world um and man um i want 
to be positive but i also want to be authentic   that i had a really rough time with that game um 
amd gpus are having issues with that game right   now um and it almost i think caused my gpu to 
fail my monitor shut off um i turned everything   down to low settings uh turned the rendering 
down so i really wanted to play that game but   it's gonna have to wait until they optimize it 
better and beyond that i'm trying to think what   else did i play this week i just downloaded forza 
and i haven't played that yet so that's going to   be on my uh on my schedule for tomorrow so nice 
nice nice you've been gaming man it's cool to   see my dude hey man trying to put the content 
to the side and focus on the games for a little   bit it's so important man so important good 
stuff chase good to have you in here for sure   how about you chief what have you been playing 
what platform and how you how you doing it's   been a pretty busy week this week so i haven't 
had a lot of chance to play and yeah i'm still   not made it back to new world yet i know there's 
been a few issues in that game the economy has   just really put me on a bit of a downer so i've 
not really dived back in say but then that is also   the fault of guardians of the galaxy because 
that has completely stolen my attention for   foreseeable i'm almost at the end of chapter 
14 so i think i've got one and a half chapters   to go say wow i'm committed on completing 
that before forza horizon 5 drops on tuesday   so i can actually complete a game before 
moving on to the next one approaching   good for you generally i just get distracted so 
yeah i'm really hoping that that performs well on   xcloud but guardians of the galaxy just performed 
so well on g-force now it's just fun to play but   also dave onto it takes two on xcloud and you find 
a random because that needs a co-op so you have to   find somebody else to play with and that really 
caught me by surprise i really got into that it's   quite good fun and the kids have now taken over 
on that on the uh xbox so they're really happy to   have that on next round so a week month i think 
for game pass in general but that one at least is   keeping the kids busy yeah i would say we'll get 
more into it but i think it's a week month for   a lot of um of this you know a lot of 
these platforms but yeah we'll again   get more into that but let's check in 
with hill monkey how are you today sir   what have you been playing what platform 
yeah i'm good um but like chief busy week um   beginning of the week i've got quite a good 
time the gaming and guardians of the galaxy yes   um wow it's it's just so good but i i reached 
um i reached a section where it took me like i want to say nine attempts but i was it 
was definitely double fingers it took me to   to get past the sound section and i took a wee 
break and then i thought you know what i need   to finish tales of her eyes so i jump back wow 
and uh immediately thought to myself why did i   leave this game and i had a major gaming session 
back in monday there i believe it was it was off   six hours take a wee break for lunch had some 
soup sandwiches wake up a tea and then jump back   in for another eight hours uh got through got 
through those like five lords you have to defeat   uh got to the end thought it was the end there's 
still more to come and i'm like uh most people   would be like oh is this not a finish but i'm like 
yes give me more yes please um yeah so about that   um that was the last game i played this week 
until last night when i jumped on gention   impact which is now available on a cloud service 
which i believe we're going to touch on soon   um that's a great game i've had it on mobile 
for a while but actually never jumped in because   i never get a full break at work so i've never 
actually got around to to play in a game so   had that one last night i say that's a decent 
enough free to play game it's very very popular   as well so i'm going to be interested to see you 
know what that does for boosteroid because we get   people asking all the time and we've tried it 
on the virtual pcs and it doesn't work there so   i am excited to see what happens 
uh booster either slowly just   coming along they're due to release in 
america hopefully by the end of the year   um if you could explain to anyone what booster 
he does it's a bit like gfn um very much the   same as gfn really just uh obviously do the 
thing in a different way so yeah that that's   that's i've got three days off next week so 
i really hope to get these games finished and   fosa comes out and football manager 22 comes out 
so yeah oh it's it's that time of the year boys   we're not going to see hill monkey for a little 
bit that's why you'll see me and you'll hear me there's a game that comes out two days later that 
is gonna steal me away from forza i think i don't   know how far i'm gonna get oh i played another 
game i played another game sugar forgot to say   to you guys um lost ark beta is underway 
i jumped into that open world rpg i think   that's going to be it's not out until march next 
year i think that's going to be are we sleeping   giant for next year by the way um it's a wee bit 
buggy as as all baiters are but um yeah i'm a   i'm intrigued to play more when i get the chance 
um and i'll hopefully get a full rundown of it but   very impressed so far and i know dr spaceman's 
been playing it too so if anyone wants to chat   about it he's he's a man right now that's awesome 
dag you guys you guys have been getting chief i'm   curious what game's coming out next week that 
you think we'll put it away battlefield 2042   of course that's coming out next week yeah 
12th man early access the ea play pro yep   wow oh i i forgot i forgot there was one day where 
i just did a ton of cloud gaming so i'm in the   insiders on xbox and i've been i've been playing 
with the the cloud gaming feature like on xbox so   i just launched like a ton of different games and 
played for like 30 minutes to an hour on each one   i played man eater for like two hours it was a lot 
of fun wow i just forgot to mention that earlier   good stuff man i i wish i this week has been i 
i don't even remember the week honestly speaking   oh gfn that's where i have been making content 
man just trying to get these videos out i know   um you guys you guys seem to be liking this 
video so i just been trying to knock them   out the park but man gfn 3080 can't stress 
that enough like it's hard for me to play   anything else uh i don't want to i don't want 
to like rub this in but realistically speaking   it is it's hard it's really hard after 
experiencing 4k look like almost like you would   locally on your shield tv and then the rtx 30 
80 120 fps on your pc it's it's like if a game   is coming out i'm crossing my fingers hoping that 
it's come to gfn because to me i feel like that is   the best place to play games right now in the 
cloud it's just it's that good but again still   testing out still just a lot of things that i'm 
still trying to figure out right i have a pocket   pc right there is a saying that if you just plug 
that in to a monitor that has 120 fps you can just   utilize that to game so again just little things 
you know me i like to push stuff so i'm testing   all these things but that's where that's where 
i've been this week just gfn testing this 3080 rig   and man it does not disappoint at all 
it's pretty pretty good but yeah again   don't want to rub it in but you guys have a 
lot to look forward to if you're thinking about   getting it for sure but yeah that's all i've been 
doing this week but i wanted to take a sec to say   what's up to people who are in the shot and 
do we have a poll going this week right alvin   i made that a while ago but i'll check the po but 
if you guys want to head over to the polls and   click that button so we can see what your thoughts 
are about the cloud gaming news this week but cali   what is good good to see you in here vic good to 
see you calm good to see you chase i see you in   here as well good to see you monkey i see you dr 
spaceman good to see you alex the nerd gamer good   to see you my dude chief i see you in here wells 
jay good to see you my dude porter good to see you   see yanto 3000 love the name good to see you my 
dude uh kiefer what's up my dude good to see you   for sure and your mom and and now your 
mom knows what's up man good to see you   for sure mr urban world good to see 
you my dude all right where are we at chairman gaming good to see you my dude hey 
say what [ __ ] you asking for too much my dude   4k 120 good to see you long walk good to see 
you and the extremist and jason what's up good   to see everyone on here again if you don't 
mind fill out that poll we'll get to it but   we hope that you guys do and get involved in the 
conversation because we'll be pulling out you know   y'all's chat and talking about it and probably 
like asking questions to the panel about it so   we really appreciate you guys being here and 
participating with this podcast all right let's   kick it off man amazon luna i don't know what to 
think about this this platform uh i i do want to   talk about it though so they released one game 
this week called carrion um c-a-r-r-i-o-n i have   never heard of this game it's not an x-class it's 
an x-cloud too yeah it's not new it's been out   like what a year and a half two years something 
like that yeah question is is it any good i think it was free on epic last year at one point 
yeah again don't know too much about this game but   that was luna's only game this week um and let's 
talk about luna for a bit right so it's the month   of november going into the holidays i feel like 
october november and december pretty big big   months for gaming right but again we talked about 
gfn the roadmap was underwhelming luna's november   roadmap was on the walman but let's focus on luna 
for a bit because i i don't know i have a lot to   say but i want to hear what the panel have to 
say but do we think we're going to see more from   luna this month do you think they're silent again 
they give us what four to five games coming on the   roadmap this month again november december tends 
to be the biggest months in gaming one game this   week what what do you guys think is going on 
with luna do you think we'll see them surprises   this month with new channels more games what do 
you think luna's just going to continue being   luna slow pacing this i see monkey on his head i 
see duncan on his head um i think i think monkey   and duncan are going to keep saying that until 
beta arrives yeah in the uk but i want to know is   that a good thing i guess right so you guys let me 
know do you think luna is gonna continue the space   and then i wanna know if you guys feel like it's 
a good thing that they are keeping to the pace   that they're keeping right so i'm gonna open that 
up we'll start with i see okay monkey get in here   yeah so i was just going to say like in response 
to ben um maybe maybe not because even though   i don't have access i take a look at the the 
games it's on there there's nothing there to   really entice me and isn't available anywhere else 
so it would solely be for comparison purposes ie   does gonna offer me a better experience than you 
know platform xyz sort of thing but in terms of   you know if if i wasn't you know here you know 
in this privileged position where i get to   check out games and give thoughts 
and things like that out to everyone   i probably wouldn't really bother all that much 
with that to be fair yeah i would test it out um   to see if i could get better performance but 
in terms of games there's there's nothing there   that's huge it's going to draw me in that i can't 
already get anywhere else and i'm happy to play   anywhere else whether it be locally or or 
via clouds so um so let me ask you this what   do you think they need to do right because you 
think there's nothing there to draw you to this   platform what do you think they need to do to get 
your attention i mean it's it's it's hard to say   like so if they offered up um you know a channel 
like an ea play channel sort of thing um you know   just something something to get me in there you 
know if they offered like a selection of ea games maybe like the higher end games from ea   because that pass is quite expensive if you want 
to pay it monthly um the ea play pro yeah it's   quite expensive and i find myself you know sitting 
here right now wondering actually before the show   tonight um looking at the ubisoft games um i pay 
for ubisoft plus but i couldn't tell you the last   time i played a ubisoft game for any length of 
time so you know i'm thinking about canceling   that and maybe trying out ea play pro instead 
and see if i play any more of those games but   i don't really see it happening because my type of 
game these days is coming from you know different   publishers different developers that sort of 
interest me um yeah so it's hot ideally i would   like one service it provides everything to me but 
that is that's never going to happen of course   so if one service could satisfy my needs with the 
types of games that i play and right now looking   at luna it's not luna um from me right now it's 
g-force now with the pc games um and game pass   as well you know locally on pc and you know in 
the cloud uh it's doing me is doing me well um   yeah i think i just think luna is trying to 
offer up a mix of everything for everyone   and they're just gonna keep slowly building 
us something building up until there is like   you know three four hundred games 
available and then maybe they go   go to the masses um yes hard to see it's hard 
to see okay but yeah okay how about so i don't   know if i want to spend a lot of time here 
because again um they're not giving us much   so i'm going to open this up so anyone feel free 
to hop on uh what what do you guys think first   of all do you think they'll make more noise this 
month by again announcing things that they didn't   you know talk about on the roadmap 
second of all just let us know   what you think they need to do to make this 
assist this platform relevant i would say   i'm i'm going to give you something that's 
probably very controversial oh boy i like it   and i haven't so this is solely an opinion um and 
i don't talk about this on my channel because i   don't like getting into speculation i don't like 
giving my opinion very much anymore but i'm i   here's what i really think is going on with both 
this service and i'll be honest i'm going to say   the same about stadium because i think they 
both are doing something very similar and i   don't know again i don't have any proof of it i'm 
not saying this is exactly what's happening but   when you look at what both of these companies 
primary focuses are is it's b2b they are business   first they will always be business first they will 
continue to be business first they're getting free   analytics and free data out of everyone that 
uses these services without having to go out   and get a pool of players or a pool of people 
to get those analytics and then translate that   over to trying to then sell their services 
which would be what azure and google cloud   to be able to have people do a third party type of 
service on top of amazon cloud and google cloud so they're still going to allow these things to live 
if that's the case like amazon's not going to get   rid of luna it doesn't cost them anything to 
have that there and same thing with stadia   i don't think stadia i know that always comes up 
about is it going to die is it going to go away   i don't i don't think so i think it'll always be 
there and persist but the difference is is what   is their real priority here is it really to meet 
consumers in the middle or is it to a larger end   which is test out this this infrastructure test 
out this new technology and find a way to license   it out to businesses and bring them in where they 
can make the most money they're going to make   more money off of those business contracts than 
they would ever ever make to us as consumers so   i don't see luna speeding up anytime soon they're 
gonna take their time they're continuing to kind   of operate under that beta phase if you will and 
you know that's that's just the way that i view   it from an opinion standpoint um is that rooted 
in fact maybe not but that's just how i see it   i i would say jerry and duncan sort of agree with 
you um and i do too we've talked about this before   like we've been talking about stadia white 
labeling for well over a year um i agree like   google is very business focused always has been 
um luna i'm not so sure on that one because you   know they have twitch and they have prime so they 
have a much larger audience they can actually hit   really well if they market luna correctly so 
they can make a lot of money on it and uh to   to monkey's point about there not 
being a lot of games that appeal to him   that's okay that's not what they're looking for 
that they're pulling like the switch approach   um they're looking for and i've said this before 
they're they're putting games on there that are   family oriented that are casual gamer focused 
they want all their prime members that sit there   surfing through channels that don't know what 
to watch to just jump in and play a game once   they're ready to roll out that's kind of where i 
see them going like they don't care that you're   going to spend 100 hours on a single game or 60 
hours in a game they just want you to jump in and   play something and spend time using their service 
simulation i got something to say go ahead ray   it's like you're going out and you're looking 
for a certain type of dinner you want to spend a   hundred dollars on a filet mignon or do you want 
to spend five dollars on a hamburger and that's   where you and that's what you're getting i mean i 
have to anthony i have to give it to him for 5.99   a month you know i mean what do you what do 
you expect um they're just you're gonna start   seeing that there's gonna be certain platforms 
that is just a higher a tier it's options it's   gonna attract certain people for the games 
and for the performance and what they offer   and then you're going to have certain platforms 
that is not going to give you what you you know   all that extra stuff and this is what we're giving 
you so i mean you got your options you got your   choice i like that analogy right i would take 
it one step further instead of saying it's like   a burger it's like uh it's like a food court in a 
mall there you go you can jump in and you can just   buy whatever you want for cheap and you don't care 
you're not going to a fancy restaurant to enjoy it   it's just nourishment it's just something to 
spend the time just sit there and wait while   while your parents come pick you up something 
like that yeah i like that bit so so do you guys   think we should remember luna is that it's not 
just the lunar channel right so stage is doing   the same it's got the ubisoft channel now luna's 
got three channels with the family channel the   kind of this 599 bargain bin and then the ubisoft 
channel so i think that's where luna's business   model is going to go and separate it from the 
others now for the twitch integration for them   to really tap into that they need some better 
games and they need some bigger games because   that's where twitch really makes its money from 
some of those big games with the big streamers   so getting things like new world battlefield 
on their call of duty that's where they'd make   their money i don't think anybody is gonna 
sit there watching a hot tub stream streamer   thinking oh i'm going to jump into the hot 
tub simulator it's not going to happen it's   going to be the big gaming simulators and games 
that people are going to want to jump into not   carrion or the falconer nobody's going to 
be streaming that on twitch and if they all the games that have twitch integration 
are ones that i would never choose to stream   because nobody's gonna watch it or it's 
everybody's watching it so there's no point   in me streaming it because nobody's gonna watch 
me because there's too many people watching it   they don't have really anything in the middle 
i'm gonna laugh a couple of other things with   the quality and obviously the reach at 
the moment with gfbn going up to 1440   they're not going to reach the big pc 
audience without doing something similar   they're still stuck in the us i don't think 
they're going to do anything this year i think   if they're going to do anything it's going 
to be on the anniversary which is i think   february when they first came into beta for the us 
i think they're going to keep it slow because they   i said many times they sprang too early and now 
they've been caught on the back foot again with   stadia pushing new features with gfn pushing up 
quality now luna's like well where do we sit in   this landscape again we need to go back to the 
drawing board and figure this out so i think until   the new aws services and the new gpu start rolling 
out luna's not going anywhere so it makes a very   good point as well i think something that we all 
forget about as the silicon shortage is still you   know ongoing it can still cost you a minimum of a 
thousand dollars for a nvidia 1660 graphics card   you know i mean you're literally paying the price 
of a brand new 3080 card for a 1660 right now   and don't think that these companies running these 
services and data centers aren't suffering from   the same the same shortages in the same course 
as the average consumer as well and now just a   quick whip if amazon luna sponsor a hot tub stream 
in the coming months i am going to laugh so hard guys so what what do we do with luna though just continue 
wait right okay well i was i was just gonna have   one one of the really quick thing is that um 
somebody said in the chat about having options   and competition and you do want that you don't 
want there to only be one service and that is 100   true but what i what i wanted to just because i 
don't know that i clarified this very well but   the point i was trying to get across is is that 
you're not going to see an amazon or a google   rush to the market on this because one we're not 
in a space where cloud is the dominant factor   they're going to go to where the money is so if 
this service to ben's point and and ray kind of   mentioned it as well if they can just offer an 
option where it's cheap there's a couple of games   there that know that they'll pick up a couple 
of people and i know that that's an exaggeration   it's more than that but they pick up people to 
actually jump on the service and play in their   mind they're gonna say yeah fine we're good with 
that but what's the long game for them right now   in the short term it's those business those those 
business relationships they make so much money off   of those those licensing deals and those contracts 
so the focus is probably in the short term on that   and then in the long term as cloud starts to 
become more of the dominant factor versus native   as far as that convenience piece then you'll 
see that shift happen with these companies where   we already have the infrastructure we've tested it 
we've got the data now we're going to roll it out   into a full capacity to consumers right so do you 
think this is uh amazon's project stream do you   think luna right now in beta is the project stream 
like google had with assassin's creed odyssey   right so just putting games on there when you 
know people see what this platform can actually do   before they go live in public do you think 
that's what's happening right now this platform   i think it's a little more fleshed out than 
that project stream was just one game testing   the stream quality right and luna's testing like a 
whole ui and they're testing a market and they're   testing all this other stuff it's not just the 
stream quality which is what google was doing   with project stream so people gave stadia 
a lot and google a lot of flag for luncheon   too soon right it almost felt like all right 
we tested project stream got some positive   reception feedback i list kick stadium to gear 
so with luna then you know like you were saying   they have more that they tested but then 
they're taking this you know the time with   it making sure that whatever the case might 
be is perfected before it comes out of beta   um people might say that is the right approach to 
take oh i guess like as gamers me personally i'm   i'm just impatient especially like seeing right 
the moves that this competitiveness is making   but i guess we can make that rulers for a beta 
huh they were ready to go and they pulled it back   yeah you didn't you didn't make a 
controller and sell it on amazon for a beta   they sprung they were too late to the 
party and when they did decide to go   they were way on the back foot so they put that 
beta flag up and went okay let's reevaluate that's   my yeah my opinion there's no fact there but 
seeing the landscape that they dive into i think   they thought they were ready and then the 
rug was pulled from out from under them   okay okay let's move on uh we can talk about 
luna but we are not letting it take taking our   this podcast right so let's talk about 
netflix gaming guys um my goodness so this is uh quite interesting because i don't 
think it's what people were expecting right so   from what i'm reading here there's five games 
that was released uh for this and let me know   anyone in the panel test tested this out yet no no 
no it's not it's not cloud gaming not around it's   not rolled out here i've refreshed my android 
device i was hourly okay i was going to try it   but i didn't feel like downloading it and then 
taking up another app on my phone it was just   wait if they were if it were within the app 
i'd say sure but it it takes it to the google   play store to download a netflix game app 
and i was like that is stupid wait a minute   hold up they have a dedicated app you have 
to be in the netflix app to find the games   and then it sends you to the 
google play store to download them   and then i said nope and it's not an app 
for gaming it is the individual games   that you are downloading from the google play 
store they're just advertising them on netflix   all right it's a paid game that if you log in 
with your netflix account linked to the play store   yeah it's not it's then free yep they there 
it's like the worst model ever and it's pretty   dumb nowhere near cloud gaming which is what 
everybody knows as it's like nope far from it   wow and it's definitely not the netflix of games 
there are five games yeah five really old games   yeah they're not good games either they're like 
something you'd play in your browser with flash   like not anything like not anything interesting 
at all uh it's not that bad but it's pretty bad let's list the games here i'm 
seeing stranger things right um like what series are we on now it says 
stranger things three the game right   there's three strangers there's there's 
two stranger things games on there   is there yeah on the netflix after it there's 
since 1984 and stranger things through the game   and then these shooting hoops card blast and 
tether up and this is quite interesting all   billed as for adults only so in a way like who who 
are they trying to market this to right because   it's very simple the mainstream people who are 
using netflix that is not that is not for us   the more uh game savvy or more uh aaa consoles 
through pc gamers this is for their general   market right there oh we you can now face ginger 
things it's on your phone this is there's those   the real life this is not this is not for console 
pc gamers this is for the biggest gaming mod   or all the instructor and mobile gamers it is 
just some it's just trying to get some people   on board and and to build their sites slowly 
um i i know we're uh taking the mecca from it   at the moment but i i think this is going to be a 
slow burn for them and uh i can see them dropping   some of their italians but you've already talked 
about stranger things it's like the last year's   one what happens if they put this year's one 
in continue your story on our mobile up here   and start doing that they're trying to keep it all 
in common and all in one place so it's targeting   those mobile players anybody who wants to play 
series titles but it's not cloud it's it's a   joke of an implementation in my book and it's 
just a storefront it's just another storefront   all it is is a launcher so you buy you go and 
download the games on the google play store and   once they're downloaded on there then when you're 
in netflix if you feel like launching them it'll   launch them from there so it's really it's it's 
it's it's i agree with with march if it's it's not they they can make it something later but they 
shouldn't have made a big deal out of it and   then just came out with this because this is this 
looks worse than like what facebook gaming first   started with some of their games where you could 
just play like within facebook like 10 years ago   so it's not going to be on ios because 
yeah exactly what they're doing is yes   they're conventing the whole process so it's just   it's only ever going to be android and whatever 
games opt in and get paid by netflix to be   launched from the app so yeah all right so 
for the sake of time i just want to know where   y'all are at with this right so just put your 
hands up if you feel like this is okay if this   is a model that's going to be successful or 
not oh listen it might very well be successful   wrong question wrong question let's ask this again 
right put your hands up if you think that this   is this met your expectations of what netflix was 
gonna do for gaming it's netflix so i'm gonna say   yes it met my expectations wow okay i didn't 
expect them to do anything decent man okay   they're just looking to get their foot in the door 
in gaming and claim that it's gaming they're not   looking to like actually like make something 
to get gamers okay it's just to attract people   to another gimmick i feel like it's a missed 
opportunity especially like when you know when   it comes to cloud i mean people always compared 
in a way they got free advertising free marketing   for their cloud gaming if they ever did it right 
the netflix for gaming is what people call stadia   it's what people call luna right so in a way like 
they had an opportunity for free marketing to   kill this if they really wanted to you know like 
and and then we get this right i feel like it's   a missed opportunity but who knows maybe this is 
something to build upon and you know in the future   it can become something great but yeah 
it's just underwhelming right now for sure   cool anyone else with this before we move to 
gfn no one else okay cool so again gfn like i   was saying give us the november road map right 
not that impressive but then they also let us   know that people who pre-ordered the 30-80 tier in 
the u.s some of those people are gonna get it this   month right so we know that certain people are 
already receiving the upgrade to the 30 80 tier um   so again like for the people in the shot let us 
know if you got yours and if so let us know how   you experience this but just want 
to open that up to the panel um   what are your thoughts about this 3080 i know 
a lot of you guys here haven't actually tested   it yet but based on the videos you've watched and 
based on you know just talking to people who have   tested it is is this the real deal do you think 
for cloud gaming or do you think this is just   a bunch of noise right now um so we'll get started 
with you duncan what's your take on this 3080 tier   someone from your camp has it right makers 
right so how is he liking his experience   uh he is still uh i think he's just recently got 
it uh in the last 24 hours he hasn't done a great   deal of plano but he was on uh guardians of the 
galaxy today given the more and he could notice   the difference straight away uh i'm excited 
there is some other stuff going on but gfn   are definitely grabbing the headlines at this 
moment in time with the in the cloud gaming space   with the 3080 it's getting mentioned everywhere 
on on normal sort of gaming podcast that's getting   mentioned it's like one of their league topics 
you can 95 30 80 in the cloud they're pushing   these big massive streamers now with it as well i 
am just really excited to get my hands on when i   actually get my hands on it just to give it a word 
because i think it's really really exciting and   i i i just want to start testing some of these 
games to you guys and all of you have been able to   uh just to see what it's like just because 
as you know with the client it's everybody's   experience is slightly different and i just 
want to make sure it's going to get on for me   and just to say it's it's pushing the medium 
forward and i think a lot of people don't realize   what this actually opens up it's not even just 
the games which you're playing right it's even   the old games in your library are going to be 
nearly a remaster because you'll be able to pick   them up to everything full whack and you're gonna 
be going i can't even believe how this game plays   uh this is why i i i just can't wait to get my 
hands on yeah i'm glad you said that and it's   so true right playing old games like you see the 
difference is definitely noticeable and man it   makes playing even playing old games fun again 
which is pretty cool right but ray what's your   thoughts on this 3080 basin i think it's i think 
it's something really really good for consumers   because for those who can't get you know the top 
of the line rig i know people can't even get those   parts for the rig i mean 30 what 35 teraflops 
28 ram uh 120 frames per second i mean damn   that's that's a dream right there i tell my son 
i'm like man if you could see what i played with   when i was your age and what you guys are getting 
now um the days of spending five six hundred   dollars on a console you don't need to do that 
you can get an awesome rig in the cloud i think   that's great for gamers um i love innovation 
i love i mean i've watched all these systems   upgrade and change and this is just in the cloud 
i mean i remember i had people laughing at me   telling me that this was something that wasn't 
going to happen until 2030 would never happen all   right and here it is it's happening yeah and so uh 
uh as a as a gamer and then just watching you know   dr spaceman and vet and meg uh their streams 
and how they're uh enjoying it and loving it   man i'm happy i'm happy for the gamers 
yeah good get take with that thank you   gtp has admitted he's wrong already because 
he didn't think that this tekken cloud came   he was going to be here for another five to ten 
years yeah he's been impressed it's been funny   to watch he did say that yes he did he did he 
loves it he loves it oh my goodness i can't   stop talking about he's he actually said 
he's playing that more than his local   consoles right now which is good stuff 
but chase what's he taking this man um so i i a couple people have already echoed 
it but i i think the biggest thing is um   i would say then it's in two buckets so the 
first piece because you know my philosophy is   folks need to test it for themselves um you 
know it's going to vary for everyone's use case   duncan kind of said that as well a moment ago 
that you know your proximity to the server   the device you use your network conditions that 
can cause things to vary so i think that's really   important is that for any of these services 
um but i think if you just look at the blade   itself and the tech that's in it what it's 
doing is it's driving the technology forward   when the technology moves forward what does that 
do competition exists what does competition do   it gives us the best value to dollar options as 
consumers and it's like a buffet what's in front   of you you can look at all these different options 
that are there you look at what the offerings are   you decide for your specific use case does that 
fit my situation does it have the games that i   want to play we all play different genres of games 
like i'm a fps third person shooter fan and an mmo   fan i guarantee you probably more than half of 
the chat doesn't fall into that genre of games   and you know what that that's where this 
is going to be a beautiful thing with the   way the competition is right now is all these 
different services have so many different reasons   that they have pros and then there's some 
drawbacks so you have to look and see what's   going to be best for you but i think ultimately 
if you look at it just on its face the fact that   it's moving the technology forward now these other 
competitors have to start looking at the landscape   and decide where do i fit into this this larger 
um uh portrait if you will and do i want to be   in that same place as them or do i want to be 
kind of again back to that conversation we had   surrounding luna do we want to be that value 
offering and that's where you're going to have to   decide from your use case is that where you want 
to get your games or do you want to go to that   higher option and it's going to vary for everybody 
and that's okay there's nothing wrong with that   yeah so i'm glad you said all that chase so when 
stadia released right uh you know they were ahead   of the game and i feel like their competition was 
playing catch up right and like he was saying ben   gtp was saying and he said it here before like he 
was thinking this tech was you know two to five   years away and numbering the shot some of 
you guys who are thinking the same thing too   right how big of a leap is this in performance and 
technology and you guys like you were saying chase   do you do you see the competition this pushes the 
envelope but do you see anyone catching up to this   anytime soon very quickly again well no yes and 
i'm going to tell you why amd's getting ready to   have an event upcoming week and they're already 
getting ready to do server blade uh versions of   the rx 6800 xt which is their 3080 equivalent 
in the cloud um this is that's why i said like   i look at this an ace you know we've had this 
conversation and and chief has heard me say this   hell monkey duncan ray ben i've said this so many 
times and i've been here over on the show is that   this is a marathon there are going to be 
lead changes constantly geforce now right now   based off what people are saying appears 
to have that performance leap in that lead   right but in a month in two months in three months 
that could change this this marketplace is so uh   dynamic right now in this space that there's going 
to be lead changes it's not going to stop and as   one form of technology takes over another form 
of it will come up and will then start to be the   dominant factor so i i it's this is this is nice 
it's it's not going to stop to your question it   is gonna force the competition to have to make 
moves and again that's not a bad thing that's   a good thing yeah it's it's a great thing and 
i'm gonna even go farther with this question who   do you think is gonna make the first move to get 
close to this before we know who's made the first   move he's going to be taking these um the amd ones 
oh i don't like saying anything for the company   yeah no i ran obviously 10 cent who you got 
to say you can't leave the shot hanging bro you call the time about that company but yes 
they have already signed up for that and they're   actually gambling uh that who who are they like 
it's a french it's a french company uh cloud   company and it's not black nuts it's one 
nut black lightning black black and black   now yeah they didn't have any games warrant 
that card or what the card that we've got now okay so sorry i guess my question more 
realistic i i get it black not or whoever says it's even it's even funnier because he says 
it's slowly like separating the words sorry yeah   but like they did they can you know do that but 
let's be realistic right until they do who based   on who we know right now can make that graphical 
performance leap to rival gfn studio white level   no they're they're a year away i reckon at 
least because yes this event's happening in case   but for them to put those blades into place 
right test them roll it out in the games   stress test you're looking at six months at 
least realistically the only ones i think   would be the ones that have already working 
towards something similar to this is shadow   but the shadow price point is going to be so 
high yeah you thought that the gfn price was bad   i mean it's really not 30 
bucks for boost right now 50 is my max depending on what they're gonna 
add 50 for 20 80.

So the fact that they   doubled the price of boost to 30 means a 
20 80 equivalent you're looking at 60 70   minimum and then i think 9.99 for like a 
3000 series and yeah like 60 to 70 for 2000   rig and was my killer performance upgrade but 
but you got a problem a rig and a computer   you know you're getting a cloud pc and a 
rig so 30 a month for a cloud pc is not   awful they just need better hardware and but 
to do that they need more people using it   because they can't justify the cost of all 
the servers unless they have a population   um as soon as microsoft launches their consumer 
version of that which they're working on   um then that's just gonna it's gonna i i see that 
as killing shadow even if it's not as good because   they're going to have so many people using it 
yeah and they they don't have to have great   hardware on their cloud computers um if they have 
enough people using them that they're efficient   true true ace to your question real quick and 
i think i think hell monkey was going to jump   in i didn't mean to take his face but just for 
a second is that your question i don't think   you're going to have an answer for a little bit 
on that because one like mark chief just said   those gpus are so brand new they're going to 
have to get contracts in place with entities   and that takes time so i to we don't know who's 
going to use them and there's no guarantee just   because you know i i'm trying to be very 
careful how i say this just because we know   that there are some companies using amd 
architecture right now does it mean or   guarantee that they're going to upgrade up to 
that you don't we don't know that for sure so   i wouldn't i'm just trying to caution people 
don't get your hopes too high one way or   the other let it unfold and see exactly what 
actually happens before you jump too far ahead   so the reason i bring up this question is you 
know just like the advantage they had for quite   some time realistically speaking i don't see 
for at least six months to a year any company   match in the cloud what gfn has put out right now 
um you know like xbox we know they're working on   upgrading but even performance wise i don't 
think that's going to even touch that 30 80   rig so i'm saying they just have a huge advantage 
right now and i think for quite some time when it   comes to performance so somebody mentioned it in 
chat i think if the rain radio the rainbow sdk   is dealt with and pc games come into the x-cloud's 
fold in the next six months then they might rival   gfn ish but they're obviously only working with 
the power of the series x as their top end and   we know that the 3080 is yeah depending on the 
rest of the pc better than a act so yeah the gfn   starting with a better base but we're also seeing 
um benchmarks that it's not quite performing   as high as we'd expect as a 3080 it's still a huge 
leap forward for 1440 gaming and up to 120 fps   but it's still not quite that of a local rtx 3080 
with a decent cpu and memory so it's a wait and   see obviously i've not got my hands on it here in 
the uk yeah we have to wait another few weeks at   least but from what we've seen from your footage 
and feedback from everybody it's definitely a   huge leap and i yeah i think you're right and i 
think chase is right we're looking at probably a   six-month lead before anybody comes with anything 
to challenge it the distance the price is gonna   keep it that way for quite some time they've 
been very clever with their price point and their   availability because they're saying that it's a 
limited availability they're not giving figures   and you've got the two camps firmly out 
there of oh my god this is a bargain to the   that's ridiculously expensive i'm not going 
anywhere near it so they've got their market   cornered we know that they're the high-end premium 
cloud gaming service now but it's still not quite   the full shadow pc and that's where that price 
point sits because yeah you're looking at 30   a month for shadow pc which you can play anything 
on apart from gun chin or valerian or on a handful   of others and but you you're limited to your space 
right 250 gig on base otherwise you paid three   dollars extra a month you're looking at two three 
games realistically he is still that balancing   act of geforce now at that 16 a month not every 
single game but you can access up to a thousand   games instantly say it really is a big balancing 
act across all these services right now and   what it has shown and what has been exciting 
over the last couple of weeks is just how much   many people were really interested in that um 
i even though i've got a local 3080 yeah i'm   really really want to get my hands on this because 
since i updated to a 1440 monitor everything looks   crap in the cloud because it's stretched from 
1080 so you see that on every service and it's   terrible and i'm sorry stadia you look crap on a 
pc monitor at 1 40.

Let lane 4k so anybody's got   a 4k monitor i really feel for you because the 
tv looks great on a monitor nah i couldn't play   even with forced 4k playing breakpoint which i 
bought the ultimate edition of when that launched   i couldn't play on my pc i had to go down to 
my tv because it just looked horrendous so   this leap i hope kicks at least stadia and 
others into gear to work on their streaming tech   more than the games we're talking about a billion 
dollar industry oh hell yeah you know people are   going to upgrade their their their tech and their 
they want that share of that billion dollar pie   so they're going to be coming but i gotta 
give it up gfn uh they definitely stepped it   up and especially i mean look where they came 
from they were getting their games taken away   from them when they had it and look where they're 
at now so but yeah there's going to be a lot of   cloud service coming soon yeah right i think it's 
funny to use that expression the piece of the pie   um because i love the way like phil spencer 
put it in an interview a few months ago like   he doesn't see it as a piece of the pie like it's 
not a limited pie like people don't have to have   just one that gaming is the kind of industry where 
everybody can have as many as they can afford they   don't need to have they're not limited to just 
one one user one one one option like you pick up   your cell phone you unless you have like a work 
cell phone and a personal cell phone you really   have no need for more than one cell phone service 
there's really not for the vast majority of people   gaming is not like that most people have you know 
a playstation and a switch or you know an xbox   and a pc or they have various combinations 
so and the the gaming industry knows that   so they're racing out there not necessarily to be 
the best to conquer all but just to be out there   make sure like the more people play the more money 
they all make it doesn't matter who's the winner   it's a different perspective it's a different 
industry true true all right so we still have uh   so much to talk about gfn right so uh let's move 
to that um they gave us the roadmap of november   i would say week month but let's not let's not 
sleep on that though right right i feel like   just ten games a month a week last week i gave him 
[ __ ] for five yeah this week what was it there's   only four four so are we gonna see like 26 games 
next week yeah so four games four games this week   17 games i believe the same for the month 
of november right and the games just be real   they're not they're not the greatest games see i 
think there's a game in here which is going to be   completely over there by the other people there's 
probably i i i i will get to that i will get to it   i'm going i'm going forward i'm going for my bit 
of playing here yes there is a game on that list   which uh has probably more people playing on it 
than there is in some uh cloud gaming services   duncan don't say bakery simulator man please 
no it's it okay it is also tale of immortal and   if you look at the concurrence uh on that there's 
over thirty thousand it's another game in the top   fifty of steam it's not in at the moment but over 
today it had over thirty thousand people planets   and her monkey is going oh my god or is he just 
tired no just on one of our website looking at   the games and realized that um even though the the 
storefronts are under landed in blue the links are   in there so i need to go fix that like right now 
so yeah um okay all right so do you think that   might be like another valham type situation 
and look the thing about this game this game   is one it has already been released this game has 
been out since january so it's it is another game   which is sticking there so i think a lot of people 
don't actually understand that a lot of the games   which are coming to gfm or pc sort of gamer games 
and uh this game is a one which i hadn't heard of   uh until it actually came under this list and 
when i went and did my investigating all that   there's over there is it this one the last thing 
it's the immortal one the vast immortal one   tale of immortal taylor from marvel 
yeah that's the very bottom one   uh it's an early access game it's 
been out from january and there is   if you look at even if the steam reviews are 
there's i guess over a hundred thousand people   review this this game is a sleeper which 
a lot of people are probably not aware of but it's not 40 games a month which is what 
i'm gonna hold them to account for but we we've   said it before yes i agree chief they're not 
hitting the goal that they said they would but   we got to remember they're they're not appealing 
to console gamers they don't care like their   their focus is pc gamers and pc gamers have a 
different taste in games yes they like the the   high fps the high graphics but they also like 
a lot of the indie stuff the the small stuff   that's extremely popular that nobody's ever 
heard about because you can only get on steam   so let me uh talk about last month for 
gfn right they gave us the road map   and i would have to say the two biggest games 
on that the list for that month they didn't   announce which was the crisis trilogy and new 
world right and again i i feel like the same we   were talking about luna i feel like it's the same 
thing i i i feel like these companies are keeping   stuff close to the chest for this month 
and it seems like there's something bigger   that they're just not announcing yet right so 
um i don't think this is all we see gfm when   they put out a list like this come out with 
you know games that are not on this list that   takes takes our breath away you know maybe more 
yeah we expect them to add to this list but   there's been two weeks running with considerably 
less than the 10 a week i agree they kind of   committed to you so i agree it's going to 
have to be a lot of games this month to   kind of make up that deficit but yeah i will say 
that severed steel i've been watching quite some   time i'm actually really really happy this 
is coming to gfn on the 3080 severed steel   third from the bottom that is gonna be epic uh 
i really can't wait to play this this is like   super hot vr meets oh my god of course what's it 
called uh yeah well ghost runner and obviously   max payne because it's got the bullet time this 
video does not do it justice on the stream yeah   yeah oh wow that does look good it may happen 
and bright memory infinite which is like memory   bright memory is going to be good 
that's why memory infinite it's going to   break the internet i think when that releases 
yeah see uh for me this month's games and gfm   i know they're i think the problem with it uh 
obviously the number of games is a lot less   we're sitting uh slagging them off with 
uh what's up what's the 27 games or 17 17.

Games i promote these games i want to play all of 
them and yes i want to i this week's this month's   one is one a month where i want to actually get 
stuck into every single one even farming some   you know because i've been actually because 
i've actually been watching farming so many   other streams here and we know that's going to 
stadia as well so that doesn't mean just going   over this thing but i think the problem with the 
games this month there is just no big triple a one   more which is going to grab people by uh after and 
shake them up and go i need to really play this   so right memory infinite is that game i would 
class this as a triple a the way that this is if anyone hasn't played the original uh or the 
first bright memory i i want you to go play it   it's tough man it's hard it's as hard but keep 
in mind so the whole time that i was playing it   i just kept thinking to myself one person 
alone developed that game it's very short   but there's so much quality and there 
and now that the second edition is coming   or the second installment is coming and this 
development team now have a ton more resources   go and check out the rtx trailer it's on 
our website um for the latest jfn news it is   absolutely beautiful man it's just and that's what 
i want from my games as the the uber realistic   style of it um i don't think i'm going to see 
it in my lifetime but you know the we're heading   towards a time zone in games where they're gonna 
at one point be indistinguishable from real life   like we'll get there it's definitely i think it's 
definitely gonna happen we see the improvements in   vr and things like that and then you know with 
all the the ai tools available that and your   nvidias and your amd's are able to concoct now um 
some some of the world's fantastic most greatest   engineers working in these things great memory is 
definitely going to be that game where you take a   step back and just admire how fantastically well 
it's been put together you might not enjoy the   gameplay so i think it might not be your style of 
game but you have to just sit back and buy other   the hard work and the dedication it's 
that's going into a game like this and   yeah yeah not a good week i think yeah not a good 
week yeah i i would agree with you uh but i i do   think that game is going to be a great game to 
showcase you know the 3080 blades for sure but i i   think that we're gonna see more um 
again they can't just launch a blade   like this and give us this crap of a month 
you know they they can't do that there's two   other huge games launching this month only and 
if neither of those hit gfn then it's going to   hit their numbers pretty hard i think what games 
are those battlefields and what else balls are in   battlefield yep before those balls are coming not 
going yeah yeah the stranger things have happened new worlds excellence yeah it's on steam new 
orleans amazing no i no microsoft took the games   off and i don't think we've seen it come back 
anytime soon but think about battlefield and the   showpiece that can be for that 3080 tier you know 
like i'm really hoping for that because it's got   a good one they could bring other battlefield 
games and they could bring the whole franchise   i think it's gonna happen this might sound bad but 
in a way i don't want x-claw to get battlefield   i really don't uh because unless they beef up 
there already got it no i mean the newest one   maybe it's myself free trial 
it's already there wait what   now a free trial has already been confirmed it's 
part of it's part of ea play game pass yeah ea   but it's not an x cloud no no no that's what 
i mean that's what i mean um but yeah anywho   i just being selfish 1080p for battlefield man no 
thanks right like i don't know such a snob it gets   on you 1080p no no more i don't know i guess it's 
just me being selfish man i think that game can   oh my goodness shine with that 30 80 tier man 
like they gotta make that happen there's one more   there's one more little kind of um detour to 
the story for gfn this month though and i think   i think it ha you have to kind of 
address it yes sir which is the um the frame situation going on um so break that 
down chase let people know who might not know   about that and what's happening with that 
well a user noticed playing cyberpunk   that um they were being capped at 45 frames um 
and i believe that was on priority and on founders   there's been no word about anything higher 
than that as far as overall but i i think   that the issue is is the transparency piece 
um there's no there's no language there's no   uh faq about what what they do on that when they 
do it how they do it what justifies them being   able to do that um and and when i say that let me 
just say this real quick um there's people that   are fine playing 30 frames per second and i don't 
think there's anything wrong with that if you want   to play a game at that that's fine but i do think 
it's important that these companies put out what   is actually the expectation and then we 
can decide for ourselves how we want to go   about it and whatever you choose to do that's 
perfectly fine but i i don't know man that's   that's causing a big concern for some people 
i saw reddit post about it twitter was was   pretty upset about it um and i i think nvidia 
i think they got to say something on it they   need to speak on it and they need to address 
it and not let it get out of hand because   you just launched a brand new tier big deal 
and it's a really positive thing but all these   platforms got to be accountable man they all need 
to be transparent about what the expectations are   especially because we can't alter the performance 
we have no control over the performance like a pc   or console so that's a bit of a concern 
you know so yeah it's a huge concern and   transparency like you're saying is huge right so 
i'm hoping they do the right thing and just make a   we know gfn we know testing is huge for them 
you know before a game comes they got to make   sure that it runs well so if this is something 
that's ongoing test and it'll be great for them   to just be like you know that's what's happening 
um but yeah i agree it's huge this is big um   again again with their lunch and them working 
to build trust and they've done a good job   right so they have to maintain that and continue 
that so we'll see um but i agree chase this is   it's a big deal you've already bought them too bad no refunds i'm still loving mine though 
i'm not gonna not gonna argue there but um   anyone else who want to add to that i do want 
them i just want to give a bit of balance for one   um so yeah some people are definitely seeing 
caps i'm not denying that that they're   showing the benchmarks with settings 
and it's been verified across several   posts and several people uh definitely happening 
in the eu for a it just seems to be two games   cyberpunk and guardians of the galaxy so not 
sure why we've had no official response on that   also the email has not been verified so the image 
that's going around that if you actually look at   it does look a little bit shady uh the way that 
the image is formatted so we don't actually have   any confirmation from anybody else that that 
is fact that that was from customer response so   i would still hold off until we have official word 
they have been silent on this and ray doesn't say   alright go ahead i've seen the streams with 
the guardians of the galaxy and i've all i've   seen them up i've never seen anybody capture 
down i've seen them up and look amazing so   yeah that's a good that's a good shot 
more chief i'm glad you said that yeah   the only other the only other thing i 
can think of and this is speculation   is if it's one of the companies that gfn contracts 
with like the turkish one that they use in eastern   europe and everything um to to get gfn service 
to people so they use different cloud companies   to get their service in different parts of the 
world like brazil and eastern europe if they're   seeing that i could see one of those companies and 
do as doing that without gfn's knowledge um but   again that's just speculation i know that the one 
in in turkey that a lot of people are really mad   when that's the one they chose because they had a 
lot of corruption issues like just scandals before   gfn made that deal with them um so i could see 
that happening but again that's just speculation we've seen the benchmarks proving it but 
what i'm saying is we there is still a lot   of information missing and nobody i just had 
a quick scan back through the 300 odd comments   on the reddit threads on this nobody has outright 
verified that they have the same response   so not only has somebody succeeded in kicking up 
a huge fuss but they've also succeeded in flooding   geforce now support services with questions on a 
picture say they've not normally when something   like this happens like the leak nvidia did come 
out with a official statement so i would certainly   wait until we get that but we've also as ray said 
seemed proof the other way of it not being capped   so there's definitely something weird going on 
and we it's also been verified that it's not   happening at all on the 30-80 tier it's only our 
on priority tier of freita we've only got these   people's word for it on what tier they're on say 
it's a really horrible situation right now but   can prove it outright one way or the other so 
it's just a really awkward situation i think for   everybody right now do you think that gfn might 
be keeping might not have addressed the issue yet   because they're not aware that it was happening 
and they might be reaching out to their   um their server farms that they're using like 
reaching out to the to the clients that they're   using there's so many unknowns here so this only 
kicked off a couple of days ago so it may well   be like said that they've launched their internal 
investigation yeah about what's happening it could   take a few days it might be a couple of years 
pipeline like you say it might be intentional   but they did change the cpus on people without 
telling people so when they changed the 2080   from a 8 cpu vcpu down to a 4 cpu it was only 
detected when people started running benchmarks   and found that that had halved um during 
the pandemic that that happened so it's not   unknown for them to change specs without telling 
people um although they did admit that eventually   so i i can't say that they haven't done it but we 
can't say that they have either at this point well   then they just need to come out and address it see 
and that that's that's where i can't i can't give   a pass on that if it's not what's happening they 
need to say something you can't let it fester for   weeks if they're doing an internal investigation 
it might be more more destructive for them to come   out and say that yes it's happening than for 
them to wait and find out why it's happening   if they don't know that that's the problem they're 
not doing on your purpose but they can just make   a statement saying you're working on it yeah 
that's what i mean we're looking into it yeah   we're looking into it yeah but what if what 
if they've seen this and they've seen all the   you know the flood of um support and 
they're just like well it's not true   and what if they just ignore it and then it all 
gets forgotten about because it's really not true   right now just that's not that's not how you go 
about it though no i know but i am asking the   question what happens if they do that they lose 
trust again and they've worked so hard to try   to gain trust so that's it this has been one 
of my gripes as well through gfn's existence   they are really bad at you know communicating 
when a stressful situation happens death stranded   how long was that be a and maintenance a 
ridiculous ridiculous amount of time without   any communication just come out and tell 
us look we're having trouble with this game   we are doing our best to fix it under 
the circumstances we're in right now   we'll let you know as soon as it's ready you know 
seven days later look this has taken an extremely   long amount of time yeah look it's not good when 
it happens it does not look good just probably   post let your users know that you are actively 
seeking a fix do not to not be quiet the worst   thing you can do is say nothing sometimes uh 
i echo everything everyone's saying but the   cynic and me being that i am scottish believes 
that they are a company they are out to make money   and that these caps could come into place to try 
and force users to a higher tier i would hate if   that was true yeah i would not like that if that 
was true that is completely anti-consumer um   but at the same time living in the world that we 
live in today it would not surprise me either so   too many unanswered questions that they 
really need to come out and you know   you know make a statement just let us know i'll 
follow i'll follow the north englishman there um let's try to cover it i'll just give him the dirty 
[ __ ] stairs yeah go ahead i i think they really   need to come out and say something one way or the 
other they are damaging themselves at this moment   in time with not answering one way or the other 
they are getting some serious height back there   we've talked about it more chief has talked 
about it i think all of us have talked about   it everybody is getting excited for gfm because of 
these 30 80 rigs and i it start starting to get uh   in the reddit community anyway it's getting 
overshadowed now because of this possible   cap i think uh we we we need to hear something 
one way or the other even if it's the shot it's   completely false and they need to shut it down 
if it is true they need to come out and clarify   what is going on there as well it could be 
something as simple as we've noticed because   we are binoculars on watching every server center 
in europe right now that goes under maintenance   waiting to see if these 360s appear it could 
be something as simple as they were doing   some maintenance in these servers swapping some 
things out and for a limited time they had to   bottleneck while they were doing certain things 
or you know reduce the uh the quality for some   time while they may just let us know that that's 
what you were doing if it is something it could   be something as simple as that it also could be 
something as cynical as i previously said so just   let us know yeah true i i do want to move on thank 
you gfn for taking up an hour this time but let's   move on to google stadia thank you guys for your 
input man i hope right that the people watching   can get some answers i mean that's a big thing 
right now in the reddit community so um yeah   we're aware of it hopefully gfn people watch this 
and uh give the people a response but let's move   to steady again this is the first week um since 
they announced that they were going bi-weekly   with um you know news on tuesdays right so again 
just want to know how was it for you guys this   week i i felt a little a little sad and you know 
like i was uh waiting for that beautiful tuesday   steady blog post and nothing you know going the 
whole week without a stadium blog post this uh   i don't know it felt a little a little weird 
um would it be bad if i said i didn't think   i was thinking the same thing chief my goodness 
guys apart from the fact that i wasn't taking   the make out of reddit because it was late because 
it was late you have a black heart towards stadium   my one black heart towards stadium i was i was 
upset i was like something dismissed my book   plays next week last week i'm surprised 
that there wasn't something small anyway   yeah but but stuff did happen in the 
steady community right just dance 2022   was something that was released uh and then we had 
i don't know too much about this haven't done a   lot of research but this is some multiplayer stuff 
going on anyone aware of what that is for state i   what is it monkey so there is now a new option in 
your privacy settings that you can turn on or off   which will let your friends jump straight 
into the game you're playing without the   need for an invite which is cool and it would 
be amazing if they had it in more than one game   because right now it's only 56 so only just one 
game supports that yeah um i hope they're rolling   out all right there's gonna be more but yeah you 
know don't launch it with one game what was this   sorry i missed it i was reading the chat what 
did you say with the feature so in your privacy   settings you can turn on or off the ability to 
let your friends jump into the game that you're   playing without the need for an invite so but it's 
only on far cry 6 right now so that's like the   couch co-op feature for luna no no no like you can 
on steam or xbox right you see a person playing a   game you can just join their game and then yeah 
join their team and start playing co-op okay   fair enough so it's a cool feature but it would 
be better than games like division two grocery   and breakpoint outcasters you know any multiplayer 
game basically yeah absolutely but being able to   turn that off is important though especially if 
you're streaming because you don't necessarily   want random people jumping in on your screen yeah 
here's the here's the thing as well just just to   clarify i went into my settings today to check it 
and it's automatically turned on for me so just   double check in case you don't want any random 
people jumping in your game and make sure that   you you're fine with it this sentence is there 
but for me it was already on so it depends what   your settings are set to so like if you have like 
friends can join your game etc um or if it's like   everyone public um yeah you need to you need to go 
in and make sure you are happy with those privacy   settings because it's automatically turning that 
on depending on what your settings already are   true true um chief uh let me my camera is gonna 
die like in two seconds uh so i'm gonna switch it   but just want to know um just want to know any of 
you guys sad though none of you guys i mean like   you guys weren't sad to not get a steady blog 
post they haven't they haven't really delivered   much for the last several months like in terms 
of news like it's like once every it's like once   every two weeks anyway they've delivered anything 
decent so it's like it doesn't feel any different   it's just official now i i will i will come from a 
different sort of text yes yes it says i have said   about a month month and a half ago the way stereo 
shoe run this week on stereo is drop it on a   friday and use it as a recap of what happened in 
the week uh because that this week even though   it was a a slower week there was still things to 
talk about you had your multiplayer you had your   just dance and there was probably uh there were 
probably some updates there and you could have   maybe put a post out there asking people to join 
fifa because everybody's having problems with fifa   multiplayer they can't get the numbers built up 
there no yeah that's me just being well either but i do think stevia shouldn't 
be doing this once a fortnight   it should be at least weekly coming on the friday 
and there should be the more regular blog posts of   the week because there is still a lot of stuff 
to talk about on stereo if they can uh maybe   put more uh resources into that department 
because i i am not believing that the guys   where i just think it is the resources she 
didn't they're not getting enough resources   in there to actually put these blog posts out 
and getting the news out there for everybody   because there's always there there's 
always something to talk about   that's what it's nerf day to play weekend 
going on at the moment instead yeah yeah yeah   so there's a blog post there's your just answers 
the blog post your your feature is a blog post there's a good stadium if they were to release 
that you'll probably hear us complaining that   this was a week week for google stadium 
right and just like every other week they want to do so to me their best options for 
them in terms of like marketing like with the post   is either like duncan's saying on a friday 
recap what happened or do a road map every   two weeks you can't do a recap every two weeks 
that's just that's a terrible business model yeah they already do the recap every month you 
know yeah it's pointless to do it every two weeks   as well as once a month what would make sense as 
tell us this is what's happening for the next two   weeks yes and then this is what's happening for 
this week and yeah drop a wee blog post here and   there but just dance is coming so tell us you know 
monday tuesday whatever this is what's happening   next week or two just dance is coming and if they 
want to do a secondary piece on it soon a bit just   dancing the features in the game and how to play 
the game because i think you have to use your   phone for that one don't you something was that 
what it was in the last ones as well yeah you know   explain to people how to use it you know maybe get 
some some of the developers or the publishers some   comments and things like that um to me that's the 
way it should happen and to me it just looks like   they don't know what's coming on a weekly basis oh 
for some reason they don't want to tell us what's   coming so they just drop it and don't even tell 
us because i didn't know until today that just   dance 2022 was on the service like they they 
didn't tweet it i don't pay attention to read   it so if it was on the other fair enough but um 
i didn't see a trailer on youtube although that   could have been lost amongst my notifications um 
yeah so nothing nothing interesting happened this   week really so there isn't really anything to talk 
about but sure okay so jay smith is here saying   if they did that what you're requesting 
we'll be here complaining about it   no it wasn't because to me that would tell 
me that they have a plan in place and they   actually seem to have some sort of structure 
around what they're doing right now it looks   like there is no structure and they're 
just throwing things out when they can   it sounds like they it sounds like they need 
more project managers like they don't have   it looks like they don't have plans and motions 
and what happens happens when it happens like they   have no schedule no calendar like this is what it 
feels like for months now um every every time they   announce it like they said they weren't gonna they 
were only gonna do a post once every two weeks   then they drop things for like a week and they 
recap what they dropped and it's not like you   know like what's coming next we have no idea like 
there's very little clue as to what's coming next   and that's not good when you're trying to grow 
like you need to let your potential customers and   your current customers users in this case know 
what to expect where to buy the games guys i've   i've found a solution here man big for president 
man all right victor let's let's get it done   done let me let me add something in that that 
and i i saw mark chief was also getting ready   to talk to you so um let me just make this quick 
i'm gonna go back to the point i made earlier when   we're talking about luna i don't think either 
of these companies either amazon or google that   their primary focus is on the consumer side of 
the house and i know that may be tough for some   folks to accept um i'm just trying to tell you 
an honest opinion and this is just my opinion   from uh from the standpoint of having been 
around business having seen how companies operate   when they start moving towards more of a b2b 
structure and they're focusing on they're going   to let this live they're going to allow it to make 
them some money but their primary focus is not   on that specific piece like again i don't think 
stadia or luna is going to go away they're still   going to be there if it continues to bring in 
money they'll still take that money it doesn't   cost them anything else to run that service for 
free on their infrastructure it doesn't they're   not paying that they're not having to worry 
about using somebody else's server farm to have   stadia run so it's a no-cost situation to them but 
they're focused maybe not no cost but low cost yes   fair enough yes yes fair enough but you know what 
i mean it's not running on someone else's data   center where they're having to actually have a 
contract so at the end of the day they're going to   focus on where is the most revenue going to come 
in and if you look at their their spreadsheets   and even their um their most recent quarterly 
earnings look at where they're making their   most money it's an advertising in the cloud it's 
not on consumer products so they're gonna go to   where they're gonna make the most money and again 
that's not to be a slight towards stadia it's just   to say that right now that is not the number one 
priority for them and you're still going to get   games on the platform there's games coming out 
we know there's games coming out next year right   we know there's going to be new titles coming 
out what's one of them extraction's one of them   right you're going to be getting x defiant 
at some point so it's not like there's not   titles coming to the platform it's just is that 
where google's primary focus is and i again to be   honest i don't think it is that's not where their 
primary focus is right now in time will it be   probably once cloud takes off and it's the primary 
way that most people play i guarantee you google   will shift that narrative back to yep this needs 
to be the primary focus and that's where the money   will go but it's just it doesn't seem to be 
that right now i agree chase and i think it's   you know it's interesting because like so 
many people in the community have gotten   excited anytime there's a new job posting with 
regarding stadia but if you look at those job   postings most of them have nothing to do with 
consumers it's like all on the business side   and it really it just points to the fact of what 
you're saying that they're not really showing   interest in the consumer right now they're showing 
interest in the business partners more than the   consumer yeah which you know that's fine they 
want to make money it's google it's what they do   i was just going i'm just going to back up your 
points here man i think everybody is focused on   the stadium job those things when they come out 
i think i used to do that i've taken a bit of a   step back this week or over the last three weeks 
on stereo but even we'll go into things uh like   the the new feature which has been dropped the new 
day of channels where you can and it's mentioning   other storefronts again and another thing that's 
on the stadium up there if it's the latest blog   post it's funny i i dropped out of my weather feed 
in 15 minutes later it turns up and grabbed it   even though it's been out for days uh i just i 
just find that funny uh going back to the job   listings if you're really interested in seeing 
worst area and where google actually are placing   things go in to linkedin and google or google go 
in there and search amazon luna go and search xbox   cloud streaming and then google stadia the job 
listings to show you and the last time i checked   was a couple of days ago days ago and luna and x 
cried both had a more job vacancies than stadia   as well that if you're if you're going to 
be fair about the job listings you need   to compare to the the so-called competitors out 
there and you can see where that's going here's   the other thing with stadia as well they do 
a lot of work in the background the average   consumer doesn't really see so like say that 
the dave blogs and that um unless you have an   interest in this something like like we all do 
and want to keep up with the the latest take   the people out there just want to pick up the 
phone or you know pick up the controller and play   a game they don't they don't see this so that's 
why i find it so hard to believe that they don't   promote the games are coming as much like 
yeah listen i ain't interested in just dance   202 i'm never going to play it but it's a new 
game on your service you know let people know   but yeah let's commend this commence stay there 
when it's due they are consistently bringing   new features whether you think it's going to 
take the platform anywhere or not they are   they're working on it they're always working on 
the back end stuff technically uh speaking um   but we've been around companies like nintendo 
microsoft and sony for years now they've built   up these massive gaming companies and and 
platforms so anytime a new gaming platform   comes out you expect him you know to to do 
the same things in terms of marketing and   communications and things like that and maybe 
you don't like to hear me complaining because   i'm not doing the same things as that but if 
i want to see stadia go where i believe they   can go i think they need to do this but again 
i think chase has a nailing ahead every time   and we i've said it before not as articulately 
i've just said that they're not a consumer-based   company that have you know business and analytics 
and that and you know chase obviously says it   and far greater detail with people understanding 
than myself um so it's a hard pill it's a hard   pill to swallow when you see the potential 
you just see simple things that could just be   done better you know um but praiseworth praises 
you they are doing a lot hard work that we don't   see or hear about i just wanted to say that just 
very quickly that there are a lot of positives and   i didn't say that at the end but these features 
that are being added again it offers options to us   we can look at it and say do they have a 
compelling offering along with the game   and if it fits your use case you can go with that 
it's not like it's not like an end-all be-all i'm   just trying to put something out there where 
if you're disappointed and you're frustrated   looking at it in context and then being able to 
decide for yourself what you want to do but these   features being added like that feature you just 
talked about where people can just join a game   without having to have an invite i 
got to be honest that's pretty cool   yeah that's pretty awesome that will take off when 
it hits your break points in your division twos   uh i think more than just the one game right 
now and they will do it like stadium okay   that should have been there from day one with 
party support right and oh no no one's gone   it's just it's just on xbox and it's on every 
other system speaking speaking of xbox we still   have to cover xcode and we've only got a few 
minutes left so i it takes two i lived in the   media yeah i know i love play i love playing on 
stadia and i'm just gonna say damn i mean they   do put stuff out it's just that a lot of people 
use a magnifying glass on it a lot um but i do i   do agree that that they really uh should have 
a road map but they don't but let's be fair   there's other platforms out there that's not 
doing the same thing so keep that same energy   towards other platforms that are not doing the 
big long vlogs or every day that's why i say   you mean you mean sony so i got a ps5 sitting 
over here man what the hell is going on   oh i agree i i hate i i i'd hate on them as 
well for not having so you know here's the   deal here's the deal i was just having a good old 
time this week right dragon ball z kakarot again   damn it that game so good in that platform 
but you know i was playing gfn and i   got sick and tired of playing luna and luna 
kenna and i was like man i i want to try a   different game and i was able to like pop up 
stadium and get into dragon ball z kakarot   just the fact that you have so many options 
in the cloud is just a beautiful thing right   if one is not doing it for you try something else 
it's just it's magic you can't hate always on   on a platform if you're not feeling it 
hop on to something else come back to it   when you've taken a break from it but on that note 
chief i'm gonna need you to build like a little   spinny wheel thing or like an automator like i'm 
feeling lucky kind of thing that has a scraper for   you know gfn xcloud and stadia and luna 
where it just picks a game from all those   so i don't have to go looking for each 
one to figure out what i want to play   yeah but that's in a way that's the 
beauty of it though you just have   options i was doing the same thing netflix the 
other day trying to find something to watch and   just hopped on to hbo max you know watching some 
good stuff over there options is a beautiful   thing right hating i was just stating 
effect you know when you yeah luna is we're comparing against geforce now and xbox cloud 
gaming that do give us regular road maps of what's   coming up and then drop the regular releases say 
the big three geforce now stadia and um xbox cloud   are the ones that get talked about the most 
and compared so stadiu is the only one that   we've always had an issue with their 
marketing and it just still seems   disjointed like you said they've released two 
feet a feature and a game but not told anybody   and this two-week thing just last week was we'll 
do it every two weeks but then the next four   days here's a blog post and announcements 
it's just it's still all over the place so   yeah we did say it's going to take a while to 
settle down but it's not a great start true okay   we're going to move on to xcloud uh but appreciate 
the the feedback and the conversation had here   but we have xball to cover right forza horizon 5. 
this game looks absolutely stunning i mean four   looked increased so again watching ign review 
they're like how do you top four and these guys   top so far was like rated as one of 
the best racing games when it came out   and this game is better than that it's like 
so pretty it's the hyper realism and it was   just so good i used to vacation in cabo so 
in mexico so i can't wait to drive a lambo   on the beaches i can't wait no the game 
looks incredible but my thing is i'm i'm   a little hesitant honestly speaking i don't know 
if xcloud we'll be able to do this game justice   i guess we just have to wait and see again 
just seeing how beautiful this game looks for a lot of people so a lot of 
eyes are going to be on it for falls   i i i'm going to say this i've been playing it 
i've been playing an affair but like i said i it'd be a good time to drop the 4k stream yeah no i agree with that uh it is 
absolutely stunning and some of the   it's getting close to hyper hypo realistic 
you're you're driving about and someone   the sky that's phenomenal in it and you're coming 
over reflections on the car like all the details   like you see balloons in the in the sky like hot 
air balloons and then you see the reflections on   the car as you're driving under them yeah the the 
thing where this got me the most i don't think   cow monkeys and the israelis and games i think 
he really i think he'll know what i'm saying uh   you get the appreciation of the speed you're going 
it is it is absolutely brilliant you're good 200   mile an hour and you think you're doing 200 mile 
an hour you're down the motorway everything's just   flying at you so i can't i can't wait to try 
it i've been watching everybody else's videos   because it just looks so good yeah it really 
is the only other games that came close to that   feeling would be your proper pc racing simulators   uh like an f1 or an ascetic corsa and you 
know forza 4 gave gave us all that and um and it's still so popular like you can go in 
and there's still loads of random community events   etcetera so to improve on five a and five i'm 
about like us i'm worried that xcode isn't gonna   give give me you know a proper performance of what 
the game deserves i'm also worried that it lets   down with a 10 out of 10 review um but i said 
that about gardens of the galaxy because it's   so positively reviewed what if i don't like 
it what if i don't like this it's not it's   not just ignorance giving that review it's like 
everything yeah there's so many reviewers that   are just giving us the same reviews everyone was 
given that high reviews and i was really worried i   wasn't going to like it but i really don't like it 
you played four and you loved four right yeah and   they were saying this is just for on on steroids 
if you want we all have different appendages   i may not like the changes that i've made 
once i read it by shorthands of the galaxy   what did you say no i'm not talking to you about 
that game you didn't let me in your prize draws uh   the last one i i was absolutely glowing 
about a guardians of the but it seemed galaxy   you you placed lay the spiral with him 
and that's a really bad game so yeah so so before we run out of time i do want to 
talk about something about x-cloud that's not   on our show notes sure um so i know that for most 
people watching this like most of you don't own a   console i know that i get that but this is really 
exciting for me like almost as exciting as the   fact that forza 5 is coming out because i really 
want to play that like for pretty much i think all   levels of insiders on xbox now doesn't matter 
like what which console you have you can now   play cloud gaming like directly on your 
xbox without having to use a browser   um so if you're an insider all you have to 
do is just open a game on game pass if it's   in the cloud you can click install or kick the 
cloud icon it's super fast to load up like it's   it's ridiculous and it looked really good 
when i was playing like several different   games i was playing like medium and man-eater and 
a bunch of different things jumping back and forth   um adding them to like a playlist on my xbox and i   this is going to be huge for all the people 
on older consoles that can't that don't want   to buy a new console they can still play the 
current gen games that's true i don't think if   they don't want to buy a new console it's just 
they can't find one all right that too yeah   ben stop it ben i i think i think i think i 
think you're right on with this uh for sure   um you know people who can't afford it or people 
who can't find one is good and this is microsoft   thinking about the consumers right thinking about 
how can we make our game accessible to the masses   and people who've invested in us previously 
talk about it something microsoft is knocking   out the park this generation is pro consumers 
i can't state that enough they're killing it   right now with that and this is just another 
one of those things they do really well but we have a video for what ben's saying on the 
channel so do you go and check that out but the   big concern with forza 5 is that forza 4 looks 
good on xcloud great the latency not so great   it's not so so that's been the big problem with 
a lot of people is the latency on next clown so   hopefully wait duncan yeah i i got the 
latest one on 10 and the windows 11 up and it   is running absolutely fine for me it is such 
a big massive step up from what it was before   that's on the window that's in the windows 
11 app if i go and play it on the browser   it's back to that lovely pixelated mess 
you see but playing it in the app it but we also got to understand though certain 
people are not near certain data centers and it's   not going to be and that's what the problem people 
don't seem to understand what you play ain't what   i'm going to play see i'm out in silicon valley 
so i'm out here with the it looks buttery it looks   like wait we know they don't care about scotland 
because obviously you know how monkey just   can't stand next but i've seen somebody stream 
my xcloud stream and they look like crap   yeah um it looks great for me that's it it plays 
i i love it and my son me and my son don't have   to fight about deleting games on the xbox no more 
right you can just play in the cloud so i i love   xbox what they're doing right now i am so happy i 
went in and deleted like 300 gigs of games that i   could easily play in the cloud 
instead of having downloaded   and they look they look just fine like i don't it 
feels like i'm playing locally for most of those   games that that are smaller like obviously like if 
it's like 100 gig game i'm gonna want to download   that because i want the highest performance but 
for like all those 10 20 gig games that it's okay   that it's the graphics are kind of like mid high 
like i don't really need that stuff like i'll just   i'll just do that on xcloud unless i need higher 
performance then i'll download it i like it to ray's point real quick x-cloud for me and luna 
are the two worst performing where i live i can't   get either one of them to run on any device 
smoothly where are you at chase florida yeah yeah   and it's it's a challenge uh gfn i have no 
issues with if i'm playing on a chromebook   if i try to play it on the pc no go and i've tried 
everything uh steady of course i mean it's always   for the most part pretty consistent um and for 
a long time and i know this is getting off off   track a little bit but for a long time it had 
the best latency now with adaptive sync with   gfn on the chromebook that's actually almost like 
playing my series s it's pretty close uh with the   adaptive sync but the point i'm getting at is 
to rates point this is why people have to test   things on their own because no matter where you 
live network conditions distance from the server   the device you're using it it truly is going to 
differ for every person and in the case of of   ray xcloud works great it does not work great 
for me so i could not see myself playing forza   in xcloud considering how it runs for me though 
that may not be the case for somebody else   right so how about this guys what if microsoft 
uh surprises us this week with bringing 4k   to xcloud to showcase going to help me i i 
wouldn't put it past them um i i i hope that   i don't i don't want to put too much hope in it 
but i wouldn't put it past them we're in november   guys again that we're targeting you know this 
year there's not a lot of months left to halo true but why don't they start with this right 
this is a big ip for them this is a huge franchise   for them and this would be a good start good 
showcase to like 4k and what they've been   working on we're upgrading um to dear to the new 
blade so yeah i still think i normally see their the thing is they're not very consistent 
with their two weeks tonight a   it's a tuesday but it can be two weeks it can be 
every week oh just one thing it's just came up in   my thing there's over a million people playing 
forza horizon 5 already was it richard miller that's the premium people these agents who go 
i didn't buy it before even though it's going   on that's awesome that's a testament says you 
can play the game pc console you have so many   different options to play that's why that counts 
so high that's not a million and the game is not   even officially released yeah it's impressive 
good stuff the game pass numbers going out geez   yeah yeah greatest investment i've ever did 
ultimate game pass for sure i yell that's   that's time for this show it's crazy because i was 
thinking not a lot of news this week but men you   know i had to cut cut you guys off because 
we could have been here for for quite some   time but it's always always cool to just have an 
awesome panel and talk cloud game it's always fun   gtp you missed out homie hopefully we'll see you 
here next week but no i just want to give each   member a chance to plug the channel let people 
know what you guys do and where people can find   you so to get started ray what do you do sir where 
can people find you uh well you know what i'm   ray3473 and i'm about to kill my son will you get 
the hell out of here what the hell are you doing anyway what's up shout outs to 
the kids i'm live get out of here uh i'm ray3473 just catch my streams on twitter 
uh tonight i'm gonna be doing some red dead   redemption on stadia tomorrow i'm doing gfn uh and 
man i'm about to be on homicide get out of here   jesus all right i'm done i'm done i'm good 
i'm done you're good i love it i love it   chase what do you do where can people find 
you if you go on youtube just search the   gaming advocate uh you can find me on twitter 
at phantom ufc fan uh the channel is focused on   consumer advocacy which is i have a little bit 
more of a different definition nowadays of what   that actually is it's letting the uh the consumer 
drive the conversation it's their voice it's what   their purchasing decision is paint says so every 
saturday morning 10 a.m eastern time we do a   saturday morning coffee talk so stop by it's a 
good time good stuff good way to wake up in the   saturday man you guys definitely make sure you 
check that show out and check out chase channel   and raise ben what do you do sir where can people 
find you uh they can find me mainly on twitch   right now that's kind of where i've been focusing 
uh i also have you know i post clips of my   streams on on tick tock and um and then sometimes 
on youtube as well but twitch is where i usually   go live first cool cool good to have you on ben 
duncan what do you do sir where can people find   you uh creative games on youtube we are and also 
crabby duck games uh the website so you can check   us out there we've got things coming and we should 
be making an announcement next week and something   nice nice definitely give claudia 
look good stuff over there as well   how about you chief anything you want to plug 
and no i'm just here to cause trouble clearly   you didn't you do a good job at it sir i will just   i will just balance things out to say sadie 
does actually get used quite a lot in my outside   love it yeah yeah yeah but knows i chief i always 
appreciate your intake and input here man always   monkey what do anything you want to plug here um 
there's a hole in my ceiling i could do a plug   now uh i don't know what are 
we doing this week guys um just foreign get a cup of tea 
or something no no i don't know   what'd you drink yeah go get a root 
beer regular beer beer coffee beer   if you're interested in vr check out the new 
video that's on the channel uh subjects vr oh my god this yes we have another video she put 
it out today on the vr channel and thank you yeah   yeah just thank you everyone for watching and 
uh it's great the opinions that's how you fill   up two hours because everyone has a different 
opinion and it's always good it's always good so   thanks embrace debate embracing the embrace debate 
i love it i love it good stuff again awesome panel   here thank you guys for watching it's a lot of 
fun uh hopefully we we're able to voice the polls   real quick what's the pulse looking like kind of 
cheap they knocked it up apart yeah all right cool   cool so you guys were on that so gfn takes this 
one this week appreciate you guys participating   paul appreciate you guys participating here 
we'll catch you guys next week um at 2 p.m pst   again thank you chase and thank you ray for yeah 
it was a pleasure you guys are great i love the   guys check out their amazing videos man i'm always 
learning something from the videos you guys put   out like just awesome content shout outs to you 
son he's laughing he's jumping but not my fear he's like he's in so much trouble he knows better   it's awesome appreciate you guys we'll catch 
you guys next week till next time fellas

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