CGI 3D Animated Short “Descendants” Directed by Heiko van der Scherm | TheCGBros

look at that? the light i would love to go into this light once oh well..that would be a mixed blessing the sun..would destroy us my dear yes i know such a pity are there only downside to being a flower? not too much rain not too much sun.. you're quite right i hate this stem and these bees if they would only.. for one day…amhh! look what is this? what..what kind of a he is a horrible….isn't he the most beautiful thing on earth don't be fooled by his appearence he is very dangerous he stamped my whole family into the ground they stood exactly where you are now the most beautiful things often times are the most dangerous ohh…juliet waits for her romeo isn't this cute? i..

Wish he would take me with him yes of course. he takes you with him carries you around in his mouth and shows you the world and then on a warm morning in spring He conceives Descendants with you … on a two lane narrow A whole bunch of dear flowers ohh… Really?!! No… It comes along eats you. end of story I don't care. Better than just standing here all my life.

You wanna be eaten by this beast? what is so wrong with that? I would flow through his veins and I would become part of something bigger he is our enemy! he is dangerous! can't you understand that?! hmmp! I… i'm sorry i'm sorry I shouted at you just because I hate this beast, it doesn't mean you also have to oh don't worry about it you still wanna go away don't you… with this thing? ahhh…. if I hide here behind this root it… will come here what? really? you would do this… for me? if you could help me with something maybe before you leave I would do everything for you my wounds won't heal as long as these little beasts gnaw on me all my poisons lost which means i'm defenseless can you understand this? I wanna be beautiful again the smell of your blood surely lure them away from me oh.. no… that's a stupid idea no! no! i'll do it. listen, the thing with the descendants… that really wont work no dear flowers, you don't mind do you oh come don't worry honey how beautiful you've become ahh…

thank you I…owe it to you There! here he comes quick… hide!.

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