CEX.IO Review in 2 minutes (2021 Updated)

CEX is one of the oldest
Bitcoin exchanges around. But is it really the best place
to buy Bitcoin? I’m Nate Martin, and we’re gonna take a deeper look
into CEX in our 2 minute review. Founded in London in 2013, CEX started out as a Bitcoin exchange
and cloud mining provider. In 2014 its mining pool,
known as G hash was so popular that it held 42% of the total network
mining power. Today CEX operates solely
as a cryptocurrency exchange. CEX is registered with FINCEN and applies standard
Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies, meaning it requires identity verification. CEX’s two main services are its brokerage
service and its trading platform. The brokerage service allows you
to buy cryptocurrency using a card or wire transfer. CEX’s trading platform supplies
all of the basic trading features, has decent liquidity, allows trading from several devices and also supplies you
with advanced reporting. The main difference between
the two services is ease of use and fees.

Beginners might be better off
using the brokerage service: it’s as easy as it gets, while more experienced traders
can use the trading platform and save A LOT on fees. How much can you save? Well, while fees on the trading platform
max out at point two five percent, CEX’s brokerage fees
can reach up to 7%. CEX also operates CEX Broker, an advanced platform
for cryptocurrency derivatives trading which features
a variety of order types, technical analysis instruments,
trading tools and leveraged trading.

When it comes to support, CEX seems to be doing an OK job making sure to address
every negative review received. The majority of complaints
stem from the somewhat hidden and relatively high brokerage
service fees. To conclude,
CEX is a solid exchange, with the main downside being the high fees charged
for their brokerage service. More seasoned traders
can sidestep the high broker fees by using the trading platform
on their own. Make it 3.9 Stars
from us here at 99Bitcoins as we consider it a reliable platform with a variety of features for both
beginners and experienced traders. Have you used CEX? Let us know what you think
in the comments below.

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