Celsius, Profit after 3 months

i did my first video about the celsius network 
about three months ago back then one cell token   was worth 40 cents fast forward three months later 
on the 22nd of november one cell token reached a   new all-time high and it was now worth two dollars 
and fifty cents so in just a couple months time   the sell token increased six times in value i've 
been using the celsius platform since august and   in this video i'm going to show you how much 
i've earned exactly i'm going to be completely   transparent with my numbers and i'm going to make 
a distinction between how much i've made with   cell token and its capital gain and how much 
i've earned through the interest program that   celsius offers so i'll start with the sell 
token on august 15th i did my first purchase   i bought thousand four hundred cell tokens for 
around 550 dollars that was around 40 cents   per token a short while after in the beginning 
of september the cell tokens started to climb   after a couple weeks of climbing on october 5th 
the cell token saw a pullback and went from around   1.50 cents to 1.20 so i saw this opportunity and i 
believe to sell token wasn't on climbing yet so i   decided to buy 550 cell tokens for 650 us dollars 
that was already three times more than my initial   investment but again i didn't think the cell token 
was done climbing yet so that was it for my cell   purchases in total i bought 1950 cell tokens and 
i paid 1200 us dollars for this today if we take   1950 cell tokens we can see that's worth around 
4100 us dollars so if i would decide to sell all   my sell tokens right now i would make a capital 
gain of three thousand us dollars so on my initial   investment of thousand two hundred us dollars 
that's a gain of about two hundred fifty percent   we also have to take into account that cell token 
is seeing a pullback at the moment on its peak it   was worth almost two dollars seventy cents and 
right now it's around two dollars so that's the   first part of my earnings i made a potential 
three thousand us dollars with the sell token   but that is if i decide to sell right now the 
second part of my earnings revolve around the   interest that the celsius network pays so the 
concept is really simple you earn interest by   depositing cryptocurrency on the celsius network 
wallet interest is paid out every monday and i   decided to start off small i deposited a little 
amount of bitcoin just because i wanted to know   if the interest rate was stable and if it really 
got paid out after doing some more research about   the company and actually receiving interest 
i decided to deposit some more cryptocurrency   so in total i deposited 0.4 bitcoin 9 ethereum and 
3500 usd coin this was around 10 000 us dollars in   value at the time of the deposit so three months 
later the last payment i received was this monday   and it was 24.47 worth of cryptocurrency seeing 
that the interest is paid out weekly and there   are roughly four weeks in a month this means 
that i get around 100 us dollars worth of crypto   every month of course the interest is paid out in 
cryptocurrency and if the crypto market crashes   well then this amount will be a lot 
less if we convert it to dollars that is   so since the beginning since i did my first 
cryptocurrency deposit i've made a total of 323.38   worth of interest so if we combine this interest 
with the potential capital gain of the sell token   we would get to an amount of 3 300 us dollars in 
just three months the total amount that i put in   at the right time of course was around 11 000 
us dollars this consisted out of the sell token   purchase and cryptocurrency i deposited to earn 
interest so i made a potential 3 300 us dollars on   an initial investment of 11 000 us dollars that's 
a gain of thirty percent in just three months   so good for me i made some profits with 
cryptocurrency but why did i want to share this   well this brings me to the real topic i wanted 
to discuss we can ignore the fact that crypto   market is really exploding and it's really easy 
to make profit when the market is rising like   this but there are some investment strategies that 
i follow and that's the thing i wanted to share so   a lot of people wonder if now is a good time to 
buy bitcoin is really close to its all-time high   and if you believe that it will continue to climb 
after that then sure why not when bitcoin climbs   the entire market sometimes follows so it could 
be good for celsius but is it really wise to go   all in now logically you want to buy low and sell 
when the market is high but i understand fear of   missing out a lot of people think that the price 
of bitcoin will rise exponentially and they're   afraid if they don't buy now they will miss out 
on games so the first point i wanted to discuss is   the usage of a strategy a simple strategy i like 
to use is dollar cost averaging it basically means   that you invest a set amount of money on a regular 
interval and preferably you do it on a long term   so in the example of bitcoin it would mean that 
every first monday of the month you would buy 100   worth of bitcoin for example strategy like this 
has numerous advantages like taking out emotions   out of the equation and you can avoid bad timing i 
already created a video where i talk about dollar   cost averaging in a bit more detail so i'll leave 
a link to that in the description so the second   point i wanted to discuss and it's a big one is 
research i didn't just come across the celsius   network and decided to go all in i first made sure 
i understand what the company did what the history   was and what the potential risks were after doing 
the research i found the following pros and cons   so to list the pros celsius network has high 
interest rates good loan rates a good team   with a solid company be sure to google their ceo 
alex machinski i also really like their business   strategy 80 of their total revenue goes back to 
the clients and they're pretty crash resistant and   earlier this year the crypto market saw a huge dip 
a lot of cryptocurrency companies had to liquidate   their clients in this quote it stated that bitmex 
had to liquidate 90 of their clients while the   celsius network didn't have single liquidation 
but of course there's also cons and the first   one to me is that it's centralized it isn't bad 
by definition but in crypto we strive towards   decentralization the second one is kyc so in order 
to use the celsius network you'll have to give out   your personal information be sure to check out 
the video i did about cryptocurrency and privacy   i'll leave a link to that in the description 
the next one is that the celsius network uses   a custodial wallet that means that if you deposit 
your cryptocurrency on the celsius network wallet   the key will be in their hands and there's a known 
saying in cryptocurrency not your keys not your   crypto the last point that i wanted to make is a 
really important one and that is that your funds   on the celsius network aren't insured but they're 
collateralized so the following text is really   important fire blocks and prime trust are the 
custodians of the celsius network both provide   insurance on assets however we generate interest 
rewards by lending out the assets to onboarded   partners when these assets are lent out they are 
not insured all of our conloins are collateralized   up to 150 if we then go to the terms of use and 
we scroll down to point 10 the risk disclosure we   see the following sentence eligible digital assets 
in your celsius wallet are not held by celsius as   a custodian or fiduciary are not insured by any 
private or governmental insurance plan and are   not covered by any compensation scheme including 
the financial ombudsman and financial services   compensation schemes so it's really important 
to understand in the case of disaster which is   unlikely to happen but everything is possible of 
course you might end up losing your cryptocurrency   and it won't get reimbursed and again i want to 
make sure you understand that the celsius network   does a really good job at managing risks and 
securing funds i just have to add that the risk   exists so after checking the celsius network very 
totally i listed the pros and the cons and i had   a good feeling about the sell token that's when i 
decided to invest in their company if you've done   that and you want to join the celsius network you 
could use my referral code i'll leave a link to   it in the description and if you do you can get 
twenty dollars worth of bitcoin so that brings me   to point three i did some investigation about the 
celsius network and i decided i wanted to buy the   cell token if i bought a lot more cell tokens i 
would have made a lot more profit but i follow a   strategy on top of my dollar cost averaging i give 
myself a set amount of money to invest in projects   i believe in so let's say for example that each 
month you give yourself 200 dollars to invest   you could for example say that you invest 100 in 
bitcoin 50 in ethereum and you give yourself 50   to invest in projects you think that have 
potential this of course is just an example but   i think it's a good way to prevent yourself from 
going all in into one company if something were   to happen to that company and you lose all your 
cryptocurrency or money you wouldn't be impacted   by it so much if you have a diversified portfolio 
on top of that sometimes it's important to take a   step back and just be happy with the profits 
you've made opportunities happen every day so   you don't have to rush yourself so that brings me 
to the conclusion what did i want to say with this   video well first of all use strategy like 
an example that i like to use is dollar cost   averaging it's good to keep that fomo in check 
the second point is do your own research there's   always youtubers showing off their profits and 
promising that the next token will moon but take   what they say with a grain of salt the next point 
is diversify don't go all in into one company a   stock or a cryptocurrency if you diversify and 
something happens well the risk will be spread   in my example only 20 of my portfolio consists out 
of cryptocurrency and most of this 20 is stored   in a hardware wallet i don't have it all in one 
company and the final point i wanted to make is   to never forget to try to buy low and sell high 
if a bull run happens our formal tends to kick in   but try to keep yourself under control so 
i was lucky with my timing when i bought   sell this made me quite some nice profits but of 
course following the strategies that i mentioned   before made me available for this opportunity so 
that was it for this video i want to thank you   for watching if you have any questions just leave 
a comment i also have a discord server i'll leave   that in the description again i want to thank you 
for watching please leave a like and subscribe and bye you

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