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hello everyone welcome back to the channel my name 
is zari and you guys are watching finance square   in today's video i need to do this video i'm sick 
and tired of watching all this celebrities that   are literally writing a sentence a hashtag and 
literally promoting or giving exposure to some   cryptocurrency that they didn't hear about. Maybe they 
only heard about it two days ago five days ago   now i'm doing this video guys to give you a 
better understanding and clarity what are those   cryptocurrencies for this specific segment i'm 
going to be covering for you guys ethereum classic,   Cardano and Tron so again i'm only going to 
be going over their website their partnership   their volume their decentralized application if 
they have one and also to give my perspective as   to why they are value they way they are value and what is 
the potential so i'm going to be ranking the most likely cryptocurrency to succeed and the 
less likely to succeed so stay tuned and watch the   segment so for this specific segment we're going 
to be going over the website, talking about what   this blockchain do, we also going to be reviewing the ceo if 
there's a ceo go over their website to understand   the partnership what is trying to solve if there 
is any decentralized application built on top of   it, the volume and then basically i'm going to 
try to give you my perspective as to why they're   successful while they are price this way and if there is 
any chance for it to continue so we're going to go   now straight away and go over the Cardano website so this 
is the website so i have a section for developer   individual and enterprise so first let's try to 
define what is cardano or ada so cardano is a   proof-of-stake blockchain platform for those 
who don't understand there's proof of work   where you have to use electricity and 
mining equipment for the purpose of   validating the transaction and proof of stake is a 
more energy efficient where you're able to confirm   the transaction by staking or by putting your 
cryptocurrency at a specific address at a specific   server so it's literally much more faster to certain extent also much more cheaper so this is more a   greener way to validate the transaction .the first 
to be founded on peer to peer reviewed research and develop   true evidence-based methods combine pioneering 
technology to provide unparalleled security and   sustainability to centralized application system 
and society.

This is maybe what they're   trying to achieve so if i were to try to simplify 
this i would say that they're trying to create a   software or infrastructure where anyone can build 
their own software or application without being   interrupted without being limited so let's say 
trying to build the microsoft or the play store   or the app store without having any limitation any 
censorship so this is the idea all right so this   is what they're trying to do so they only recently
moved to the proof of stakes before that they   weren't on proof of stake they were on proof of work 
and one reason why a lot of people are moving to   proof of stake is because by staking you're enabling people 
to earn more reward and is accessible to everyone   now it's not an easy process of doing proof of work, you 
have to have the equipment you have to have the   right technician to to install for you, have q specific room r temperature there's a   lot of things involved into it but when moving to 
proof of stake you are giving people incentive to   onboard this blockchain and obviously help the 
community to help provide the transaction also   getting additional token for this reward so this 
is also another reason why they moved because   it was a very strong trend to move from proof of 
work to proof of stake .There was a   lot of conversation from ethereum trying to do it, 
which eventually did so in order to be competitive   the founder decided to move
to this direction which worked for him.   So now let's try to understand who is the 
founders the founder of cardano is charles   hopkinson so for those who don't know he had 
some his his early career started with BitshareS   and ethereum now most people invested 
their money because he was one of the   key player of ethereum and he wanted to create a 
better ethereum where he said that he felt that   ethereum cannot fulfill what they're trying 
to achieve and their infrastructure and the   smart contract that they use is not suitable for 
scaling and enterprise the whole concept of him   was to try to create a better ethereum 
with more features and less limitation   and one of the good thing about him, he is actually 
quite active on the social media so i remember   seeing a lot of his coverage on youtube between 
2018 2019 and i haven't really been following   so much so this is just for you guys to have an 
understanding about who this person is and again   this is something to obviously figure out to do 
some further analysis on further research.

Maybe to   watch some of his videos understand if you 
really believe what he's trying to achieve   so that will help you probably as well now. 
Another thing i also like to review is to   check what are the major partnerships so 
Cardadno has partnership and collaboration   so they have a development collaboration 
contributor with IOHK, Emurgo and the   Cardano foundation and they have the cardano
partnership so you can see they have IBM, PWC, New Balance, Siri Labs, Kondifo, Algoz, Metaps Plus 
you have a really a small list even remember   this ethiopian government you know partnership 
that they released in 2018 that really created   a big wave again this is nothing major in my 
perspective for some people that might think   it's a really major partnership and one of 
the things that people don't understand just   because they have a partnership it doesn't mean 
it's a real partnership yes it's a partnership   the question is what do the gain in exchange for 
me to have IBM research or PWC why did i exchange? Is it a service? did i say, you know what, If i do partnership with pwc which is a   an audit firm and you'll be i'll give 
you an x amount of Cardano and you'll be   my legal auditor partner so there's a lot of 
requirement to understand what this partnership mean.

Is this is a real partnership? Is it a paid 
partnership? just to have the brand associated with   the cryptocurrency this is something obviously 
for you guys to take in and also to understand.   Now another thing that i actually want to highlight is 
the following Cardano is the best from the three   other from the three projects i'm going to be 
covering so i'm covering today cardano tron and   ethereum classic so cardona is the best token 
that generated the most money for your dollar   so they raised from what I can see here token sale,
ended on 31st of December 2016.

So since 31st   of december if you deposited or participated 
in the ico in dollars you have over 366 return   if you have invested in Ethereum you only almost 
double your ethereum unit if you invested in   bitcoin at a time you only made seven times so 
again from from what i can see always investing   in an ico or in a project it's always best to 
invest in dollars and not in cryptocurrency   but at a time it wasn't so common to be able 
to deposit in fiat currencies i mean dollars   euro and all this national currency now when 
when i look at the enterprise so basically   they're trying to attract specific enterprise 
industries so they have a section for education   retail agriculture government finance and 
healthcare so you can read more about it okay here so they have different products for 
different sector so you can see here and so   for retail they have atlas can for agriculture 
they have Atala Trace for government they   have at Atella Prisme price and then you have 
the finance so basically to do with KYC and AML Atala Prism IOHK healthcare so they 
really try to create different products for   different industry in enterprise sector again 
i haven't heard so many industry or occupiers   that are publicly announcing yet so it's 
a bit tricky but it's a nice try for them.   Now actually wanted to understand if there is 
any decentralized application that is being built   on top of it and i went to this page called and actually tried to search   to see if there's anything that was built on 
Cardano as i can see there was nothing i was  able to find.

So it's not so good so maybe i'll 
try to write ADA, so again this is not really   a blockchain just showing me anyone that is 
actually offering ADA token so then i went   here so this is another website called 
and i went to the whole decentralized application   blockchain so you have the ethereum, Tron NEO,
but you can see here i cannot see Cardano. So from what i can see here there's no at
moment decentralized applications that are   built on top of Cardano.

All right just try to remember 
that. Now another thing you should obviously know   and there's currently based on Coinracking 
there's currently 86 exchanges are offering   and cardano which has the latest 5.94 billion 
dollars of trading volume this is again   spot trading it doesn't take into account and 
future option and you know leverage trading   obviously you have also the traditional trading 
platform or CFD so again it doesn't take that   consideration but let's take this as a fact,
this is the only volume that we have is 5.94   and 86 exchanges okay this is my review of 
cardano i'm going to now to go over Tron So first of all you have Tron, so from their 
website they are trying to   decentralize the web that's the whole concept 
and again i classify them as a platform that is trying to decentralize, a platform or software in 
this case they're aiming to decentralize the web   here you can have a nice overview so there are 
boosting over 22 million account and  over 1.5 billion transaction.

Tron is the 
world's fastest growing public chain   okay so if you look here, this is actually 
straight to your face they have like in the last   24 hours 30 million dollars in decentralized 
application so just for you guys to understand   if if you have to visualize tron is like 
play store or app store and the decentralized   application just like application 
will be on top of those marketplace   so from what I can see here so they are saying in the 
last 24 hours there was 30 million dollars volume   or transaction worth that took place in their 
ecosystem and they looked at the last 24h was 202k transactions within their eco-system 
there is in the last 24 hours 43 000 or 44 000   active users so unique people actually logged 
in and used those applications and from what   they can say here they said it's over 1.6k 
decentralized applications a very very high number   it's quite impressive.

I'm actually going to go over   the decentralized application but just for 
you guys to give us some background about about the ceo so the ceo's name is justin sun 
and he was born in 1990 he's the founder of tron   um basically he also acquired Bitorrent
in 2018 for those that know Bitorrent is a file sharing. it's a peer-to-peer file sharing platform at 
the time really made a lot of news and the   Bitorrent and also have their own token called 
Btt , if i have to give this   guy credit in my opinion this guy is probably one 
of the most amazing marketer for the blockchain   industry he knows how to market himself ,knows 
how to associate himself with the right project   at the right time all right so from what I remembered, Initially when Tron was in   the early stage the way they presented Tron CEO as
someone that was shadow by jack ma the   alibaba founder and really hyped him
quite well and also if you look on this website , about so here you can see here they say about 
him that he was a former chief representative for   greater china of people so again he was out there 
hustling and pushing the ripple adoption in china   which obviously worked for him and worked for a 
ripple and he really got a Ripple known in china   at a time i will see him being featured on many 
different media and having this American degree   Peking university and also master degree from 
Pennsylvania now i also want to highlight that   at the time talking about maybe 2018 he was 
spotted when he seemed to be   intoxicated we he was talking about 
the Tron blockchain is a shit blockchain   it's pointless that's what he said 
and he did make a lot of scandal again   he might have been drunk he might have just 
made a joke but that's what somebody put out there obviously it's not good to hear from 
the founder of the project saying that they're   blockchaining garbage, so you try to imagine now 
if Elon musk will wake up tomorrow and tweet   tesla is garbage, it's worth nothing ! Obviously 
it's gonna make me feel a certain way does he   know something i don't know so that he did 
create some negative momentum at the time   all right so let's go now over their ico, so 
the ico they raised in september 2017   they raised 70 million dollars and if you have 
invested in dollars you made 28x if you have   invested in it via ethereum you made six times if 
you have invested in bitcoin almost three times   this is for you guys to have an understanding, 
and again we have here like a nice explanation   tron blockchain based on open source protocol 
for the global digital entertainment industry   tron support various current blockchain 
networks smart contract system including   bitcoin ethereum eos quantum and other public 
smart contracts provide development multiple   protocol infrastructure for entertainment and 
development and allow users to enjoy smooth   multi-protocol smart networks this is what 
is written here i also want to highlight the   following: so here you have a nice overview of 
all the dapp platform that are built   on Tron so you can actually click here to see 
which one is the number one so from what you can   see here you have a Zethyr exchange which has 
over a hundred thousand user in the last 24 hours   obviously it's an exchange and then you have Tron stake which makes sense for staking Tron   and also forgot to mention that Tron also 
offers staking so the same model that   Cardano has they also are enabling user to 
whoever actually want to contribute to the   validation of the transaction they're able to lock 
a specific amount of their token in a specific   infrastructure it might be a wallet it might be 
an exchange for that they are rewarded with an x   amount of their tokens so maybe two percent maybe 
five percent this is another way to get people to   buy the token hold it and obviously so it's 
another way for them to be getting incentive to   use this token but this is what's 
happening right now you can see   you can also see the transaction over 384   transaction so it's a very nice overview it's 
really a bit more reassuring compared to Cardano all right so now i think you 
should obviously notice about the   Tron Sun Network so it's DappChain
Sidechain of Tron.

Dappchain is Tron sidechain project. The goals to help these dapps to
operate on Tron with lower energy consumption   and faster speed and enhance safety providing 
and unlimited capacity of Tron and main network.  This model reminds me a few other
blockchain that are doing something   similar so the idea is that you have Tron as 
the base as the hub and then basically the more   project on board you create like mini hub to 
ensure efficiency to ensure faster transaction   and also to reduce the cost so this is basically 
the idea which makes sense just from the   the concept of it again i'm not looking 
from a technical perspective i think   it makes sense i've seen it on many different 
projects similar drawings similar concept now another thing, i'm going here to this 
following website coinracking is to understand   what is the volume in the last 24 hours so there's 
146 exchanges that are trading or   offering a Tron and we're looking at the 
last 24h over 3.1 billion dollars that is   a very high number okay.

So don't worry guys toward the end, I am
going to be ranking and explain to you guys why i   feel that a specific coin will be more likely to 
value higher so for the last coin we're going to   be covering is ethereum classic or ETC. So i want 
to just give you maybe some more background regarding ethereum classic so ethereum classic or 
the original ethereum was by vitalik buterin   which is the co-founder in the way of ethereum 
classic and also ethereum now ethereum the reason   why we have ethereum and Ethereum classic is because 
and there was a hack and basically there was also   a bug in regards to there was a large amount of 
ethereum that got stolen or got hacked , I am not very   sure about the details, that required to make a vote and 
to make a change now there was two camp the camp that said the code is the code where basically 
we're not allowed to reverse the transaction   we're not allowed to change the fundamental of 
the blockchain and then there was the side of   vitalik where he said because it was such a big 
amount of money he wanted to reimburse and give   the user back what was lost or what was stolen. 
So therefore he created a fork of Ethereum classic   which generated ethereum and basically whoever had 
at before the incident ethereum classic which was   the original ethereum got the new token so this 
is the story behind ethereum classic now this   is the website, it doesn't really say much 
if i'm being honest Ethereum classic provide a   permissionless way to manage digital assets 
without the need for intermediaries such as   spanx and other institutions particular ethereum 
classic allow an unsearchable smart contract to be   written and deployed and executed atc enabled 
truly unstoppable program for my programmable   money.

Ethereum classic is a combination of the 
unlimited history of original material chain   So this is basically what they tried to do so again 
this is why i put it in the same category as   Cardono and Tron they are decentralized.  Yes i would say they are decentralized 
computing platform or they created a   infrastructure to enable anyone 
to deploy any smart contract   on their infrastructure and they won't 
be censored or interrupted this is the whole   idea so again i'm assuming that you guys know 
that not every application can be deployed on   app store and on on on play store there's 
certain guidelines certain requirements so   having the infrastructure to be whatever you want 
and not be restricted it's amazing now you might   ask yourself who wants to create something that is 
not accepted in play store and in in the app store   and then create on Ethereum classic again there 
might be different reasons for requirement   so this is something for you guys to understand uh 
in regards to the partnership ethereum classic   is not so strong.

Ethereum classic from my 
perspective is literally 99% of the team is   literally developer people are trying to improve 
it and fix it and make some suggestions i don't   sense they have a team of marketing or business 
people to try to onboard more and more people   and this is from what i saw then you have this 
section about the news again it doesn't give   you so much information it's a very generic 
again the focus is not to try to lure you in the   focus is for them to focus on building better 
infrastructure now one of the key thing that   that ethereum classic has and Cardano and tron 
don't have is that they are listing on Grayscale   so grayscale has invested or have assets under  
management over 143 million dollars so basically   144 million dollars have been invested 
in buying Ethereum classic so one of the way that   actually grayscale contributed to Ethereum classic is they
are allocating one percent of their contribution   , one percent of 144 
million dollar AUM, we are looking at 1.4   million dollars which is amazing okay and there's 
obviously you have a three percent included   development contribution so from what i can see 
they take one percent per year and then there is   like the total annual fee they take two percent 
for managing it and they allocate one percent for   ethereum classic which gave ethereum classic 
some more money to obviously to build the infrastructure now in regards to understanding how 
much liquidity there is in Ethereum classic there's   actually quite a lot there's 140 exchanges and 
the volume is 1.72 billion now if i'm not mistaken it's   less than it's the lowest from all from the 
other coins when you look at the cardano   look at Tron, again Ethereum classic was the first 
compared to cardano and Tron but again it has   way less volume compared to the other cryptocurrencies
and there was no information in regards to   what apps or what this decentralized app were built 
on Ethereum classic again ethereum classic is not   doing any marketing it's just focusing on doing 
their own thing, something i don't understand   we're trying to do but you guys might know why.

The way i like to score a project   is as following i look at the website i look at 
the partnership i look at what you're trying to   achieve right so i'm gonna rank as far so
for my number one pick just from partnership   perspective and decentralized perspective and 
volume perspective it's actually very tricky   it's between cardano and tron now i 
feel more comfortable with Cardano because Cardano   has been a better investment since they 
did their ico so again remind you guys   they generated over 300 times gains of amount
invested in dollars in their ico they don't   have decentralized application, they have a lot 
of volume they have some strategic partnership   and then you have tron they have a lot of
decentralized application built on top of it. I have also i forgot to mention they'll also have 
stablecoin built on top of the tron blockchain   talking about tether for example and obviously 
they have staking so it's actually very tricky   and if i want to be on the safe side i will 
probably put Tron and Cardano as the best bet   from those three it's very tricky it's 50 
50 because tron has dapps,  have a lot over 1.9 k
decentralized applications, Cardano has nothing.   Cardano know well ,how to position themself,
and how to strategically partner with the   right partner the same can be said with tron with 
partnership with samsung and have the decentralized   application on samsung application store so again 
this is really really tricky.

I think this one of   the first time where i'm not able to give you 
number one is Cardano number two is Tron and if i have to make a decision i'm 
going to be making Cardano and then the next one   will be Tron and the last one will be Ethereum classic 
just because grayscale has a fund allocated for ethereum classic and that's really an amazing 
thing and also Ethereum classic is listed in almost   any possible exchange or platform which is 
a lot compared to maybe Cardano. i think now Cardano and Tron are literally catching, i'm talking about traditional platform so   talking about broker not exchanges so i think 
this is something for you guys to consider so   to summarize my perspective: Cardano because 
Cardano has been the best investment in dollar   value and they don't have any decentralized 
applications like Tron .

Tron knows how to do   a lot of partnerships with Tron being number 
two and the last one if you have to choose   will be Ethereum classic again their motto is cold 
is the law. Is there gonna be any issue if there is now a bug in their blockchain there's 
10 billion dollars that are stuck or blocked   they're not going to create a fork there might be 
another movement that might create a fork   on top of ethereum classic but the original team 
behind Ethereum classic would not do this effort so   take that into consideration i hope this video 
was helpful for you guys until next time bye.

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