Cardano Vs Ethereum 2.0 Cage match (ADA vs ETH)

Announcer: Let's get ready to Rumble Davey: I’m Davey along with my colleague, Kris. Kris: Welcome everybody to the match. Now, Cardano and Ethereum are both smart contract
platforms. But which is the undisputed King? How do these two compare? Davey: There cannot be any doubt that Ethereum
is king of the smart contract and decentralized apps world. It has powerhouse decentralized applications
such as Uniswap, Compound, Maker, Aave, and Curve finance firmly in its corner. And that’s just to name a few. Kris: That’s right, their ecosystem is huge. And stablecoins such as USDT, USDC and DAI
have made Ethereum their home as Ethereum’s massive user base is the envy of all its challengers. Needless to say, the Ethereum fandom is powerful. Davey: Let’s not let the current size of
the Ethereum network cloud our vision. Kris: Listen davey, in this game size is everything. And Ethereum boasts the largest developer
community, even bigger than Bitcoin, dedicated to strengthening Ethereum as the future of
finance. Davey: Well you certainly have a point. But let’s not forget Cardano’s creator
is Charles Hoskinson, who is also a co-founder of Ethereum.

He’s learned from Ethereum’s mistakes
and is building something better and stronger. A clear advantage is that Cardano offers staking
support for small balances, which is a big win for the everyday person wanting to have
a place in the world’s financial future. With Ethereum, you need a minimum of 32 ETH
to stake, which will price many out of the earning potential of staking. Kris: A large stake behaves just like a guarantee
so that only serious participants get to validate the system. The larger the stake, the bigger the commitment. Anyways, decentralized staking pools are rolling
out that will make staking accessible for everyone. Although I have to say that the jury is out
on which staking strategy will result in a more secure and stable system. Only Time is gonna tell here! Davey: And time is indeed running out for
Ethereum. I’m not a programmer but the word is that
programming on Ethereum isn’t easy.

On Cardano’s side there’s a proposed programming
language, which will let anyone create a smart contract, even if they have no programming
background. This could potentially onboard much more varied
talent to the project and result in the creation of new and exciting applications previously
unthought of. Kris: We’re still building castles in the
air here Davey. The sobering reality is, Cardano is a smart
contract platform that doesn’t even have smart contracts yet! It’s still swimming in the womb in terms
of development compared to Ethereum, which has been supporting smart contracts since
2015. Davey: Let’s just say this. Ethereum is the undisputed King of smart contracts
for now. But we know how fast the crypto universe changes
and the future is truly in anyone’s hands. A critical vulnerability might topple Ethereum,
and I’m betting that Cardano will be the one to scoop up the title.

Kris: You know I don’t even think Cardano
is ready to step in the ring here. It cannot compete until it’s smart contract
skill is developed. Plain and simple, Davey. It’s just not a worthy contender at this
stage. Davey: To everyone watching What does the
future of smart contracts and dApps look like? Which blockchain is your money on? Leave your comments, smash that like button
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