Cardano vs Algorand – A complete comparison of 2 potential ETH killers

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water so we're going to start by jumping in and   talking about algorand before we get into today's 
article which is a pretty solid article um but as   of right now i am currently holding 3610 algorand 
i literally just took the snapshot before i   started recording this video uh but i do want to 
go through and send this reward to myself and i   can't show it on camera just because i don't have 
the screen set up but a moment ago i had 1.298   algorand ready to go now we're at 1.3 all we 
do is i mean i'm going to all we do is we're   going to hit the send button here on my phone 
and then we are going to do a zero algorand   transaction and then i select my address which 
is preloaded in there and i'm not going to leave   myself a note because i don't need to the fee 
is .001 algorithm so nothing too crazy there   and that's going to go instantaneously and 
then that's going to compound these rewards   into my main balance now don't be alarmed the 
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video is going to be cardano vs algorand being   that i have been heavily talking about algorand 
for the past few weeks there has been some   questions and comments that pop up about cardano 
and information about cardano and if i'm in it   no i'm not in it but i wanted to go over cardano 
versus algorithm because both of them are seeming   to be doing the same thing now correct me 
if i'm wrong and i'm wrong a ton of times   but didn't cardano initially start out cardano and 
ada start out as like a solar panel solar powered   incentivized program in australia or new zealand 
to where there was a community that when you put   solar panels on your house and if you had 
any excess energy that those solar panels   produced and your bill was covered you were 
then paid out the extra in cardano or ada   let me know i don't know why that's ringing 
that i don't know why i think that's what it   is anyway so this article we're gonna go over it 
together pretty much almost read it word for word   it's an older article from may of 2020 but it 
still kind of hits the topic of the coins with   with like maybe five months or six months or seven 
months of uh non like not being updated but at   the end of the day i'll link this article in the 
description for the video it's a pretty solid read   if this is your first time in algona cardano i'm 
guaranteed you probably haven't seen this article   so that's why i'm doing this video and then do 
your own research as always so anyway let's get   to it cardano vs algorand the ultimate comparison 
these ethereum killers have created a lot of fire   but which one will give ethereum its final blow 
or will both fall flat i don't think so at the   moment ethereum was the first project to do 
much more using blockchain than just processing   final financial transactions over the last five 
years ethereum has established itself as one of   the most groundbreaking technological innovations 
but then unexpectedly ethereum scalability became   a challenge so and now projects like cardano 
and algorand are working to solve the problem   the army of ethereum developer started grappling 
with what is known as the trilemma it is the   phenomenon according to which at a given point in 
time ethereum can only achieve two parameters out   of security decentralization and scalability while 
the developers made coexistence of security and   decentralization possible the scalability of the 
network remains stunted so that's one of the big   issues that we have with ethereum is scalability 
and we can kind of see that i'm not going to   read everything word for word for word because 
there was some stuff i just wanted to pull out   but in regards to scalability and such on may 
20th uh or may 4th of 2020 the ethereum network   was rendering a throughput of about 3.939 which is 
four transactions per second when companies like   visa was doing 1700 that's what this paragraph 
says right here primarily this is the reason why   algorithm and cor cardano came into existence 
both projects promised to solve the trilemma   of ethereum blockchain to an end now this article 
is again this article's old and right now we have   bnb that's trying to knock big daddy ethereum 
out but i think i'll do some i have a very very   controversial topic on bnb we'll talk about later 
not in this video i will start the blog with the   basics of both cardano and algorand after that 
i will list down the similarities and then draw   comparisons near the end of this article i will 
talk about working products and performance   of projects so far and in conclusion i will share 
my opinion i'm not gonna go into all that this is   all the actual uh this is all the actual author 
of this article's opinions and stuff i'm not gonna   go into his opinions or you know form your own 
opinion and stuff like that not saying it's bad   or anything so at the time of this writing it 
says cardano and ada was trading at five cents   cardano ada is currently at a dollar twenty five 
and it is a number three on the coin market cap if   we go down here and its market rank out of all the 
cryptocurrencies is number three we are looking at   where some of the volume here we're looking at 
a 24-hour volume of 15 billion 506 million 536   578 circulating supply is currently at 
31 billion max supply is at 45 billion   now pretty solid numbers so that's that's just 
your quick breakdown on cardano i'm not gonna   look at the all-time highs or anything like 
that but we've seen some good prices on there   all right let's go back to the article what is 
cardano all about ethereum co-founder and ceo   charles hoskinson came up with the idea of the 
project in 2015 after leaving ethereum hoskanson   established iohk input output hong kong and 
started developing cardano in the project   launched on 29th of september 2017 after two years 
of development so i mean i was running on senator   it follows ethereum's smart contract functionality 
but promises to deliver extreme scalability   as compared to ethereum while ethereum is known as 
blockchain 2.0 cardano claims to be blockchain 3.0   which is that you know saying that it's got that 
uh scalability it's the trilemma ethereum's answer   to the scalability issue is casper so theory meant 
to make another coin the future of proof of stake   similarly cardano relies on proof of stake so what 
does that mean it means that cardano network does   not have miners to validate the transactions so 
we know what proof of stake is we're not going   to go into there well if you guys don't know what 
proof of stake is as long as you hold the tokens   and you're staking them it is supporting the 
network and you get rewards and you mine and   all that jazz that way um blah blah the cardano 
ecosystem comprises of three bodies a cardano   foundation a mergo an io hk what does cardinal 
promise to solve cardano promises to solve the   following issues scalability interoperability 
sustainability and ease of development   how does it address the scalability challenge 
bitcoin's record high um tps has been seven   while ethereum's best has been 15.623 again it's 
transactions per second that's why some of these   bitcoin and ethereum transactions take a while is 
because they're only doing seven per second or at   the best we've seen from ethereum 15 a second for 
cardano to become a real-time financial service   tool and remember visa showed in this article 
was doing 1700 1700 transactions per second   cardano is capable of delivering 50 to 250 
transactions per second but according to   hoffman's son this is not enough to serve billions 
across the globe no i agree 50 to 250 isn't   cardano architecture undoubtedly cardano is 
not an easy project to wrap one's head around   here's a very simple explanation of cardano's 
architecture they've got the cardano settlement   layer as a cryptocurrency layer of project 
csl operates on top of oroboros that uh this   is the proof of stake mechanism that helps the 
network settle the transactions and at lightning   fast speeds recently the project tested oroporos 
hydra 2.0 and it reportedly delivered a thousand   transactions per second we're getting there uh the 
cardano computational layer the ccl is the layer   that handles smart contracts and decentralization 
decentralized applications or dapps it surprises   that it supervises in the development and 
management of both and is built on plutus cool   understanding algorand now algorand or this 
again this was from may so it's old al goran   is currently sitting at 98 cents we've seen it 
probably i think it jumped up to about a dollar   16 yesterday which was pretty nice but right now 
we are in a buyer's discount sale time that's my   opinion anyway anyway uh 98 cents max supply is 
still sitting at 3.7 billion a total supply is   sitting at 3.7 billion there's a max supply of 10 
billion and a circulating supply because i think   the rest is on coinbase uh 2 billion 43 million 
395 430 algo tokens current trading volume is 669.4 million that's in 24 hours of trading 
blah blah blah cardano is algorithm is currently   sitting at number 36 in the coin market cap 
which isn't too shabby i think it was at 40   the other day so that's just a quick breakdown 
on algorand to be accurate from the article   what is algorand about silvio mccauley a computer 
scientist at mit computer science and artificial   intelligence lab thought of creating a new 
consensual algorithm mccully is also co-inventor   of zero knowledge proofs with algorithm the intent 
was to scale the blockchain without compromising   the security and decentralization mccauley 
called the consensus pure proof of stake and   this randomly selects the block producers through 
variable random functions after two years of   extensive research and development work the first 
block of algorand was mined on the 11th of june   2019.

Algorithm claims to be a truly decentralized 
network as it is controlled completely by its   users as the users are the block producers 
there is hardly any chance of a bad actor being   present the algorand ecosystem compromises of two 
bodies the algorand foundation controls the token   sale and algorithm builds the protocol what does 
al goran promise to solve al goran promises to   address the following issues precisely scalability 
security true decentralization and accidental   forking and that's why i say algorand is uh quote 
unquote fork proof just because of it being truly   all spread out throughout the users and how 
they we everything we just went over that last   um in that last paragraph that that's going to 
help eliminate possibilities of forking of rule   changing delegation blah blah blah blah blah so 
we will just be flat-out algorithm it pushes the   unique ppos consensus according to the research 
conducted by how does it address the scalability   challenge so how does it be better than ethereum 
the algorithm protocol uses cryptographic   sort sortition to enable the fast finality of 
transactions the blocks are constructed into two   phases through lotteries as algorithms mainnet 
was launched with the capability of handling a   thousand transactions per second we believe 
the algorithm can achieve what it promises   proposal phase the process works in two phases 
the proposal phase the cryptographic sortition   randomly selects an alga owner to create a block 
and only the selected alga owner knows about this   before he even lets anyone else know the new 
block creation is complete leaving no chance of   vote selling preventing our forks there voting 
round the network randomly selects a committee   of a thousand verifiers they are informed about 
the new block creation these verifiers validate   the block and process takes only five seconds 
so um we're not going to go into too much more   this is some comparison charts on algorand 
back in the day and cardano as well but i've   completely lost track of what i was going to say 
here just a moment ago oh one thing that like in   my opinion that i really with the video i just did 
the other day about algorand with like open dao   and those are okay dao and other partnership going 
into algorand the one thing that i like more about   algorand is that it looks that algorithm is 
able to incorporate better onto the blockchain   and have other blocks and other companies and 
so on and so forth i'm really losing my train of   thought here and other companies and everything 
kind of be integrated into it like built on the   chain versus like cardano and others where they're 
building like alongside or off of or you know i'd   rather be like on the the algo blockchain oh my 
god i'm like ada arctic darno so i'm just going   to leave it at that i like algo with everything 
being partnered and like built on it's currently   established or being able to be incorporated into 
its current blockchain you know it's going to be   really great when we start seeing a lot more 
smart contracts be written i think we're on   the precipice of having like d5 just being broken 
out onto algo i mean it's right around the corner   it's going to happen as soon as all the bnb hype 
is done but d5 i have a not a great opinion on   that we'll talk about another video but anyway 
that's it i'm going to wrap it up there guys   thank you very much for reading along with me i'm 
sorry i haven't had anything to drink today so   not as fun as i normally am but if you haven't 
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