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we're chatting to rob from cypher glass who's telling us everything that's going
on in the world of Eros we talked to drew from the pillar project or project
depending on what you're from about what they have been up to lately we've got
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we should have a think about our news Rona so starting off in news this week unless
your heads being buried in the sand you will have been bombarded this week with
news about Facebook liebherr liebherr liebherr liebherr at libra it's all been
about Libra and to be honest I'm getting a little bit tired of hearing about it
but there are lots of people out there think it's a great thing for crypto and
there are a lot of people out there I think there could be an enemy at the
gates but our first story is all about that and it is entitled Senate Banking
Committee schedules July hearing on Facebook Libra crypto from coin desk the
US Senate Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs will hold a hearing on
July 16 regarding Facebook's new cryptocurrency Libre the hearing
examining Facebook's proposed digital currency and data privacy considerations
comes in the wake of calls from members of Congress to more closely examine
Libra and its potential risks there have even been caused to halt work on the
project until hearings are held in light of those comments a facebook
representative said that we look forward to responding to lawmakers questions as
this process moves forward I think Facebook should drop the crypto it's
cleaner very good I'm to Bitcoin I thought oh
that myself on to Bitcoin now from Newsbeat se crypto investors say Federal
Reserve is brazenly bullish for Bitcoin on Wednesday the Federal Reserve's
Jerome Powell was asked about his latest thoughts on Bitcoin crypto assets and
Libra true to his nature as an integral piece of traditional finance the
chairman of one of the world's most powerful institutions didn't express
fear in fact echoing a quip he made in 2018 he claimed that cryptocurrencies
even Libra aren't big enough to pose a threat to Wall Street yet Powell even
lauded this budding sector expressing that there is innovation in blockchain
and digital assets that should be looked at while Powell seems to not be
concerned about Bitcoin and its ilk one prominent investor claims that BTC is
rapidly moving towards becoming an alternative and hedge to the US dollar
and other fiat money's in Cardona now Cardno for 100% price hike after test
net release Cardno is up over a hundred and five percent year today as it trades
at 0.090 as this writing the cryptocurrency is known
to some as the etherium killer it may have already made big gains this year
but it appears to be just warming up we are not alone in this sentiment a pseudo
anonymous Twitter account that goes by the name of beast Lorien believes that
Cardno is gearing up for a face-melting pump in the next few weeks that Klein
comes after the much-anticipated release of the crypto tokens test net this
analyst expects to see Cardno make a hundred and seventeen point seven two
percent bump over the next month to light corner from a coin Telegraph the
light coin foundation is set to release a crypto debit card the likely
foundation is announced a partnership with the Box exchange and blockchain
firm Tonio to release a physical cryptocurrency debit card in a blog post
on June 18 / the post the companies will jointly roll out the cryptocurrency
debit card dubbed block card that will purportedly let the users spend their
cryptocurrency funds both online and in physical store locations around the
world customers will be able to keep crypto currencies such as litecoin and B
box exchanges Antonio's native tokens by box token Antonio respectively within
the project B box exchange will act as a custodian of users funds and leverage
over 200 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency trading volume Tonio will
provide a dedicated platform the litecoin foundation in blue box exchange
will integrate the card directly into the B box exchange and like coins
official wallet loaf wallet and on to EOS now we are chatting to our old
friend Rob from cypher glass and he's gonna fill us in on what's been going on
so over to the locked chain banter with cypher glass so we're back with Rob from cypher class
our Oracle of Chios knowledge so Rob are you there I am thanks so much for having
me again good to see you great to have you back it's been two
months since you spoke last which seems crazy there's been a hell of a lot going
on in the world of Eos yeah I mean I guess let's start with the whole sort of
you know June first give me your you'll run down there yes
ad universe twas was big there were a lot of different announcements coinbase
was actually a part of this event that block one held in Washington DC they
announced that US is now in the coinbase mobile app it's now in coinbase custody
it's on coinbase urn where you can earn $10 of free eos just for watching a
couple videos which is very cool coin based calm / urn / yes if you want to do
that I did that I grabbed my $10 with a free arias straight away no I said the
awesome it's pretty amazing and the videos that they put together really are
well done and really helped educate people on what is actually is and how
the technology works I think it's great but then there were two major pieces of
news the first was a o SiO 2.0 which is basically the next version of the EO
software and what's so amazing about it is that it's actually a 6x improvement
performance-wise over the current version of aus i/o so 600 percent
increase in performance pretty amazing and then the big news for block 1 on the
product side was actually voiced calm which is their upcoming social media
network that will pay you to post it'll be a network where basically everybody
is verified goes through kyc process and will earn tokens for you know
interacting with the platform and posting good content so I'm super
excited about all of it it's kind of amazing that things like yo sio2 with a
600 percent performance improvement we're just kind of you know forgotten
about and a lot of people didn't talk about it when that is that alone is a
major major piece of news yeah I mean I watched it that we were away and we
actually watched the watched it live and I mean I was surprised that some people
afterwards seemed disappointed I was like well this seems like there's a hell
of a lot of news there like you saying there's 600 you know percent improvement
then you've got your you know 2.2 and then you've got your whole voice thing I
mean a lot of people have hinted that perhaps the social network was going to
be the way to go but I wonder what I mean I remember posting on it saying
I'm not sure why people are disappointed this seems like at least all the news I
think there was kind of a little bit of concern that the delivery was a bit flat
in terms of some of the presenters but the news itself was huge I thought so
absolutely and I think maybe that presentation did have something to do
with it because rather than actually streaming the event that we were all at
sitting in the chairs hundreds of us watching live they actually streamed a
pre-recorded version so I went back and I watched the pre-recorded version and
then I also watched the the video that they now have swapped that out with
which is the live version with everybody in the audience cheering and it really
made a massive difference in the perception of it because you know they
came out at announced voice calm and hundreds of people were cheering for
example whereas in the pre-recorded video it's just silent because they're
in an empty auditorium so hopefully next year they'll just do it live from the
get-go and we can get that good impression out there to start I had no
idea because that's the thing I didn't realize that at all I've watched it and
I thought why is there it sounds like he's kind of delivering this to an empty
room right that makes perfect sense I had no
idea of that I guess if they if they do do it live via Facebook live they'll
have to make sure they don't turn on the cat ears like I've done if you saw that
news story there was a big kind of government livestream that somebody
accidentally turned on cat ears and for the first 20 minutes all the politicians
eyed cat ears on the facebook facebook yes they're quite an amusing one so I
guess what's been going on from a block producer point of view over at cypher
glass what's been going on with you guys yeah we've been doing a lot we just came
out with an educational partnership with a company called Morpheus labs who works
with hundreds and hundreds of developers around the world sort of teaching them
how to build blockchain apps for the first time so we're integrating our
everything heõs developer courses that you can check out everything us that io
/ dev totally free courses that teach you basically how to go from scratch to
actually building a working dab on yeah so super excited about that partnership
it should get the word out there more but now we're working on more
educational courses that teach you how to build other things like how to build
a decentralized exchange or how to build a certain type of game we have a lot of
lot of very cool stuff planned so that's where a big part of our focus is now but
the other big piece of news that we just announced is that you know we put up
that hundred thousand dollar Hardware wallet bounty and it was very successful
two months after we launched it we had ledger nan
OS support and now it's LED turn into ax support but the treasurer portion of
that bounty was actually never claimed so now that it's been more than a year
since we launched that bounty we're taking that extra $50,000 and we're
gonna sort of appropriate that out to other individual bounties that are more
relevant to the community right now so stay tuned for more info on now we
should have some pretty exciting bounties coming very soon I know I was
very glad when I could finally sort of get it on my ledger cuz that's my kind
of weight my safety point is kind of that little speck just feeling like I
you know I've got everything under control and it was a bit of a process to
get it on there but once it was all on there it's been you know it's been
really good which is great now I want to talk about the this there's a real over
the last few weeks we've been doing lots of videos about different blog change
and there's a real tribalism between different supporters of blockchains
which we've found is almost like a kind of you know football team mentality we
posted a funny video which was a kind of you know sideswipe at Cardno
you know with with eos which is one of those kind of you know mean videos and
then or the card on a lot were on slaying off your son or the and I was
fascinated by just the level of vitriolic spew that was coming out of
people about stuff and it seems like you know people have really grabbed their
blockchain and they're proudly you know wearing the colors that's so interesting
and I've sort of tried to separate myself I guess further and further away
from that because the more that I look at sort of what's happening from a
macroeconomic level in the world I'm really just rooting for crypto in
general to succeed so whether at some layer two or three on Bitcoin or at the
theory of more ioser Cardno whatever it is I just hope that one of them ends up
actually working and gets us to bed the centralized future that we're all
looking for especially now that we have other people coming in and entering the
space like Facebook which is a whole nother interesting thing but I think
very very exciting and overall very good for the crypto space well that was I've
actually got three or four questions from our subs and that was one of them
which was like ask Rob what his thoughts of Libra are and is there any potential
competition for AOS yeah so I'm super excited about Libra
first and foremost I mean to have a platform with two and a half billion
monthly active users that are now all going to be given out access to a crypto
wallet to store Libra it really you know the first time there gonna be a lot of
people thinking oh wow you know I'm using something that's not the US dollar
to buy goods and services or pay back a friend and it sort of puts them down
this rabbit hole of then eventually going to Bitcoin and Neos and these
other forms of money and in the case of videos forms of you know computational
power what I think is interesting about Libra is that they sort of lay out in
their white paper that I read yesterday that it is definitely a smart contract
platform but at least for the you know first couple of years it's gonna be
relatively limited in order to prevent any kind of groundbreaking bugs like the
Dow hack on aetherium or the parody Wallet hack or other exploits that we've
seen on pretty much every smart contract platform so they're keeping it
intentionally limited however I think that presents a very good opportunity
for us in that us has a couple years of a runway to really get up you know build
this big network effect launch voice calm and other groundbreaking gaps so
that then assuming Facebook does go down the path of allowing anybody to build a
deck Libra that US will be well prepared to sort of fight that item and battle
against them but ultimately I think it's great
it's gonna be a huge on-ramp to get people into crypto whether that's
Bitcoin or Neos or something else entirely so I'm excited yeah it's
interesting saying you know kind of one of the biggest blog chains go for social
media and then one of the biggest social media is do this kind of swap over so I
guess time will tell on that one but I agree with you anything that kind of
brings a lot of people you know interpret so it's a great thing there
are a lot of kind of the diehard crypto enthusiasts saying it's a bit of an
enemy at the gates sort of scenario but I guess you know only time will tell and
I think a lot of people are sort of letting their perception of Facebook
currently as a company cloud their judgment on Libra because if you look at
Libra and you look at their five-year plan to turn this into a totally
permissionless system Facebook will actually only have at most one percent
control over that network being one of a hundred different nodes so they really
don't have nearly the same level of control over Libra and sort of that
whole ecosystem as they do over Facebook but I think another interesting point
that I was not expecting them to implement is that the accounts on Libra
are actually pseudonymous which means you don't have to have a Facebook
account you don't have to go through kyc to get your own Libra account anybody
can join under a pseudonymous username or however their account structure will
be laid out but so that that and the fact that they have a five-year plan to
sort of start this transition to a totally permissionless system got me
really excited that hey maybe their intentions are good and obviously we'll
have to wait and sort of see how that plays out and see if they do deliver on
that but I'm very optimistic that they will deliver on that final goal let's
see what happens right next question up somebody's just said asking what the
China BP's are doing question mark question mark now I'm not quite sure
what that means other than there was someone we obviously talked about
collusion of vote buying for Chinese you know bps to to head up the the rankings
I guess that's probably what that questions coming up yeah actually a
really good interview to point that person ad if you go to the cypher glass
YouTube channel there's a recent AMA with hello eyo switches I think the
number nine blog producer right now on yes and we asked a lot of community
questions like hey are you guys vote buying are you vote trading what do you
think about vote buying and vote trading you know what do you think about the
current governance system and ask them some really tough questions that I think
they answered pretty well I mean we're planning more AMAs with other Chinese
bloc producers to really try to bridge that gap cuz right now all of us in the
West we don't speak Chinese we just assume that they're doing nothing when
really they're adding a lot of value and I think it's actually the same in the
West where a lot of them don't speak English or in the East excuse me we're a
lot of them don't speak English and they're looking at us in the West going
what are you guys doing you're not doing anything just because there's that
language barrier and a lot of the stuff that we're doing doesn't get you know
translated and communicate it to the other side so we're trying to do more of
that over on the cyber glass channel for sure I'm gonna link to that video up
there I've done if I'm pointing the right one but yeah go and check out that
video now one of the other comments was I guess one of the biggest criticisms
people tend to have a vo so aren't kind of in the in the the fan base or this
notion that it's not decentralized and they this is one of the comments I saw
from the kind of other blockchain or like it's not decentralized at all it's
a centralized thing and why if they got that possible misconception you think so
my view of centralization or decentralization is that ultimately it's
spectrum right it's not that something is decentralized or isn't it's generally
a spectrum of how decentralized it is and the stat that I like to look at is
the of people at any one time that could
come together and make a change to harm the network so if you look at networks
like Bitcoin and aetherium where more than 51% of the total hash power on the
network is allocated to three to five mining pools that's three to five mining
pool operators that could come together and boom make a change for the network
that is not in the best interest of all the token owners now of course they're
incentivized not to do so that's the beautiful thing about incentives is that
they have the most lose if they make that change but comparing the three to
five mining pool operators that have to collude to 15 out of the top twenty one
block producers on he owes us actually starts to look a little bit more
decentralized than these other platforms just based on the number of parties that
have to collude in order to make a detrimental change to the system so if
you you know look at any of these ecosystems they all have a governance
model yes fortunately includes the token holders and allows you to vote out bad
bp's that you don't necessarily want it so i think it's just a spectrum and
depending on how you define it es can actually be more decentralize that these
others it's a good own so thank you and last question here is if you guys had
the power to make a change for what you believe would benefit us IO what would
it be and why interesting honestly the the main thing that I want to see happen
that I know is happening it's just taking some time more time than I wish
it had to take but it's the next version of aus IO before 2.0 which is 1.8 and
the biggest change in there that I think is pretty fundamental fundamental for
DAP adoption is that it allows a smart contract to pay for the resources on
behalf of a user so for the first time there will be people that can sign up
for a new account and don't have to worry about managing their resources at
all because as they're using adapt that DAP will automatically allocate and pay
for their resources on their behalf so I'm excited about that one change if I
can make it you know implement it today I would but it's gonna take a while next
couple months more likely just because it requires block producer coordination
to sort of put this new change into effect and I guess last stop wait what
is there on the horizon to look forward to obviously we've got you know I've
signed up for the beta for voice when that comes out and there's things
happening it is there anything else coming up that you're looking forward to
that people might not be aware of yeah I think the biggest thing to keep an eye
on is definitely the USBC fund so block one has this billion-dollar dab fund
USBC with a bunch of different partners around the world that are funding
projects very very frequently so another one just came out Upland got a two
million dollar investment from fin lab AG so there's gonna be more in the
future definitely more funding announcements
coming up this year so keep an eye out for that uh plans the one where you buy
virtual sort of property in a virtual world that mirrors here isn't it exactly
and it's it's really interesting because they're doing a franchise model where I
could be for example the owner of you know my hometown here and I can
franchise that out and sort of make money by operating the game in my city
so it's an interesting take on this virtual world and earning yields off of
virtual properties that it's gonna be cool to see it develop I should buy the
little island that we live on off the coast of England then quickly and upland
before somebody else snuffles it absolutely I think it's limited to just
San Francisco now but if you put in a request for England once that's up
absolutely snap it up excellent well look it's a real pleasure as always to
chat thanks for taking the time to help inform our audience what's going on we
always appreciate it and hopefully we can speak again in the not-too-distant
yeah that's really thanks so much for having me and now I'll see you next time
take care it's time for a giggle with our crypto humor section somebody
centers this and it's very very funny it is the crypto name generator where
you simply hit the generate button and it will come up with an idea for a
blockchain business and it goes a little bit something like this why don't we
have an immutable distributed ledger for revolution I can create a clear
communication for plumbers or the first AI platform on the blockchain for
surfers the world's first decentralized cat lending program what about an
immutable distributed ledger for revolutionising peer-to-peer
communications for butchers and finally instant and private transactions for
plumbers both plumbers love a good of bidat crypto so i think you'll find that
that is hours and hours of fun well probably about 45 seconds so in featured project this week it's
been a while since we've chatted to our friends over at pillar lots of people on
the channel have been asking what's been going on with has been any developments
so we have Drew joining us from sunny California drew are you there yeah sorry
so there's been some sort of big changes in terms of what you're you know doing
over at pillar at the moment and I know you you've talked about kind of the
difference from sort of key base to smart contracts and the stuff that's out
there can you explain kind of in simple short terms what that means to to put a
wallet for example it means an increase in security due to a separation of funds
and control of funds so instead of the funds themselves being stored on the key
that you access the key now acts as kind of your your login or your permission to
the funds that are stored in contract there's also numerous functionality
benefits around creating restricted spending profiles daily spending limits
multi-sig access so you know in enhanced security if you have a quite a bit of
money on on your wallet or your smart contract excetera yeah because I think
we you've mentioned to me before that there's been basically this this notion
of almost like one account that can have multiple cards on a multiple can you
kind of speak a little bit around that so one account I guess that you can set
different different levels or different access – yeah within pillars
specifically we are rolling out something called personas which will
you'll be able to set up as it's kind of a contextualized identity the best
analogy is probably akin to like Google circles where you're able to cut up your
social contacts into your co-workers your friends your family and these will
now also in be independent ease and aetherium addresses and you can create
spending profiles and you can create security restrictions spending
it's for these specific things you could have one KY seed one not so this is
again allowing us to contextualize the identity and and use it in ways that we
actually interface with each other in the real world versus identity being
this kind of holistic construct which i think is is kind of not working for us
and obviously there's been lots of changes since you know pillar first
started so you've obviously taken a lot of this on board seen where the market
setting seemed where Kryptos heading and kind of reacted to this with your new
plan a hundred percent a lot of this directions new direction
we've taken is a result of deep industry research as well as our own findings as
a company and user feedback as a company and even more valuable and and exciting
is that because this is something of these trends and these challenges are
something that have been recognized industry-wide the collaboration between
pillar and a lot of open-source devs and projects now is it's just accelerated it
tremendously and it's helped us to align our product against you know industry
standards or at least collaboration themes and also really work directly
with individuals so we're not reinventing the wheel so that there's a
lot of benefit in the kind of collaboration that's occurring as a
result of these shared challenges that we're experiencing is in the industry
yeah because I guess the the fact that crypto moves as quickly as it does you
can't really sit there in 2017 say this is what we're gonna build and not
navigate around that you've got to react to that really quickly changing
marketplace and make sure you've got a product that's completely relevant to
what's going on at a time 100% I'd argue that a lot of the
assumptions for most companies made in in 2017 or early 2017 or probably have
changed substantially as a result of where the market has gone and that's not
just tech that's regulatory environment that's you know everything else that's
you know and as a result so yeah it's it's it's
it's a constant game you you have to evolve with it or you know it's gonna
leave you leave you behind for sure and I guess the heart of your core was
always about data privacy you know at the heart of things is that still is
important to put on as it always was 100% you know we've we've for better or
worse kind of been lumped into this wallet category and categorization I
mean for all intents and purposes we we've it kind of marketed ourselves as
such up to this point and the reality is too that at a foundational level you
need that wallet functionality first if we're gonna really create this passive
poll based you know digital economy economic experience and you know now as
we've really been working on you know we've been able to make a post focus to
improve the scalability and the overall user experience we've now also made huge
strides on the identity side we recently entered the hackathon the Odyssey
hackathon out of Amsterdam we're now collaborating with the Dutch Ministry
and a very large Dutch brand I'm not sure how much we can divulge at this
point but there's some very detailed and in-depth talks happening around
citizenship digital citizenship in the 21st century biometrics and and how
these things are you know becoming a natural part of society but how we can
do so in a way where the infrastructure is
decentralized distributed and the data is still in the hands of the individual
so the efficient we we gain the efficiencies at a societal level but
we're not exploiting the individual and their information you know as a result
so we're I think as we've made huge strides on the wallet functionality and
Network scaling and functionality pieces we're gonna see a
huge increase on our you know features and functionality around the identity
verifiable credentials the data Locker you know personas and the smart contract
stuff are really enable and lay the stage for that stuff to come forward so
yeah it were very much still focused on personal identity and believe we're
gonna be in a unique position to offer a platform that allows data to be shared
exchanged transmitted in a way that a user has full control over and can
possibly benefit at a social or economic value level that they never have been
able to and if I were to sort of say to you what does there you know what does
pillar look like in a year from now are you sort of dare have a guess at where
you've where you'd like to be in terms of the user experience element of that
you know I the biggest values I think pillar will deliver to the industry and
like the average user is we're really absorbing complexity across the board
for the experiences and what these things mean you know if you take a step
back and look at kind of the early days of the internet the early browsers what
we were dealing with you know we're still trying to figure out what the
themes are how these things are going to be used so where this will go I'm not
entirely sure but kind of touchy touching on what I just said I think
pillar will be in a very unique position to be able to allow users to share and
possibly capitalize on their own personal information and data exchange
data as discount for service data as discount for or for coupon for product
purchase helping companies startups by sharing information and research for
them to build new products brands being able to do that and a focused way in
terms of with brands that you support or believe in versus kind of it just
happening in the Brown in a blanket fashion without your
knowledge I'll go so far as to say even that I believe this
this entrance of Facebook into the space is gonna do probably be the single
greatest cultural event and awakening in terms of users an individual's
understanding that not that their personal information has an economic and
social value and that's something that they'll start to now think about wow I
you know there's how what does this mean for me maybe I don't just want to be
paid these Libre coins or whatever it's gonna be
and I can more directly engage in one-to-one relationships with branded
products and being able to exchange my data or interface with my data via the
pillar platform in a way that there's really no other kind of alternative and
then we also would have the economic value transfer side with you know the
cryptocurrency and the painted real pieces so I was going to ask you that
was my last question was gonna be about Libra really I mean I the only kind of
underlying fear I have is that it's a bit of an enemy at the gates type
scenario where they've you know they've kind of grabbed hold of this fairly
significantly and roped in all the various players and it feels there's
something little makes me a little uneasy to say the very least
yeah I never what it was gonna do for mainstream adoption potentially you
don't get me wrong the idea of bringing everybody in is great but I don't trust
Facebook at the best of times and I don't kind of I kind of questioned their
motives big business motives and I think there is you know it's it's tricky yeah
a hundred percent I don't you know you look at the also now the individuals
they've signed up to be Note operators and you know you're looking at some of
the most powerful you know companies multinational corporations that exist in
the world today and you know that alone is enough to kind of scare or concern
anybody but you know the and it's all a lot of rumors still at this point what
I'm hearing is it's basically a staple coin right so it's not like it's gonna
be open market traded the way any of the majors are or even alts ray have you
seen the commercial that just released the commercial like that an hour ago
I've just I've just posted it on Twitter and I my link today it's a 90 second
super duper slick in fact we'll show it right now remember when these were fast
and these technology has improved the world around us so why is it simple to
send one of these anywhere in an instant but not money what if we made money
truly global stable and secure
what if everyone was invited to the global economy with access to the same
financial opportunities introducing Libra a new global currency
designed for the digital world backed by the belief that money should be fast for
Kobe and Legos simple for Saul's family business in Manila and secure for betsa
babe when sending money home to Mexico City it's powered by blockchain making it
safe and accessible no matter who you are or where you're
from so join us as we move towards a world
where money works for everyone this is Libra and it's just the
beginning it's very much big business does crypto and is looking to solve the
world's financial problems yeah and I think the jury's out for me but
certainly the idea of bringing more people into cryptocurrency is a good
thing we've already had friends emailing us
today saying how are we going to get hold of these Facebook coins do we need
to get them from Gemini exchanger just people who've got no idea about stuff
and but it's already immediately sinking into the the general consciousness so I
guess we shall see a stable coin becomes a very like a you're kind of just trying
to create a that digital payment rail on top of your existing services so I I
also expect there you might you're gonna see a lot of in the beginning like you
know share your phone number verify your phone number occurrence of Libra coin
verify your email address err it's a Leever coin so these things will start
to I think trigger in people's minds they'd be like oh my data is actually
about worth something yeah and although that that'll happen probably through
interfacing with Facebook let's let's hope that we can then introduce them to
the world the true decentralized economy and and solutions like pillar which
allow that you to retain at least consent and control and really maximize
any kind of data exchange that you might be participating yeah I think what's
going to be interesting also is seeing EOS voice coming out you know around the
same time that this is going to happen there's going to be at it quite an
interesting clash there but well I guess as things develop for pillar it's always
lovely to chat you guys give my very best to all the pillar team very big
fans of the work they're doing and yeah and basically come on you know as and
when things are happening come on board let us know and if people want to find
out more where should they go probably our medium is the best place
for up-to-date articles and new feature announcements down below in the show
notes our socials are also pretty good we have a pretty active telegram group
there's also a pretty active pillar forum so
as as active as you want to be we're here and love to chat with you guys and
answer any questions that you may have great stuff well thanks for coming on
board and I'm sure we'll speak soon looking forward to it take care that's all folks I'm afraid this show
has been like a huge great cheese sandwich of crypto packed with pastrami
rye pickles on top all rammed in and just forced down your greedy throats or
tofurkey if there are any vegetarians and vegans out there we're off to Los
Angeles Oh get us next week we are too cool for school don't be jealous
we'll be bringing our show from LA next week and we look forward to seeing you
have a great week and in the meantime remember you've been blood chained

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