welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name 
is aaron the reason why you subscribe to this   channel is because on a daily basis we break down 
everything going on in the cryptocurrency space   we make this whole market easy to understand in 
today's video i'm going to put three different   cryptocurrency projects on your radar that 
the data is showing us these projects are   about to go parabolic i'm going to play you two 
different video clips from two different sources   that give us further insight on what's going on 
and where this market is going into the future   we're going to talk about the pudgy penguin 
nft craze we're going to talk about sushi   versus uniswap and the infighting going on in 
decentralized exchanges we're going to talk about   the ethereum ecosystem and specifically ethereum 
layer 2 scaling solution polygon and why the   whales are buying so much of this and of course 
we're going to start off with the market at large   you know in order to be bullish on alt coins 
i have to be bullish on bitcoin and the market   movers so we're going to check in to what's going 
on with the market first if you appreciate us   coming at you on a daily basis give this video 
a like support the channel and let's get into it   bitcoin bitcoins on chain data continues 
to look impressively strong bitcoin   user growth looks like it's about to go parabolic 
so check out all of bitcoin's price history   and all of bitcoin's user growth history 
what we're seeing right now looks to be like   this thing is about to go parabolic and this 
is the log chart i want you to understand this   parabolic it's the role of a log chart to 
make parabolics look like straight lines   so we can gauge parabolic trends better this 
is parabolic squared this looks amazing perhaps   user growth is the number one thing for any 
network so incredibly bullish and that's just one   of many bullish on-chain metrics for bitcoin when 
it comes to bitcoin's supply shock bitcoin has   continued to flow out of exchanges in august at a 
rate between 75 000 and 100 000 bitcoin per month   let's get some perspective on this this magnitude 
of outflows is similar to the period between 2020   and q1 of 2021 where we saw heavy accumulation 
where we saw gbtc arbitrage and is particularly q4   of 2021 the beginning of this huge rally going 
into the rally in q1 so understand this the   accumulation that we're seeing today and for 
the past several months in bitcoin is on par   with the accumulation we saw in q4 of 2020 right 
as bitcoin was about to enter into a you know huge   rally state going from 10 000 all the way to 65 
000 and let's go even further who is accumulating   this bitcoin well 76.8 percent of bitcoin's 
money supply is actually held by strong hands   so throughout the assets speculative history a 
large percentage of supply became liquid that   was until march 2020 when this trend began to 
reverse a new type of market participant emerged   a rick astley a never going to give you up so 
this chart speaks volumes it's the percentage   of bitcoin that's moved to strong hands wallets 
that don't have a history of selling and what we   see really since the bottom in 2018 but definitely 
since the pandemic bottom you know a year or two   later we've just seen so much bitcoin move to 
strong hands people who are huddling bitcoin again   this is incredibly bullish so there's just so many 
reasons today to be bullish on bitcoin take a look   at your screen there's so many things bitcoin is 
looking strong the market is looking strong and   that brings us to cardano cardano could be ready 
to retest all-time highs i believe that recording   cardano is above two dollars right now yeah 
cardano is back in the green following six long   month consolidation period the big news of the day 
is all about cardano if you are a cardano believer   if you are an ada holder this is the announcement 
that was made regarding smart contracts earlier   today so that we can have a complete smart 
contract release ready for people to use our full   smart contract toolbox ready for the alonzo hard 
fork and this is the date that we're aiming at   monday september the 12th thank you nigel that's 
a date that many many people have been looking   forward to uh to hearing of course as much as 
it's a destination it's also a beginning it's   the implementation of pluto smart contracts on 
cardano this is really where we start bringing in   the ecosystem and start bringing in the community 
to start building and deploying their products but   what do smart contracts on cardano really mean 
let me know in the comments if you think this is   a big deal and let's listen to the experts as they 
describe why smart contracts on cardano is such a   big deal what the first dapps who are the first 
adapts and what are they that will utilize the   smart contracts and just what we can expect now 
that this upgrade is finally going through kevin   maybe you can tell us a little bit more about this 
smart contracts is a well-known term but what this   really means is it means dexes it means new defy 
applications it means a host of new d apps and uh   and functionalities coming to cardano perhaps you 
can talk us through what people can expect to see   on day plus one yeah we're expecting some new 
applications right from the very start including   uh the ones that are pluto's partners are working 
on uh with more arrivaling after the hard fork   and of course this is really a completely new 
era for cardano because with the hard fought   what we're doing is delivering the core 
smart contract and scripting capability   that all these applications can start to build on 
initially there's going to be a focus on using cli   as we've done with the blue white and purple test 
nets but as we roll out the pab that's going to   improve the developer experience making it easier 
to develop complex d apps with both integrated and   on-chain components and all of them are going to 
be written in a safe and verifiable environment   and the best thing of course is that all 
of this additional functionality all of the   new d-apps that people are going to be writing 
won't require another hard fork once we've gone   to alonzo all scripting capability is going to 
be there people can pick it up they can use it   so we will be in a situation where people can 
develop the applications they want to the d5   applications they want to on cardano so there we 
have it the first of september for hardworking the   test net followed by the 12th of september for the 
mainnet bringing on a new era of smart contracts   to cardano so before we get to our next parabolic 
projects on my radar that i want to point out to   you let me recommend a hidden gem youtube channel 
seriously this guy only has a thousand subscribers   am crypto this is a trading channel now we don't 
do a lot of trading on this channel in fact we   don't give out buy or sell signals at all yet 
i understand there's a portion of our audience   who would value a quality profitable trading 
youtube channel so i recommend that all traders   subscribe to this channel am crypto is a trader 
that i'm friendly with i have met him in real   life he is a profitable trader but nobody 
knows about him i'm going to leave a link   in the description i recommend that you subscribe 
to this guy immediately he's not going to have 1   000 subscribers for long so let me show you 
some examples of his work this is him from a   recent video bitcoin is breaking again into our 
resistance box and it is over forty six thousand   dollars but will we actually now stay in this box 
or is there another drop coming that is something   that i want to talk about today hi my name is alex 
from iron crypto and you know it already guys we   jump here straight into the charts so am crypto 
is sponsoring this portion of the video he is a   profitable trader i think more people should 
subscribe to him that's why we're doing this   but this is the type of trading that he does on 
his channel and the type of value he provides   check this out so here you can see a strong 
bounce directly above 44 000 again and then now   this move here straight into our resistance box so 
that is something that we wanted to see and guys   if you remember i had also mentioned to you once 
we are able to stay here in this box we will get   into higher levels here and fifty thousand dollars 
and beyond is uneventable but there was also um   another technical reason why we were here again 
moving to the upside and that's something that   i wanted to show you um yeah unfortunately i 
saw it too late otherwise i would have sent you   a trade signal for it and then we'll see this 
w pattern so we could have traded this so it   is a small value pattern but still so we have 
here met the technical target all the way up   so and um yeah let's check how much percent that 
would have been so but i congratulate every one   of you if you were able to spot that 
so it was roughly two percent so if you   would have traded with 20 x it would have 
been a quick 36 percent gain here that you   could have um yeah banks quite 
easy if you remember i had said   if the price action continues to go here 
higher and higher the 50 will follow suit   and here pretty soon potentially by the end of the 
month early september we will get our golden cross   and this golden cross will push bitcoin and now 
listen guys i'm almost 9 100 99.99999 sure that   this is gonna happen once we get the golden cross 
i believe we will see pretty pretty soon after   that a new all-time high forty six thousand 
seven hundred eighty dollars approximately   there is a gap in the volume profile here so 
and this gap will allow us to jump straight   up here all the way up to 48 500 approximately and 
to test this resistance that's based here on the   volume profile so if you want to enter a trade 
there is your chance guys you can open a trade   in my opinion now let let me draw this out for 
you so if you are here right now on the sidelines   and you are looking for a trade you can open a 
trade from forty six thousand seven hundred eighty   to forty eight thousand four hundred 
dollars it's a three point four percent   trade so with 20 x leverage it is a over 
sixty percent gain that you can make   here so if you would continue this trade and 
you don't want to get out at that target at 48   361 then what i would suggest is that you 
trade your stop loss up to let's say 47   600 around that range and then you can continue to 
write it up because you will be anyway in a profit   so you will at least get out of this trade 
with 36 percent so he'll do short term time   frames he'll do bigger time frames obviously the 
goal is just to find profitable trades so he has   1 000 subscribers right now i'm gonna leave a 
link to his youtube channel in the description   let's get this guy up to 5 000 subscribers just 
give this guy a chance check out a couple of his   videos i like this guy i've gotten value from him 
and with that being said let's move forward matic   polygon is our next parabolic project polygon is 
rallying as whales go on a buying spree this is   verifiable matic looks primed for further upside 
as buy orders pile in now as you know matic is a   layer two ethereum scaling solution projects would 
opt to get on the medic blockchain if they want   ethereum's security but they want something that's 
more transaction friendly in regards to speed   and what we're seeing with matic is undeniable 
weekly growth formatic is incredible it is   compounding in the last week alone matic averaged 
157 000 active users a day of course pictures are   worth way more than words and this is undeniable 
so very bullish on layer two for ethereum and and   decentralized finance in general sushi swap says 
optimism which is also an ethereum layer two or   a scaling solution sushi swap says optimism 
showed favoritism to uniswap during layer 2   launch sushi swap cto says that uniswap was given 
a preferential treatment due to vc influence so   of course you know sushi swap and uniswap are two 
of the largest decentralized exchanges on ethereum   recently due to ethereum's scalability issues and 
high gas fees both exchanges have been exploring   layer two solutions in order to handle more 
transactions they both were looking to integrate   with optimism now sushi swap says that uniswap was 
shown favoritism because they're backed by so many   vcs and they deny it of course but this is what's 
going on in the decentralized exchange world let   me know in the comments what you think about this 
let me let me know if you're more bullish on sushi   swap or uniswap which is still the brand name and 
actually our final parabolic project today is a   non-fungible project it is pudgy penguins pudgy 
penguins nft craze takes flight as daily volume   tops 11 million in ethereum so an ethereum based 
nft project called pudgy penguins is blowing up   right now more than 11 million worth of the 
collections nfts have been sold on secondary   markets within the last 24 hours alone so first we 
had crypto punks then we had board apiac club now   we have pudgy penguins and you know that's why 
i put them on the list of projects that could   go parabolic if they're going to follow 
in the trends of you know the other two   so pudgy penguins hardly breaking 
the mold for ethereum-based nft sets   there's 888 of them in total each depicting a 
different cartoonish penguin assembled from an   array of randomized traits some of hats gloves 
mohawks bowl cuts t-shirts scarves it's similar   to those mentioned above except with a generally 
more wholesome allure but just like crypto punks   just like the apes they're selling like hot cakes 
these are pudgy penguins this is what's going on   in the nft space i wanted to let you know what's 
going on with ethereum in general whether we're   talking about nfts d5 stable coins almost 40 000 
burned and it's been less than a week and that   is it for me today my friends let me know what you 
think of all this in the comments see you tomorrow

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