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this is not an investment recommendation, it is simply a personal analysis and
is not a buy or sell recommendation. In today's video we are going to be talking about
Cardano, since after updating your mainnet nothing will be the same. Next,
we will talk about the main changes that are taking place within Cardano and that
can totally change the evolution of the network. The arrival of the Goguen era of Cardano
A few days ago, users and followers of the Cardano project have seen
one of the most anticipated functions become a reality in recent months.

And it is that Cardano finally implemented
the Alonzo update in its main network, thus activating the execution of
smart contracts within its network. With this update Cardano officially
enters the Goguen era, considered by many to be the DeFi era of the project in general. During Goguen,
Cardano will be able to take advantage of the liquidity it possesses, unlocking it to be used on
decentralized finance platforms. All these changes will be possible thanks to
the Smart Contracts that can be used in the different DeFi that are being developed
within the network.

The liquidity pools will be the cornerstone of these projects,
and they will use the Smart Contracts to manage the flow of tokens in the exchanges.
Another section that looks attractive after the update is the so-called liquidity mining, which
is a type of mining based on liquidity exchanges between tokens on DeFi platforms.
This type of mining will deliver rewards to users by holding the tokens, controlled
obviously, by smart contracts. Finally, Alonzo will also
allow interoperability between blockchains using bridges between the different networks,
known in the world of cryptoassets as Cross-chain. These bridges are of vital
importance in the long term for projects that intend to be multi-chain such as Cardano, since
they increase the on-chain liquidity of each network. Increased activity
from developers on Cardano One of the main factors that stands out at
Cardano after the arrival of Alonzo is the increased activity of developers within
the network. According to a report by Outlier Ventures, Cardano has surpassed Ethereum in terms of
volume of activity and number of GitHub repositories over the past few weeks.
This work that is being recorded in Cardano has a lot to do with
preparing the network for asset management NTFs and DeFi applications in the ecosystem.
In contrast, chains such as Bitcoin Cash, EOS and TRON have registered a big drop
in their activity, and that is partly due to the fact that developers are migrating to
Cardano, attracted by the advantages it offers.

Cardano currently has better technology and a
larger number of developers than the other networks, this attracts new and better projects
every week. Among these new projects, DeFi applications and NFTs
are attracting the attention of investors and programmers.
What Cardano looks like in the short term During the last few months there has been a
lot of talk about an explosive growth in the price of ADA, especially after Alonzo
was implemented in the Cardano network.

While ADA has been behaving in a
similar way to the rest of the altcoins, its growth so far this year
far outstrips its competitors. Since the end of July, ADA started a bullish rally, setting all-time
highs on several occasions. After that escalation, there was a
market correction and profit taking that occurs naturally as the date of the
expected update approaches. This drop in the price of the token was to be expected,
once again obeying the premise of many investors to "buy on the rumor and sell on the news."
Most investors expected a boom with the advent of smart contracts
, but the fall in the price of Bitcoin has once again dragged the
rest of the cryptocurrencies into a downtrend. However, once the
market correction that is developing concludes, both Bitcoin and all altcoins will start
to show a progressive increase in value.

This new uptrend will help Cardano
and its ADA coin to gradually increase in value. If we also add the activation of the
new projects that are being developed (DeFi, NTfs, oracles, etc.) Cardano's increase in
liquidity and market capitalization will finally be able to deliver the
numbers expected by investors. Cardano is a network that promises a lot, and
certainly the Alonzo update will mark a before and after in the growth
of the network, but we must be clear that this race is medium to long term.
Something curious for many professional traders is that an accumulation pattern is being fulfilled in the ADA price chart
that appears near each update to the network. On all
occasions, a few weeks after updating, ADA enters a bullish phase, this according to some
experts gives us a good idea about what can come in the next few days.
What is the true potential of Cardano Although it is true that the
DeFi and NTfs application markets have existed on Ethereum for quite some time, Cardano has
proven to be more efficient thanks to the scientific model used in its development.
Cardano, with its Proof of Stake system, has managed to offer users
cheaper, faster and more secure transactions than the rest of its competitors.

This, as we have already said in
previous videos, is causing a massive migration of developers and users to your network.
Today there are more than 150 projects under development within the blockchain, each with
specific applications that, when the time comes, will give a great boost to the project in general.
Among those projects that are being developed, there are several that look very
promising due to the area they hope to exploit. One of them is the
decentralized finance platform ADAX, which will be a fully autonomous
and non-custodial exchange system within the Cardano network. But the biggest novelty offered by ADAX is the
ERC20 token converter that will allow the use of tokens from other networks
in the Cardano ecosystem. This converter is one of the most anticipated features
by users and developers and it adds great potential to the Cardano network.
Another of Cardano's featured projects is CHARLI3, the first proprietary oracle designed
specifically to work with Cardano. This oracle will provide the information necessary
for the execution of smart contracts in a fast way and at a lower cost
than other oracles based on the Ethereum network.

However, a project is currently being developed
that can increase the usefulness of Cardano exponentially, by
offering a very interesting set of tools . It is about Occam.Fi and
its launch pad OccamRazer, which will help in raising funds in
the launches of new projects. In addition to everything that Cardano offers on
DeFi platforms, there is great potential that is just being explored and that has
to do with institutional contracts.

More and more institutions
have shown interest in the use of blockchain technology in search of the security and
privacy that it offers. Important economic and governmental sectors could use the
advantages that Cardano offers for their development. Cardano's blockchain technology
has applications in different areas, being able to be used in
national identification systems, banking networks, insurance management, mortgages, etc.
Having said all this, we can conclude that the potential that Cardano has in the medium
to long term is very great, and only with time will we be able to understand all the
applications that this network can support. What IOHK says about the Cardano update
During September 12, IOHK managers through their Twitter account
highlighted the importance of this new milestone in the development of the Cardano network.
In addition, they highlighted that the integration of the Plutus language within the network would
increase Cardano's capabilities, starting a period of accelerated growth
due to the arrival of smart contracts. Another point highlighted by the
developers is Cardano's NFT ecosystem , which they describe as "prosperous and
efficient" and with maximum scalability through the Basho and Hydra updates.
IOHK executives through the Twitter account, also alerted the
Cardano community about a possible FUD and bad comments about the update
by their detractors.

However, they also see this as an opportunity to prove these
people wrong about the project and check the efficiency of the network in all
aspects of transactions. Will the Alonzo update be a
turning point at Cardano? Without a doubt, Alonzo's arrival
on the Cardano mainnet is a very important milestone for the project. The
implementation of smart contracts within the network will be the basis
for the development of DeFi applications, as well as other interesting projects that
are being carried out on the blockchain. Another advantage offered by the
update is the tokenization of decentralized applications, be they
fungible assets or NTFs. This will increase the demand for ADA as the network's native token, which would
positively impact its value. Many investors and developers are
betting that the arrival of Alonzo to the network will boost large projects and investment
, which could lead Cardano to overtake Ethereum in the ranking of crypto assets,
being only below Bitcoin.

In addition, it is expected that because Cardano was able to
solve the scalability problems of Ethereum, in the not too distant future it may
become the king of DeFi platforms and other decentralized applications,
that is, after the update nothing will be same within the Cardano ecosystem.
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