Cardano [ADA] Price Prediction Analysis

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Cardano climbed to a new all-time high of $1.4850   on Saturday but lost its bullish momentum. At 
the moment, Cardano is trading around $1.25,   losing around 5% on a daily basis.
On the daily chart, the ascending   trend line coming from early February is 
currently forming support around $1.1 ahead   of $1 (psychological level/20-day SMA). As long 
as the price manages to stay above those levels,   the next leg down will be seen as a technical 
correction rather than a shift of trend. However, a decisive break through that support 
area could trigger a deep selloff. On the upside,   additional gains are likely if Cardano makes 
a daily close above $1.5 (all-time high).  The lack of significant support areas ahead of 
$1.1 on IOMAP model reinforces the view that   Cardano could edge lower toward that area in 
the near-term.

However, the chart shows that   2.36 billion Cardano at an average price of 
$1.13 had been acquired by 60,300 addresses,   suggesting that Cardano will have a 
difficult time dropping below that level.  Cardano retreated sharply after surging to a 
fresh record high on Saturday and eyes $1.1-$1   area as the next target. If buyers manage 
to keep Cardano afloat above that region,   the bullish momentum could 
start to gather strength.  in the interest of brevity, Cardano 
touched a fresh all-time high on Saturday.  RSI indicator on the daily chart 
stays in the overbought territory.  On-chain metrics show strong 
support aligns around $1.1.  Subscribe to our channel and open 
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cryptocurrencies and other investment tools.   İn this video references an opinion 
and is for information purposes only.   It is not intended to be investment advice. 
Every investment and trading move involves risk,   you should do your own research 
while making a decision.

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