Cardano (ADA) Just Made All-Time High Again! What About Polkadot (DOT)?! (2021)

hello this is kevin from cryptoMY in today's 
episode let's talk about cardano price prediction   and one more token that i think is very 
interested to talk about so let's stay tuned so look at here right now this is bitcoin versus 
usdt char it seems like it does a very similar   move that what i have mentioned earlier before 
in my previous video so if you haven't watched my   previous video let's check out what did i actually 
talk about in my previous video this video was   made around 27th of august as you can see here 
this is bitcoin versus usct chart and let's   look at it what actually happens oh it could look 
something like that whereby it will have a strong   green candlestick and then it will start 
to flow until it goes all the way up here   by the time bitcoin go all the way up here i 
could say that the ada could go easily about   12 90 cents all the way to three dollar or 
maybe closing above three dollars if possible   i believe that mo so i've stated if bitcoin 
really managed to climb all the way up there   around the 50 000 range then most likely you 
could see cardano could easily reach about 2   90 cents all the way to 3 or even going higher and 
higher so looking at the bitcoin chart right now   looking at here right now you can see that bitcoin 
has surpassed fifty thousand has almost reached   fifty thousand by actually plunged all the way 
back down again but you can see at the four hourly   chart it seems like the buyer momentum is quite 
strong even looking at the rsi let me pull the   rsi nearer so we can see it clearer so looking at 
the rsi it seems like it's very bullish right now   the rsi is showing above 50 which is around 66. 
it shows that the buyer momentum is very strong   and is much more stronger than the seller so you 
can see that the momentum the buyers are trying   to push the bitcoin price even higher and higher 
to go to surpass this major resistance zone okay   let's say if we really managed to just close above 
this uh i assume 51 000 range then most likely you   could see that bitcoin could go even higher so 
you can see if let's say bitcoin at the daily   chart managed to just close above this 51 000 
area then most likely you could see there is no   more resistance right around this area than the 
most nearest resistance zone that you can't find   it should be falls around this area which 
is around 55 000 all the way to this   major resistance which is 60 000 so most likely if 
bitcoin really managed to close above these 51 000   then you could see the very very easily search 
all the way up to 55 000 then most likely you   could see hopefully that bitcoin could close here 
uh closing above this 55 000 then you could see   it rising all the way to 60 thousand so that is 
all about the bitcoin so what about cardano how is   cardano doing right now okay let's look at carla 
no and surprisingly as i told you i have mentioned   just now in my previous video as i stated if 
let's say bitcoin managed to just close above   50 000 or just go all the way up then you could 
see eight should be falling around two dollars all   the way to three dollar or maybe closing above 
three dollars so surprisingly it really closed   above three dollar right now just slightly 
above three dollar it managed to just go all   the way up to three dollars and ten cents 
but it fails to right now it just fall all   the way back down so what really happens is 
right now you can see if i pull the fibonacci   retracement from the highest sign to the lowest 
low right here you can see that the 0.618 line   and also the seven a6 line just it just breaks 
breakthrough all the way up and then red goes all   the way to the blue zone which is a perfect moment 
why because looking at the rsi it seems like it's   very bullish doesn't seem overbought yet so it 
has it still has a momentum to grow even higher   so looking at here right now my target should 
be around three dollars thirty cents around this   area this blue zone which is around four on the 
one point six point eight on the fibonacci line   which is this will be the next resistance zone so 
what i want to see is cardano might do a slight   retracement fall all the way back down again 
because no matter how high you go man you will   eventually go all the way back down again to do 
some market correction before it continues to go   further up so it might do something like that and 
then it will go all the way up here or or let's   say if you see there is any great candlestick 
or bearish candlestick closing below this   support zone then most likely you could see 
that the range the support zone will be around   two dollars okay so cardano meaning that it might 
have the potential to fall all the way down to two   dollar ninety cents uh not hundred percent sure 
whether it would go all the way back down again   but most likely it's possible but then in long 
term you can see that let's say if it doesn't   close below the blue zone then most likely you 
could see that the tree or the distance range   is the way to go for cardano but this is just on 
the four hourly chart so to confirm this whether   the ada will go even higher or it really goes even 
to three to 30 cents it's really depending on the   daily chart why because the daily chart even 
though it's now rising above this blue zone but   doesn't mean it's confirmed yet because you see 
that this green candlestick is still moving around   so let's say if this daily chart which 
is tomorrow if let's say this candlestick   just closed right inside this blue zone then it 
could consider as a strong bullish confirmation   that it will have a potential to go even 
higher and rising all the way up to three   dollar thirty cents folks this is my point 
of view on the cardano on the ada but looking   at the monthly chart obviously this is a very 
very strong bullish trend right now you can see   how strong is it in ada so ada right now just 
managed to close and making a whole new time high   in the history of ada you can see ada have not 
surpassed anything above two dollars seventy cents   on this monthly chart and right now ada did 
a very very good job just closing right above   all this resistance zone which is a good thing 
so i believe that in the long run don't forget   about the smart contract is coming because the 
smart contract i believe is going to come near   the next week 12 september so it's dated around 
12 september so i assume it's around 12 september   so let's say once the smart contract of the ada is 
released then most likely you could see that most   uh you will see slowly slowly all the developers 
from other network like uh erc 20 or other   blockchain they will start to diversify or start 
to migrate from erc to ada smart chain and this   will be the game changer and that will be the time 
where ada will start slowly slowly growing higher   and higher reaching the five dollar range all the 
way to eight dollar range or maybe ten dollars who   knows fifteen dollars might come in future right 
so yeah that is one thing good about ada okay   so the last token that i want to mention is polka 
dots actually i never talked about polkadot a lot   in my video so what today i will slightly mention 
about polka dot because i found it very very   interesting how polka dot actually works so look 
at the monthly chart right now you can see this is   a very strong bullish reversal pattern so looking 
at the weekly chart you can see this is how strong   dot is right now didn't close below this blue 
candlestick i mean this blue moving average line   and right now it just rise all the way up creating 
a bullish engulfing so this is a very very good   thing why because if let's say a weekly chart next 
week if polkadot managed to just close above here   then most likely you could see 
pokado could reach even 45 dollars   making a new time high easily nobody knows but 
looking here right now you can see this rsi   is moving towards the very very strong bullish 
sign right now so looking at four hourly chart   yes this is what i want to mention look at the 
four hourly chart you can see this is how strong   polka dot is because looking at here you can 
see it managed to break this resistance zone   managed to break this resistance zone and 
right now you can see polka dot is now   retracing to where is it before before it 
make another make move towards the upwards   so if you want to look into details look at the 
daily chart you can see that this is how strong   is so you can see polka dot has just closed 
right above this major resistance zone closing   all the way up here and right now the yesterday 
candlestick this closed way higher than where is   it before so you can see that here there is not 
much of resistance zone unless it goes all the   way up here to this area so this area is around 
38 so most likely pokador right now could go   easily to these 38 dollars if bitcoin continued 
to rise or cryptocurrency continue to rise that   most likely i would say that polkadot could easily 
go up to 38 or most likely in the next week could   go all the way higher reaching around 50 48 or 
45 easily okay so this is something that we can   take note uh this week or next week and i think 
that that's all for today episode if you like   my episode today remember to click like share and 
subscribe going to see you guys soon and goodbye

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