welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is 
aaron question of the day comment your answer to   this question in the comments below hypothetical 
situation i gift you 25 000 in one cryptocurrency   the catch is you can't move it and you can't sell 
it for 10 years you have to hold on to this thing   for 10 years so you might want to be a little 
bit conservative which coin do you choose in   this scenario we posed this question to you on 
twitter many of you follow us on twitter got a   lot of different answers one of the coins that 
came up the most is ada cardano this was pretty   interesting well if you're a long-term believer 
in cardano you're going to love this cardano might   be seriously undervalued relative to ethereum 
this isn't according to me this is according to   industry leader grayscale in a recent report that 
they just put out just yesterday just before the   week started it's a 23-page report grayscale has 
suggested that cardano may be underpriced relative   to bitcoin and ethereum based on its strengthening 
fundamentals this is what you need to know   according to a research report by grayscale who is 
the world's largest digital currency asset manager   cardano could be seriously undervalued given 
its significant growth in adoption over the last   year grayscale has suggested that cardano may be 
undervalued compared to the likes of bitcoin and   ethereum this is a lofty claim i like that 
they back this up with research and data   well the research report which was published 
just last night highlights how the third   ranked cryptocurrencies fundamentals cardano's 
fundamentals have improved across the board   over the last year for instance cardano recently 
launched smart contract functionality with its   alonzo upgrade paving the way for decentralized 
applications to flourish the update makes the   charles hoskinson-led blockchain network a direct 
competitor to other smart contract platforms   like ethereum like solana like avalanche 
like polka dot cardano is directly competing   with ethereum solana avalanche and polka dot 
finally so where does it stand versus all of these   well according to the report cardano currently 
settles more payment value per unit of market cap   than its direct competitors suggesting the 
asset may be undervalued cardano has settled   over 1.6 trillion in total on chain transaction 
value over the last 12 months which is actually   around 40 percent less than ethereum and 50 less 
than bitcoin its market cap meanwhile is roughly   80 to 90 percent lower than that of ethereum and 
bitcoin respectively so you can understand why we   say it's undervalued furthermore grayscale notes 
that cardano also may be undervalued relative to   ethereum on a market value per active monthly user 
basis so cardano roughly has 2.8 million active   monthly users while ether has close to 7 million 
cardano also has a lower market value per user and   the report notes quote ethereum's value per user 
is about 55 000 while cardano's is about thirty   thousand dollars this may imply that cardano is 
lower valued relative to its largest comparable   crypto network ethereum based on this particular 
metric cardano undervalued relative to eth   besides the uptick in user adoption cardano has 
also seen significant growth in usage the network   currently processes more than 115 000 transactions 
per day up around 13 time since the start of 2021.   fee revenue paid to ada stakers supporting the 
network security has continued to rise rapidly   surging by a factor of around 65 000 over the last 
year so put all of these metrics together whether   we're talking about users whether we're talking 
about network activity whether we're talking about   fees paid whether we're talking about growth in 
general fundamentals which are only increasing or   even ecosystem which is getting bigger and bigger 
each day the fact is what we're seeing going on   with ethereum the major network usage whether 
we're talking about nfts defy decentralized   exchanges play to earn games all of this stuff an 
ecosystem like this will develop on cardano and   with cardano receiving a 100 million dollar fund 
to develop defy nfts because they can stand on the   shoulders of ethereum and do things quicker and 
better hopefully grayscale is looking at cardano   and seeing cardano might be seriously undervalued 
and by the way guys nfts d5 all this stuff isn't   going away ethereum nft market open c which is the 
largest nft marketplace for eath or anything else   hits its best day in a month so people are still 
using d5 nft trading and usage and collecting is   still increasing and with cardano you know getting 
to finally develop smart contracts finally can   develop a defy ecosystem and an nft ecosystem the 
fact that its ecosystem is already pretty big for   where it is already and the users and everything 
else cardano might be seriously undervalued   let me know what you think about this in the 
comments below let me know if you are bullish on   cardano let's move on to some recent news bitcoin 
different altcoins let's start with bitcoin   because bitcoin is looking bullish especially with 
the macro backdrop and more and more people are   realizing that bitcoin is here to stay and bitcoin 
is gaining favor among individuals and also people   that we have elected to be put in charge this 
is amazing u.s mayor pledges to give 1 000   in bitcoin to every resident of his town a mayor 
in missouri has pledged to give a thousand dollars   worth of bitcoin to every household in his 
town jason stewart is the mayor of cool valley   and he believes that bitcoin can drive social 
change and overcome many of the inherent flaws   with the current economic system quote bitcoin 
has given me a hope and an optimism that we can   overcome some of the worst parts of the system 
that we're born into and actually create a future   exactly how we want it to be there's a certain 
level of hope and optimism that i get from bitcoin   bitcoin is fundamentally american and he goes 
on and because of this he's you know wants to   give his constituents he wants to get them off 
zero and he wants to make people bitcoiners   in his town and that could not have come at a 
better time u.s national debt is about to hit 29   trillion this is never going to get paid back 
that's a debt per citizen of about 86 000 debt   per tax payer about a quarter of a million 
they're never going to pay this back they're   just going to keep spending and because of that 
bitcoin is looking bullish in fact all investable   assets are looking bullish if they continue to 
just inflate our money to continue on why i'm so   bullish on bitcoin bitcoin has a soft fork upgrade 
called taproot which is about to be activated   november 15th 2021 with this bitcoin will become a 
little bit more private a little bit more scalable   a little bit more smart contract capable all 
while maintaining a base layer of decentralization   and the fact that we're in week 53 of an asset 
that's referred to as digital gold and it's   followed the path of actual gold from 50 years ago 
the fact that bitcoin is doing this the fact that   gold did this the fact that the best part of the 
bull market is still yet to come i mean bitcoin's   about to reach a certain threshold bitcoin 
and crypto about to reach a certain threshold   in the public space where people are going to say 
oh my god bitcoin crypto's still here i need to   get some as bitcoin breaks above all-time highs 
i think something like this is going to happen   to put it straight forward i'm really excited 
to think that the greatest injection of capital   and the greatest pump in this bull market 
is still ahead of us in other news couple   random pieces of news monero privacy coin xmr so 
completely private did you know the irs has a 625   000 cash bounty out for anybody that can crack it 
pretty interesting that's that's true and also our   final piece of news is mina protocol when we've 
talked about on the channel before um they have   just after a rigorous selection process we'd 
like to congratulate nil foundation for being   awarded a 1.2 million contract to build a 
bridge to ethereum mina's zk snarks on eth   dapps representing a major milestone for privacy 
in the d5 economy the point is i mean did you know   that solana is ethereum virtual machine compatible 
polka dot is ethereum virtual machine compatible   binance smart chain is ethereum virtual machine 
compatible and you know mina is making a big push   to you know just bridge to ethereum and this 
is great for the future of mina in my opinion   anyways that's it for me today turning into 
a great year subscribe to the channel we   drop one video every day keeping you informed 
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