Can Shiba Inu Coin Hit 1 dollar ? और Coin Burn होंगे ? Shiba Coin Price Prediction 2021 | Future |

…. …. Hello friends Once again Welcome back to our channel. First of all see latest news latest news about shiba inu coin One more exchange listed this coin ….HitBTC Now you can trade shiba Inu Coin on HitBTC Platform Buy sell Shiba Inu Coin on HitBTC … robinhood & coinbase listing still waiting…hope getting it soon There is more news in the market that alibaba Alibaba taking shiba inu as payment That is baseless News actually….its not even a news its just a rumour….

people are showing some signture campaign …. Thats it….nothing more By that logic we can say that amazon also gonna accept dogecoin totally baseless news or better say rumor …. So i am not making any video on that alibaba romour so lets come back to our dog shiba Inu Coin…. Lets first check number of account holders….. how much high the no reached ? page getting refresh 417357 Account holders……to be exact yesterday this no was…414475 Holders … That means almost 3K new account holders in some 12 hours…. Thats a really good number people are buying this coin even after a huge market crash now come to the price lets check this coin price on coinmarketcap Right now its a bit down… 0.000008034 $….. But if you understand Crypto… Here down & up….goes very fast so lets move to the 24 hours trade lets see this figure 1495644697 $ Trade in last 24 hours 1495644697 Dollars investment in past 24 Hours Its good number This coin getting value for sure now come to next thing one more news coming from India Indian Exchange wazirX WazirX Gave news on their official Twitter handle Thats for shiba Inu Holders from India Those got shiba from wazirX On day it got listed on their platform The price exponentially high due to some technical issue So they announced to give some relief to all those got loss Those got coin price over ₹0.0020 WILL GET Compensation WRX Airdrop Program equivalent WazirX Coins in parts….like 25%….25% etc…

…WHY ETH Founder Choosed India for donating such a huge amount of shiba Inu coin One Reason….it was the most affected country from cvoid 2nd Reason…it is one of the biggest market for anything New I think 2nd biggest market…. Thats why…..its all PR Marketing …. Now people are putting logic in comment Now people are putting logic in comment about block chain etc etc .

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