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Rodriguez yes It is Hmm That's Funny Well It's not it's not Really about the stock Losses it'S Just you got to check the Charts Every day Or at least Every other day and i had gone about a Week without even looking at Aetherium i made nissa trading Dashboard Helps on a coin tracking That Helps for sure so you know It's hard to be a trader in a U-Tube Guys I'm going to add you Guys in over here oh calm down let's do That? Thank you Junkie appreciate it What's Up Everybody bk Know bitcoin is not back don't waste your Money Buying It right Now it's Just that cat Violence we're still This is the 10% at a time That the Boss method is not Accurate When you're on a Confirmed downtrend and you still get that last little spike for Whatever reason it's like you know If you Chop a Chicken's Head off i can Still Run Around and Nervous System is still twitching a Little Bit but Yeah definitely down Got a Great time to buy i Kind of Liked It When it was over Here What do you Guys think i think That's Kind of Cool i think That'S more Settled Than Down and about and Bringing Us a Little Bit Closer How is that and Should We Put Frank back over here Mmm-Hmm Anybody something Just to like hold a Mic right Here What's Up Everybody Um Let's Get This Timer going That's my Bad i get distracted They're like eight Minutes Make sure you Hit that like button Well it's not the Fan That's literally a computer run it so That's That's What you Hear is Obs Using 40% of My internal hard Drive to run the software for live streaming 42% right Now so it's Woking hard I'll Try to close out all This extra Stuff but a Lot of Times It Doesn't Really Change anything Yeah i was gonna add in a Thing Browser Ah yeah! Okay That's Actually Pretty Smart i hope to figure out.

How to do That Shit I'm a Little Thrown That Would Be Pretty Funny There we Go That's not Bad Damn yeah Boy undo undo Doesn't like i do There you go it's a little Bit Better look time being Any Charts Today Guys What do We Got Yeah It's still a bullet wrap Because Um Let's Say We Could pull it up real quick i don't mind now What's Up Everybody hold It Up to your eyeball What is That All Right Let'S do btC real quick here oh That's that Up Right Now There you Go That's a Little Bit Better Ah! So let's see here make sure you hit that like Button guys We are going to be tc Three four three yeah that looks Familiar All you have to look for with this Thing? It's this moment in time and That's Funny that it uh Just it Look Like What's gonna Happen is this is the last little Breakout so Whereas we Just look at for That Intersection where we went under under under at That Still Holds Right Now that didn't disappear right We Haven't even tested that yet right and White is still far far far far Below it so before Bitcoin can Be in a true true bull Market Where the White is Above Where i'm sorry Where the orange is above the white that has a Lot you know of going Up to do you know that we have to get that 77 to come above this White in Order to have Real Growth Like What we did over here this is like free Money Over Here once you break down in that area then It gets real complicated Real quick right and I'm gonna leave These Triangles Up because That's what the chart We Grew on Yesterday But essentially I told You if This 6,200 is coming true and We Need to be an average triangle What i think is gonna Happen is we're gonna consolidate in The Middle of The Money zone Right There a Little Bit Below That Pink line That Green Is gonna go flat in there and Then we're gonna break All Right The White is still going down it Doesn't pass the White ball test this is Just One little Blip on the radar To get it to go flat long enough so we can complete her double head and Shoulders That's it so If you buy bitcoin Now then you're gambling and you really don't have That Much Room Left on the seven Between right There and right There That Green is not going Higher Than that Pink line it's built into the chart those are their mechanics Right Don't let a Blog article Try to Tell You that the Mechanics don't Exist the fundamentals don't Exist Now you know Why i never even look at The Candles Because the candles don't Matter the Intersections Tell The Candles Where they can Go that Buys first at That Green line Mark My Words and this is What i was going to Guarantee You in that video Yesterday This and Then i caught Myself and We Looked At something Else But This Green Line Will Not Break That purple line Guarantee On this Run it'S gonna have to test it go back down? At Least Break down through The Red if Not Touch Inside that orange and then if we're in a bull Market Which we're not Then It Would come back Up and try It again But The the purple line is the Ceiling for That Green line and the be honest Over The past Two Days i was gonna buy bitcoin with our Hundred day challenge i think right Around Here? Whatever day We Bought the day after me oh? but i didn't do a video that day and then The next day It had already Broke out that Morning so you know this is Just a Typical Bounce-back Right Just to Delay the inevitable That's it don't buy It You'll be Throwing your Money Away Addicts is Good i'll Check the chart Yesterday no you Shouldn't Sell it it's Finally Stapling Out You know if you had it all That time it's Finally Getting to a point now to where it's about the flat line and then After it Does That That Green Is gonna start testing Through That orange so i'll Just hold It it's still it's solid coin solid coin It'S it's on the other side of its Cycle so That's where you want to actually be buying more at because now the Volatility Isn't As High as It was When it was all the Way up at the top coming down Pink Line is At 4100 The Seven day Moving Average Will Not Get Higher Than 4100 it's impossible right It'S impossible mathematically impossible Think about It The Seven day Moving Average Will Not Get Higher Than 4100 if It Does That Means bitcoin is Up to 5,000 somewhere you can't do it it's not gonna Happen especially Given That The Seven day Was Just That 3600 so we Get here like Matic the mechanics Understand The Mechanics and then You can Understand The Charts So that Would be a Great time to sell Now and Tomorrow you know you also Got To think about we've Been in a bull Market for What three or four Days When's the last time That's Happened What bitcoin you know? All right four Days Four Days twelve Percent That's Pretty Big Those Kind of Runs don't go on Forever Cool Everybody Hit That Like Button no how many Likes we Got right Now if we Got more Than 50 i'd Go ahead and Catch Somebody out Hmm How about This Jingle Bells you Pay me when you're up when i'm right Put a Bitcoin Up we Need to find some escrow service i'm gonna start taking People's Money but a bitcoin Up i'll put mine up Big Bank take Little bank and the Winner Walk away with talk i told you they call me mister put down two and pick up Six i Didn't Get that name for nothing BtC btC you must be some White guy living in west Virginia huh? The Other Ones taking about Food Stamps don't Let Fox news Lied to you – the That's What we're going to talk about Today we're Water bitcoins Investors Go That's on the list of discussion items for this video So let's Go ahead and Get started Chris rapp What's going on man i'm Glad You Here man Glad to have you all right Here we Go? Either Our question of the day at The end by the video Let's go Live From The usa hoping you get paid every day This is the bose and i got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cash Money for Bitcoin it's called Big quick dot co there's a Link in the description and it's in the number-One comment on this video you go To their website you're gonna see this right Here you click on buy and you tell them how much Money You want To spend and it will automatically convert That Amount in a Bitcoin Once You have that Amount Ready you Let them Know how you want to pay for It you can Either do a cash Deposit or Money Transfer through a Major Bank Right Here in the usa you pick what bank you want And it'S quite convenient to my house a Big Thing to note Here is you only have three hours to get that cash Money Into The Bank account that They send you once you Deposit the Money into their account they send you the bitcoin notice That there is a Two percent fee this morning When i send $500 they Charged me Ten Dollars to send it but That's not Bad at all in Crypto land so you click on Next right Thereafter it's confirmed and They'll Send you an email and notice This is cash Only you guys don't Go online and Try to transfer it into a person's account because It won't Work you Need to go into a bank with cash Money in the email that They send you They'll Put the name They'll put A 12 digit account Number They'll Put That Holder state That's all You Need and They Will also confirm Your bitcoin Address where the Money Will be sent biggest Thing To note Here is that You will need to receive the upload link And Send them the receipt of the transfer this is what that Looks like all you do is you take a picture of The Deposit Receipt After You Send it you Type in that little no Refunds or a Big quick on bitcoin boom Upload It into That email right There using That link and congratulations Baby You are Now a Part of the Money team this is the boat With Another Breakthrough website for You Guys i hope It Helps and i hope You will be profitable and Prosperous in the Market Let's Go like a Boss Live From The usa helping you get paid every day this is the base a Bitcoin the Grease though of Crypto is your boy be cake and if you don't like me you must not like Money Today Is September 27th and i'm about to Jump Inside the booth and Turn Clark Kent The superman Just Like Aetherium Is to save The World To save the Crypto purse Bitcoin Is gonna go down you guys and Somebody's Got to be the heroes Somebody got to put the cape on circle Around the World Three Times Jump Inside a telephone Booth Rip the Glasses off you know put the s on his chest you Know and Put The World on his back and That's What Superman do Congratulations if This is your first time tuning in congratulations Baby You are now rocking with the best My name is bk my friends know me as a Crypto traitor and i am the Boss of These Charts as You Will soon find out Every day I'm fortunate enough to grace This microphone with My Voice is another day somebody can prosper as a Result and Today Is no Exception So i'm changing The format a little bit i'm about to switch This Thing Up you know What we're gonna do is the question of the day Is What coins Should we Buy for our trading challenge I'm coming Back live on the air in about 6 hours so Jump in the comment Thread After This video Goes live Jump in the comments if you're watching It after i did it live you have a Chance to win now? Before You didn't have a chance to win Now you do so Jump in the comments and Now Let me know what coin we Should buy iF i pick your coin i'm gonna review Everybody's Picks – and if i pick Yours you Just won right so there we Go man Now you can see it's a Community Thing You Know it's not Just me picking these coins Half of them Come from you guys and When we Pick last night we Made some Money on that didn't, Come from me i got an email From My guy Johanna Right Yo.hannes and He looked Out for us if we had a Pretty Good pick up on now so here we Go here we Go right What do you Guys think about It Theory You think they could pull it off back in a day Two Years Ago coinbase When we Was you know Just Just Looking at The little look at That Little blue Chart on coinbase That Was all like A Young boss in the making Just drawing that little line all the Way across the screen Just going back and forth Said bitcoin Up to 560 i think It might Go down to 480 it got support at for a oh i That's What i did That's where i started That Buck Started swing trading for 80 you know and 560 you know spiked It like Three Times may Have my Money back and Then i was off you know But Now our Mechanics are a Little Bit different but but i say that to say This back then it Was like you know coinbase Was Bitcoin in the theorem and that Was It right and back Then And Bitcoin went Up a Theory and went Up because people were buying People were spending Money Deposit Bam Hit my Debit Card Bam Credit car 8% no problem bam you know nowadays Nowadays It's a much more diverse Crypto community right in fact a Theory of the flippin Is is gonna Result in Aetherium Having a larger Market cap so essentially It will overtake Bitcoin Now Will it rule the Market i don't think it Will Personally But It Will Have more Money Behind It right so essentially it's coming into its own and This Will Be a Very enduring test for aetherium Bitcoin Is Still Confirmed in a downtrend This Little Blip on the radar This is what we Just did before to call It today and i'm not gonna take the time to Do it on This call but if you Just put a White ball on the top of That 77 and Say If we Roll This ball down the Heel of 77 would It Stop the Answer Is no there for This little Blip is not a Reversal it's Merely Just a Blip Right Just a Little Mm That's how it Goes Mm yep That's gonna be the sound of a Lot of Broken Hearts Tomorrow Morning When y'all see a Board Full Rated and You went and Bought bitcoin At 4100 Don't do it don't do So with that being Said i'm gonna give you Guys a quick look at the macro level of Why i think Aetherium can Save The World and by The World i Mean the rest of The alts the Crypto verse even if Bitcoin Goes Down like The Titanic That Doesn't Mean That the Market Will fail as long As The Market can Support profit Right That Money Will Flow out Bitcoin Into the alts and a Lot of These Charts are set Up to break Out right Now as a Result a Lot of Charts That We've already Bought in our trading challenge atx I think Gm t Stores are set Up to breakout as a Result so you Just seen Both Sides of It and you Understand where i'm coming from Now Let's get into some of the theology That we're looking into right Now again i don't want To spend any time on This on this video Actually Looking at The Mechanics of The Chart i do that a Lot Already Right So this Will not include a Theory um's chart That's Actually going to be part.

Two this Is part One i'm gonna do part Two Tomorrow so you can See the macro high level Market trends economics you know global you Know Influences and then we'll Get into the macro macro is the chart The Chart Is more or less like on the plan field you know i'm Focused 7 in 77 Whereas the macro is like Art Let me see What's going on oh i see Russia over there okay oh i see china yep What i see oh yep i got That Metropolis YuP Prc 20 up you know so it's like two different views of The same Story but the better you Understand both of them The more you can Make Money Cuz you more the more you're Able to understand the charts and the Major intersections and Major influence and The Major you know Proponents and accelerate Bam When a chart Break off Why did it break off some People might blame It on one of them But You Already Know no actually It Was this event this event and this event Combined With the fact that the chart Was Doing This all a While Which Resulted 30% in three Days So first Thing we can See first Thing we Can See Right Here This Is a Theorems Charter a train of Visitors Screenshots Um screenshot right but We see When bitcoin Earlier This Month Late August went down you know 20 30 % bam a Lot of People Was hurt ready to Jump off the side of the building i was i didn't even notice in fact i made Money Because i had – an Appendix but we Said that for another day you can See that aetherium Its value in Bitcoin essentially The Market cap of etherium During That Time It wasn't bothered at All You Know if there iam Said we ain't in This for bitcoin we in this for etherium and so Now you start to develop the what i call the Investor profiles The Psychological profiles Who is buying this coin at The end of the day It's not The People that care how many Dollars the Next person is Willing to pay for bitcoin It's a completely different Mindset a completely different Psychology you have a completely different person that Has a Hundred aetherium versus the person that Has a Hundred Bitcoin? Right So therefore When this is one of the one of the indicators i looked at When i saw bitcoin price Plummeted boom and Aetherium Didn't Even respond right Technically You Would think if those two were straight-line Correlated Like They used to be You Would See aetherium Go down to about a Hundred Twenty maybe even $80 $75 this is Actually What my Chart Showed you know we could have went to when i said aetherium 50 bucks I'm Pretty sure it was looking at This moment in time Where it would it Hit 0.05 btC you Know right Here on the ground floor and then Broke back Up i Say That about three Months Ago for The People Who remember i said aetherium could Hit 50 dollars i won't buy it under until it's Under a Hundred We Could've Very well Get There Just Because the our value of Bitcoin Leaving Will in turn make the dollar value of a Theory I'M lower but It Should Not break 0.065 btC Now What that equals in dollars is yet to be determined it could Very well be Fifty dollars but the Correlation Between bitcoin and aetherium Pretty Much Has a Floor right there at 0.065 Right and That's Evident Now you know with a pull back on bitcoin Wood is dry up a little bit yes but It Shouldn't Go lower Than 0.05 point Blank Period Right Next Thing you can look at Is you Know Major Major Major Undertakings in The Market and This Ic O—- you know Ic O—- Mania 2017 IC O—- Mania is like Two Things this year Will be remembered for Forks and Icos and the rest don't Changed The Direction Crypto vers Forever so you Know we have a Entirely New economy Based on a Theory 'M Now right and That's definitely something to keep in Mind When you're looking at Macro Major Macro Event Right so Even With China and Their Governance on The Ic O—- right the United States is IC O—- Security as an Exchange Who knows Right Where Does This Very area come in it but all that matters is that is Now centralized Around Aetherium – Whereas Before Aetherium Was centralized Around Bitcoin so theorem is coming into its own right in front of Our Very eyes Next Thing We have the Governance Right The Regulation You Know Support or against you know and Russia's is putting their Money Where their mouth Is and They're putting up a Hundred million For a Bitcoin mine at farm notice They Say bitcoin Here i don't think it's gonna be big But It's yet to be determined I think They're Just Saying bitcoin so you Know That's what the World associates it with but I'm pretty sure they're Working on Their own Version of Bitcoin To more or less be a digital Backed Currency Going Into The Next Hundred Years That's Just my Initial Interpretation so being that the italic founder of aetherium The Brainchild of Aetherium The Crypto Crypto Crypto Currencies darling so to speak Is from Russia We Aren't We Got the three super powers back again back again us Russia China Right Russia Has a Theorem China has bitcoin cash and And These Guys Have Bitcoin They have more bitcoin Than Anyone else in the Whole World Forever Probably Cuz they can Always Just Hack another exchange Shut down somebody for you know Put It This Way bitcoin has Been compromised long long long time Ago So That's Actually The Number one wallet holder for bitcoin China Knows This Russell Knows This so it's another arms Race Right and Aetherium Is the Pair That's native to that Land so now it has Almost like a National Support you could Put a Russian Flag on top of aetherium Because They're going to be paired Together Forever right One more Thing we Could look at Is The innovation in the Market Right What does that Look like you know this is an article right Here Aetherium World News I'm not one Big for the news but when you have this many indicators pointing it's good to see you know the inside look of? a coin So this is actually a Big Thing for aetherium with metropolis in the hard Fork and They're talking about January They're more or less talking Right Here how its Kind of stood aside from Bitcoin but But It does Have a Similar investor profile where you know some People that Bought bitcoin if bitcoin Crashes Then They'll pull Their Money From aetherium But Then we Just on the Charts That That is only true to a certain Extent See because they Say However and not to make a Optimistic Change Towards That Kind of Understanding for aetherium could Be coming as soon as the end of the year Technology protocol use and regulations are not is Hindering as bitcoin so essentially aetherium is in a lot Better Boat Right so Last Thing We Could look at Is the Correlation grid Itself and This is Actually One of My favorite Tools Now to understand the macro versus micro What i wanted to do is show you guys Real quick is iF we look at the 12-Month Correlation 12 months You can see that aetherium Essentially had a negative inverse Correlation of Bitcoin point two right but What a lot of People won't notice is Its Correlation to – and we Know that – and bitcoin are about 0.05 percent Inversely Correlated especially When Ones Moving Against The Other When they're sitting Sideways It Kind of gets Blurred But essentially What this Thing is showing is That 35 cents on the dollar – and aetherium move in the same Direction and This has Been Averaged over the course of the past month and we Know Fairly Certainly That When bitcoin Goes Down – Goes Up and vice Versa What this is suggesting is that Over the past 12 months Etherium has Been come less Correlated with bitcoin and more Correlated With – This is confirmed When We Look inside of Seven Days and Now we see that Exact Same Correlation But What else has Happened Aetherium has Gone Up with bitcoin Past Seven Days Well What Happened Past Seven Days Bitcoin Went Down Right so the quick is moving down but the long is moving Up so you Have What's called a Hidden Bull i think in traditional Forex you have these different Divergences That Call It and I'm Pretty sure if we're looking at a Correlation Matrix This qualifies is almost a Hidden bull divergence When bitcoin is Weak Aetherium Holds par When bitcoin is strong aetherium gets stronger so what Does that Mean That Means That This Thing is actually a Lot Stronger Than This Thing Up here because it doesn't Break Down so all it needs is enough time to fill its Cycle To wear one and that Will be When Bitcoin hits the floor and Goes blur Below 3000 i'm pretty sure a lot of That Money Will Be Flowing in to btC And Again As i said i didn't want to discuss the charts on this video but Please Believe Your boy Got your boy got It pin down you know and we'll Be Actually Going Through That Tomorrow so make Sure you tune in tomorrow you Guys same time same Channel you know and we'll be getting it in on the charts I Just wanted to take a Step back you know step Up like you know coach you know Instead of Just be down on the Field i Need to go in press box and look at The Whole field you know Now that see that i can go back down On the field say okay Guys i know where we're going We Go over in this pipe boom Right Six Points Bam Put the name on the scoreboard cheerleader Kiss me empty That's it So there you go man That's a Theory Right It's a Great coin Great coin i feel a Lot Better About It Now Than i did back in June When it was Up here i think you guys remember i wasn't Too Big on a Theory i'm Up here i compared it the proud of Louisville Time Overpriced Commodities That You Know People were paying Way too much Money for But Down here you know especially Given That Bitcoin Needs to pull back and has the Mechanics to pull back Significantly I think it's a it's a Solid by down here right so there you go and if you Actually Go back to those videos i had these different levels in the chart Pinpoint It Between 0.069? 0.058 and i think point oh Seven four Just click back in time i never delete any videos Except for one i Deleted one We won't speak about that i won't speak about that so there you go What i'm gonna do right Now is I'm open It up to the chat My People will shout your country Out we coming right back to you in 30 Seconds i Just wanted to show you Guys the community Real quick We have Facebook and we Have the website Boasts a Big Boy It's out here we Go we Go to Facebook you guys again if this is your first time tuning in i think you have a Very Amazing Opportunity to Join One of The most vibrant empowering Communities in all The World it's called The Number One bitcoin group in The World It's right There on Facebook we Got about 11,000 of My Best Friends that come together Seven Days a Week and All We look at All We Talk about all we Discuss Is the charts and how to Make Money? You Know this Guy's talking about our ep ugh It looks Pretty Good That Thing is ready to run i'M gonna have to check That? Out you know and a Lot of Lot of It Picks Up i get come from Here right So Join It is completely free you know got to pay 995 for you to me cause ii don't need it to pay Any Money on a Subscription on Parthenon and Telegram a Snap Tweet but you know facetime none of That Just click That button come on in doors are always open Next Thing We Got awesome Bitcoin comm i'm gonna in a process of redoing This but Just Bear with me You Know that the products is still the same We Got the profit package This one Is $25 and it's a Hand Selected list Comprised of about two Months of intense Study you Guys i'm gonna put an Updated Price Flow on there but This Thing is probably up i would imagine twelve Hundred percent since inception using the boss method Again i Say it's the movers the Shakers And the Money Makers This is the first Round Draft Picks you Guys you know how on the nfl when they call That Number one Player and he'd Go out and shake Shake The commissioner's hand and hold Up his Jersey Every One of These Coins Got They Jersey Up you know they a franchise Player and so That's What They are the profit package right? $25 you can Have that list it Will put you on your weight to be powerful Prosperous and prominent in the Market Next We Got the dream team and if That's the first-round Picks This is the recruit These coins are the Next Generation Some of them Nobody has even Heard about Number Nine Number eight those two coins are about To do some damage and a Lot of People don't even Know Number not Just Got some Hype on YouTube the other day i need to hurry Up and fight 6 7 is like Batman and Robin of The east so Watch Out for That And it's called The dream team Because You don't need a lot of Money to get a lot of profit When i made This list You could Buy the entire list you Guys all ten coins with a $20 bill Right and It Started With a Dollar and Dream so if you've Got a dollar and you Got a dream then you got a chance To be profitable in the Market last Thing We Got is our one-on-One Meeting and This is When we Get some face time when you know i open my Calendar Up to you you click That Link Pay $25 the the the details are in the description and then After that you know we we Pick a time That Works you know you go to the website or to look something like This so Say You wanted to get something You Know i think we do something Maybe Saturday Morning Before The Kids Baseball game 9:00 a.m.

Click That Button bam right and Now We Got some face time with the boss and this is Actually One of The Times i Look Forward to You Know when we When we do all This Stuff and you know we start to make some Money it's really Great but the thing That matters The most to me is being Able to Connect With The individual on the other side of That Screen I've literally talked with People all over the World you know I've talked to people that had $100 in the Market i've talked to people that had a Hundred Thousand in the Market so you don't need a Lot To get a Lot of Traction but the one thing that Remains the same is that the Type of person i connect with is Always passionate you Know about Changing Their life They're always polite They're Always Positive right and these are The Things we Have to begin to do if we are going to truly change as a People Right Now Society is sick Because Society Is broke our Minds are Polluted You Know and our Lives are Diluted Right so what do we have to do the first Thing i'm gonna do for you is i'm gonna Help you get paid you Don't got to pay me one Penny but you will get paid if you use this method Over time You will get paid and after you Get paid You will empower others right each One Reach One Reach One teach One Right The Boss method That's Why it's Patented 77 over 77 it's a base Seven base 11 system three Seven and Levin You create The universe with Those three numbers Right Don't let Nobody tell you you came i spent about two Years Building This Algorithm and i'm giving It to you for free right Now okay If you appreciate that Then trust me you gonna love What we Got To come we are making billions and billions and We Are Empowering Our People We are Buying our Lives that we're not going to trade 30 Years for A 401k That grows At Point-o eight percent a year When the boss can Get you that Inside of three hours i Beat The Market about Ten Thousand Percent last Year and this is how And don't take a Lot of Money to get a lot of profit That being Said we are Jumping into the Charts you Guys don't Get me fired if i gotta come back in six hours you know I could be on here listen Listen don't let the Alphabet Boys tell you anything Have to have conversations i have on Google They Do somehow Just end up cutting off you know i'm Saying So let's call That's cool can't Stop the shine you can't Kill an idea Oh you guys Got the idea right Now and you Got the method can't stop That so here we Go let's Jump into Chat Let'S move This to the side a Little bit Cool Let's see who we got rocking out with us right now oh? No We Got socal in the Building you Saw You saw India's Big in the Building Germ Money Two Times as Big in the building London Netherlands Who else oh see bitcoin cash many soda iec a One more London Netherlands Brazil Germany Belgium And Ireland And Canada Shout Out.

To the People up north austria Germany florida They Still coming in San Diego Boss Walking on the west coast Whip Early Switzerland represent La Shout Out to my man Charles in London Across the pond mexico viva for the Fam Uruguay Ethiopia Bk From The Boogie down now That's the Bronx from the sun Rockland stand Up see boy Netherlands north North Pole There you go Jingle Bells from the north pole Let's Just end it on that One you know i'm Saying i Got to get out of Here Guys i got to get ready for this Next video i do a Little Work behind the scenes you Know I'm Just trying to trying to clean This stuff Up When i write a question of the day i will be picking after This Call so i'm gonna announce two on the next call it's Actually gonna be somebody from Last Night's question of The day so our next call Will have Two People one Will be from Yesterday But for the Next call Jump in our comment who do you think We Should buy for Your trading challenge Just That Easy and if i pick you you Just want there you Go That's how we Go do we Just Go keep Running it back Just like That Till We Meet Again it's that time of day Signing off This the Boss your boy bk, no matter where you stay Brazil to bank california all The Way back Out to Jerk Monday Good Night Good Morning and Good day Thank you for Joining me i appreciate your time Click That bell Copy and paste This url but somebody takes it to a friend Change Their life Do that For me if you appreciate mine until we meet again stay Cryptic y'All Please

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