Can BITCOIN be the future currency of the World? How is Elon Musk’s Tesla is manipulating it?

People, Bitcoin has been on the news since the past 3 years
now. On one side while we have got a set of billionaires who believe that it is absolutely BS. On the other side we have got a set of billionaires who think that Bitcoin is the future. While on one side we've got people who believe that Bitcoin is a threat to the world economy. On the other side we've got people who believe that Bitcoin
will be the very foundation of world economy in the future.

And I know for a fact that you don't care about these
things. You only care about one thing and that is Millionaire in 25 days. Anyways, so, since the past few months I've been doing some
intense research to get a sense of this whole Bitcoin hype. And today I'm about to make a very bold and calculative
prediction as to why I believe Bitcoin is the future. And hopefully by using my calculations you'll be able to open up gateways of opportunity for

So according to me there are 3 reasons why Bitcoin is the
future. The most fundamental reason of all has got to do with what exactly is the meaning of a currency. Now, people, on the outside if you ask somebody as to what exactly is the meaning of a currency. They would tell you that it is a standard commodity that can be traded and is recognised by some national or
international body.

But the truth is even if no government or official body recognises a currency it could still be extremely valuable. At the same time, inspite of all the government recognition
in the world still a currency could be absolutely useless. For example, let's say tomorrow you go to buy coconut water,
alright ? And you have got 10 crore rupees in your Google Pay account. If the the person selling coconut water says that he will not accept Google Pay inspite of you being a millionaire you cannot even buy something as small as coconut water
also. So, even with all the recognition that is there for digital
wallets and rupee as a currency. Your money is absolutely worthless. At the same time I don't know how many of you know this but then in prisons in America, Ramen noodles is used as a
currency which means if you're a prisoner you can exchange Ramen noodles and get whatever you want. In fact in a 2016 report it was stated that the value of Ramen noodles inside the prison goes as much as 10 times of its MRP, which means if you've got a packet of Ramen noodles that costs ₹60, in prison you could exchange that very same packet to buy ₹600 worth of commodities.

So this is what we call as informal currency. Now if you see who the hell recognises Ramen noodles the prison does not recognise Ramen noodles let alone the
government. Then the question is How the hell has it been operating as a currency for decades
then ? Well that is because a currency, fundamentally, does not necessarily require a recognition from some official body. It just requires two things. Number one, it needs enough people who believe in the
currency. And number two, it requires a network that can connect all of these believers so that they can carry out a transaction. That's it. Full stop.

If it has believers that cannot get in touch with each other then again the
currency is absolutely useless. For example, let's say you go to a remote village in India
tomorrow and if you've got, again, 10 crore rupees in your PhonePe and you want to buy a vada pav. You cannot buy vada pav unless you find another guy who accepts PhonePe. So, if you see even though millions of people all across the world, in general, believe in digital wallets. If you can not find another guy, who accepts PhonePe, you again, cannot carry out a
transaction. Therefore, for a currency to operate you only need two things; number one believers and a network to connect these believers. That's it. Now, when it comes to Bitcoin, the most amazing thing about
it is that Bitcoin has a lot of believers and not just that these believers also include people like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey who in this context are acting as influencers which means what by using their influence they can multiply the number of believers in the market which will eventually get enough believers in the market to turn Bitcoin into a mainstream currency.

A very simple example of the same is the $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin that was purchased by
Tesla. Now, when Tesla publically announced that it has invested $1.5 billion into Bitcoin and the fact that they now plan to accept Bitcoin millions of people all across the world started believing in Bitcoin and started investing into
Bitcoin. As a result of which the value of Bitcoin shot up. Therefore, when more such companies start using their
influence Bitcoin will automatically become mainstream. That is my first reason why Bitcoin is the future, which is the number of believers of Bitcoin are increasing slowly and
steadily and thanks to the Internet, the network to carry out this
transaction has always existed. My second reason has got something to do with what was mentioned by a startup legend who goes by the name
Naval Ravikant. Now, in the Joe Rogan podcast, Naval stated that if a country begins to understand that its currency is
loosing value or maybe if it is at the brink of hyperinflation then it would use its assets to buy Bitcoin silently and then announce to the world that "We have bought

And then it will start using it as a currency. And this is also applicable to any kind of financial
emergency for that case. For example, now, let's take a hypothetical situation,
alright ? Now, this is hypothetical so don't take it seriously. Let's say we need 20 lakh crores for covid relief in India,
okay ? So tomorrow what the Indian government will do is it will invest into Bitcoin silently and then make a grand announcement to the world that "We have invested into Bitcoin" and the fact that we plan to accept Bitcoin as a currency. Now, the moment this news rolls out millions of people, possibly, billions of peole will rush to
rush to invest into Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin will shoot up and then two things will
happen. Number one, India could use its return on investment for covid relief and number two Bitcoin will become mainstream. Now, on the outside it might look like a very far-fetched
idea but the reality is this is happening right in front of our
eyes and it's just that we haven't noticed it yet.

Now, this has got something to do with the peculiar
investment that Tesla made into Bitcoin So, if you've been following the story lately, you'd know
that Tesla saw a meteoric rise in its stock value in 2020. So much that Elon Musk himself saw his net worth increase by $140 billion. Now when all of this was happening everybody was talking
about it. People were making calculations as to if you had invested $100 into Tesla how much money you'd
make today basically anything that they do with a goldmine.

Now, when this kid of massive shoot up of stock value
happens there is a certain degree of fear in the minds of the
investors that begins to linger because people often start to suspect if it is a bubble which is just about to burst. And the fact that they might loose all their money. Now, when this kind of a sentiment is prevalent in the
market just like a bubble takes just a slight touch to burst. It takes only a few bad news headlines for the market to
panic and then the stock to crash. Now, in case of Elon Musk even something as lame as he smoking weed at a podcast also results into something disastrous. So during this time Tesla invested $1.5 billion into Bitcoin and here's the most surprising fact of all. In the year 2020, Tesla's profit was $721 million and the profit that they made through Bitcoin was one
billion dollars. And here's where it hit me that there is something that I'm
not seeing.

So I started getting deeper and deeper and here are the
numbers that I found. Now this is coming from an analysis which was conducted by
GLJ Research which shows that there are two important demand indicators
that suggest that Tesla might have a problem stoking demand for its
vehicles. Number one Tesla have already cut the price of its vehicles several
times across the international markets which includes France, Germany, Japan and China. And since the new year itself Tesla has already lowered the price of a vehicle in these
four markets for about 13 times. Now, this is something that is unheard of because a few years ago, Tesla faced very less competition. Now here's a price development graph of Model Y and Model 3
in China. And you will see that in Januaury itself there was a steep decline in price of as much as 30% and 19% respectively And not just that.

At the end of Q01 Tesla had the largest inventory of unsold units in its
history. And based on the reports of shipments and deliveries a large portion of this unsold inventory appears to be from
Europe. And lastly there's another headline that popped up which stated that Tesla halts production of Model 3 line in California. So to put that straight, while on one side Tesla's stock is
shooting up. On the other side there is bad news coming from all across
the world about the poor performance of the company. Now, this is enough to get the investors to panic during a situation wherein there is already a speculation
that it could be a bubble.

And over here if you see Tesla has very smartly used its Bitcoin investment to overshadow all the bad news so that it can drive confidence among the investors and eventually prevent a stock crash. So if you see, what happened over here is that a billion
dollar company like Tesla has used its influence to get millions of people to believe
in Bitcoin and then eventually, it has been able to save itself from
the economic bump. Now my question to you is if a billion dollar company like Tesla could do it can you imagine what will be the impact if a country like
India or China does it ? And as far as my prediction is concerned, some day some giant country will end up doing something like
this and there is a possibility that within a fortnight Bitcoin will become mainstream.

With that we come to the third reason. The third reason is pretty straight-forward and that is the crypto war which is happening between US and
China. Now I don't know how many of you actually have been
following this news but then China is currently mining about 60% of the Bitcoin
in the world. And the United States now wants a piece of the pie. So billions of dollars are flowing in to establish giant
setups so that one can be ahead of the other. I'll give you a link to a Wall Street Journal video in the description which will give you an in-depth
understanding of the same. So my point is if 2 giant superpowers are fighting for something it is very less likely that it'll be something stupid.

And that is my third reason why I believe that Bitcoin is
the future. Now, most people would say that Bitcoin has a lot of
problems. The energy consumption is very very high, the currency in itself is extremely volatile and 100 other reasons could be enlisted for the same. But here's a thing guys there are hundreds of problems with the Internet. There are hundreds of scams that are happening even in
Internet banking and there are serious security issues even with the very
phone that you are holding right now. But if you see, they are an integral part of our lives. Why ? Because their advantages outweigh their disadvantages and similarly, Bitcoin as a currency and blockchain as a tehnology have got such huge potential that it is perhaps beyond the imagination of the 99% of the
world's population. And that is also the reason why even if you get an inch closer to understanding its
potential by doing some deep sh*t research it can give you opportunities that 99% of the world's
population can't even comprehend.

And that is how I would like to rest my case. If you learnt something valuable please make sure to hit the like button and to support our work please hit the subscribe button. Thank you so much for watching. I'll see you soon, bye-bye..

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