Can BINANCE Do It!? Will BNB Overtake ETHEREUM!?

Well like we predicted, like we knew it would 
come…the Binance attack against Ethereum   is here. Doing this video is putting myself & 
channel at risk, as bots will mass report me,   they will try to bury this content…as 
I’m the only one who goes against the   grain & fights for what’s right 
in crypto. Decentralization….so   are you ready to get distributed? 
Because it’s time for Chico Crypto! Yes, the only one going against the grain. The 
narrative right now, is Binance is the crypto   king.

The top crypto youtubers, Datatrash, Coin 
Copy Cat Bearaeu, crypto r us, coin bureau again,   literally all the top guys, including 
Micheal Saylor are on CZs nootsack. Literally, I can’t stand influencers 
in the space…all these top guys all   scream and shout how they are 
proponents of decentralization,   yet…they will push their followers towards 
the nastiest centralized entity in the space.

But it’s leaking outside of 
cryptocurrency too. A model,   influencer and person outside of cryptocurrency 
is going hard on the shill. Amanda Cerney… Going hard on BNB, tweet after tweet about 
how it’s so special. Eloping with it,   Honeymoon & it’s her sugar mama. 
Then she even made price predictions… But before this, what was she shilling!? 
Tron!….She tweeted “Don’t use the Tron network   if you want to pay expensive gas fees with 
the hashtag tron partner. But just below,   you see the Justin Sun, CEO of tron say something   “Show me your #TRX address. I may 
send you something with a wink emoji” Well 1 day before her tweet, Lindsay Lohan 
did something similar. “Exploring #DeFi and   already liking all of the tron ecosystem. 
Super fast and 0 fee. Good job @justinsun.   What did justin reply to her? “Welcome to the TRON 
family! Show me your TRX address Smiling face…I   may send you something…with that same winking 

Almost like this was copied and pasted. Well the fact that is was a copy and 
paste held super true. Another celebrity,   NEYO tweeted the same day as Lindsay 
“What's an ideal crypto bag? Thinking   the entire tron ecosystem. And Justin 
replied with the exact same reply   as Linday’s ““Welcome to the TRON family! 
Show me your TRX address… Smiling face…I   may send you something…with that same 
winking emoji. An exact copy and paste…. Well the reveal happened when a major influencer 
outside of crypto with a massive channel made a   video on the topic. Marques Brownlee, major tech 
influencer with 13.7 million subs on Youtube.   Let’s just watch what he had to say 
about this Tron Celebrity Campaign…. So Marques received an email, to do a 
sponsorship, while not saying it’s sponsored.   The email, said they already received 
cooperation from the influencers mentioned.   Plus lil yachty…well going to that tweet. 

Yachty, who might now be downgraded to   Mr. Tugboat, has deleted that tweet…Well 
luckily Marques had it saved in video,   and Mr. Tugboat forgot about the wayback machine, 
you can use that to view any deleted tweet…like   this guys upcoming Tron tattoo. You better get 
it, or you seriously might be tug boating… But I want to rewind, because here is 
where we can see things falling apart.   We go back to the initial Marques 
email. They were trying to get   him onboard, and said they already had the 
influencer’s on…including Amanda Cerney… Amanda, when caught for the sponsorship, admitted 
it. She said “Yes I did in fact disclose it . It   is best to Do your research before you listen to 
and copy and paste what someone else is saying. The copy paste comment makes me laugh, but then 
TRON’s Justin tweeted “There have been rumors   lately of third party celebrities being paid to 
promote #TRON. #TRON Foundation is not involved   in these activities. Nor is the foundation aware 
of the actors behind this. He continued “Several   celebrities have tweeted about #Tron lately, 
citing its FAST speed and LOW transaction fees.   I offered them #TRX #WIN to try out more 
features on #TRON just like I have also given   #BTC and other cryptocurrencies to many other 
celebrities to introduce them to blockchain” So, trying to put the blame on the third 
party, who they say they have no idea   who it is.

This anonymous third 
party was just out there paying   influencers to support tron… with no connection 
to Tron on the foundation…I just have to LOL.. Although, Sharing friends, influencers, 
and ideas is common between Justin,   Tron…CZ & binance. They are pals, 
really good pals, so it makes sense   Amanda would be now supporting BNB & on 
rapid fire tweeting about it…but models,   lindsay lohan & rappers…that is nothing 
compared to what is coming even harder this week, Mark Cuban & CZ are sitting down 
to talk about bitcoin, ethereum,   bnb and decentralization.
Well, maybe you guys should speak   about that one time CZ’s centralized exchange 
got hacked back in 2019, and then to save their   arses, CZ wanted to ‘ROLL BACK’ the bitcoin 
blockchain, and perform a 51 percent attack.

Which, you shouldn’t have that Ethereum logo 
on their…after what they pulled Friday,   Binance announced they had “temporarily” 
suspended withdrawals of $ETH and   Ethereum-based tokens in order to address 
a congestion issue. Funds were “SAFU” Well of course people noticed, that this was a 
play to pump their own BNB & Binance Smart Chain,   a community uproar took place. With Larry 
Cermack of the block saying “Ethereum is not   even congested right now. Was way worse multiple 
times over when withdrawals weren't suspended” They got caught in a complete & utter 
lie. Ethereum was not congested.   To save face & because their reason was BS, 
they turned on Withdrawals within the hour…. So what was the point of this? Well let’s take a 
look at the price of BNB during the shutdown…as   we can see, right when Ethereum went “down 
with congestion on the exchange”. BNB   started pumping…and it had hit its peak 1 
hour later…when they were caught & withdrawals   resumed for Ether.

But why the deflation after for 
BNB?? And then a steep drop off under 300 bucks?? I guess you could call it Karma…as 
Binance went down. The SHEE-Z tweeted   “There is an AWS issue affecting multiple 
exchanges. Binance is barely holding up,   but seeing some caching balance sync issue for 
a small number of users. Working on it.” So,   now everyone’s assets were held hostage on their 
centralized exchange…. not just Ethereum holders. So They’re Ethereum congestion move was 
just a move to see what they could get   away with. Literally Shee-Z tweeted this 
hours before the “congestion”….”Uniswap   should consider moving to #BSC. Not easy 
running with weight on your ankles. Follow   the users….and then just before this he said 
“People tell me BNB market cap should flip ETH.   Not a race, but just based on user 

Let's see what happens.” So, he just said its not a race. 
Then he tweeted Uniswap should come   to Binance smart chain…it’s not easy 
running with weight on your ankles….  Obviously to CZ this is a race, and he is going 
to do everything in his power to flip ETH and take   DeFi and destroy the decentralization…by moving 
it onto a fully centralized Binance Smart Chain…. Chainlink God, popular twitter 
influencer put together a great thread,   which explains it oh so clearly. They said 
“For anyone who thinks the activity on #BSC   is actually real, check this out
This one contract alone has had 680k   failed transactions spammed to it within the past 
17 hours with a link to the actual contract.

CZ,   please enlighten me and explain this 
obviously fabricated activity….. It’s not only chainlink god noticing it.   CrypticFelix on twitter tweeted about the 
pure “fake” storm put on by binance over   the weekend. He posted a contract address 
with the proof and said “Hey binance,   want to explain this wash trading for us guys 
in the back? Or is it just natural volume? LOL He then posts a picture below 
with more data proof. He said   “Pancakeswap with almost 2x the 24H volume,   but with 5x less site visits? Totally real volume 
bro.” Yikes, Felix slammed them right there….. So, its out there in the open, a large majority 
of that “volume” & a very large majority of those   transactions are FAKE. But that doesn’t stop CZ 
from promoting them like they are real. He tweeted   on the 17th “There are almost 2x more transactions 
on #BSC than on ETH. If you want more users for   your Dapp, you need to be on BSC now….Ummm stop 
lying, there are not more users on BSC…but   he kept it going.

2 days later he tweeted 
“There are now 3x daily transactions on #BSC   than #ETH. For developers, if you are not on #BSC, 
you are missing 75% of your potential market.” Well the scary thing with that tweet, is CZ 
knows there are not more “real” users on BSC   than Ethereum. But with this last 
tweet besides saying they are now   3x bigger than Ethereum..he said 
they are 75 percent of the market. Binance considers themselves 75 percent of 
the crypto markets. And let me tell you,   they will not stop until they take 100 percent of 
it under fully centralized control.

And guess who   said this was coming. 6 months ago, with the 
launch of this copy and paste smart chain. Of   course Chico Crypto Did with this video “Binance 
is Enemy #1 of the ETHEREUM DeFi Kindgom!!” So you should definitely click the tag above,   or click the end screen video about 
kingdoms and DeFi, it explains what   is coming in the world of crypto. A war 
for control over the next form of monies.   Will it be centralized or can decentralization 
weather the storm? Cheers I’ll see you next time!

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