CaffCast Tutorials – Dogecoin – Part 4 – How To Mine Dogecoins [NVIDIA – CUDAMINER – WINDOWS]

hello guys and welcome back to other care cast today we're carrying on with our how to do coin series and this is the episode that most of you have been waiting for this is how to mine dope coin now we're gonna have to go through a few things step-by-step here and I deliberately haven't installed any of the software required on my computer because it's all relatively small and easy to download so it makes sense to me to do it with you rather than do it before you but the very first thing that we need to do before we go any further is we need to make sure that we're doing this safely because the most important thing about dogecoin no matter how much you manage to mine if you kill your graphics card while doing it it's not really worth your time or effort or anything like that so the first thing that you need to do is you need to go to your graphics card manufacturers websites whatever that might be EVGA or anything like that and download their graphics card software in particular the sort of like overclocking software so I think EVGA does I think it's precision X I use a Zeus components in my computer and I have this ghastly program here called as u s– GPU tweak now it's actually a pretty good program for doing the sort of things that we want to do and it's good for getting a soft overclock going as you guys can see here I'm actually running a 1046 I would look at my GPU with a 1200 maximum GPU voltage NMM o'clock of 6,600 the reason for actually getting this software is nothing to do with changing the overclocking and if you want to overclock you're more than welcome to try it but it is something that you need to do very gradually step by step on the GPU boost and step by step on the memory clock but most important things remember is that you don't need to overclock your graphics card to be able to mine do coin straight forward you just need to have the graphics card running efficiently and the reason that we have this is because we need to monitor the temperature of our GPU and we need to be able to manually modify the fan speed so that's what we're gonna be doing today the very first thing that you want to do before taking on any of this kind of thing is be absolutely as safe as possible and the best way of doing that is starting by increasing your fan speed to 100% the absolute maximum that it will go obviously at the moment that will bring out to our GPU temperature right down as you can see we are already running at 26 just jumped up a little bit to 29 there obviously I am recording at the same time so some of my GPUs gonna be getting towards that but that's the most important thing to do to start off with because we don't want to start running any kind of benchmarks or stress tests on our computer without having the fans running at a complete full speed and then modifying them and bringing them down slowly later on so now that we've done that obviously bear in mind that these are these graphics tweaks that I'm talking to you about as I've described described in the description our four Nvidia graphics cards if you do use AMD for this perhaps isn't a tutorial for you and but there are plenty of tutorials out there that I know I have seen on YouTube that are specifically for AMD graphics cards and the majority of the time any of the altcoin mining that uses script rather than the encryption method that Bitcoin users are relevant the tutorial that I'm trying to do today answer your cards so the first thing we need to do is we need to go on to the internets and we need to download cuda minor so if i just type that in here if I can type properly QT minor there we go the best thing to do is to go to I think it's Bitcoin talk yes this is the this is the site that you need this is actually a really great discussion because this is kind of the court unquote official place that the the program has actually been released there is 98 pages worth of conversation but the only thing that we're interested in right now is this CUDA mine at 2013 12 18 we have sinned up to 40% performance increases by running the latest version so as long as you don't have any of the five series Fermi cards and then I would strongly recommend downloading this if you have a Fermi card that it may be worth going for a slightly older version it shouldn't make too much of a difference to your computer and what you're doing with it but it's still important to to get the right setup so I'm gonna click there and that will take me over to the website that I need to get the actual download from as I said before it's a relatively small download so it shouldn't take too long 7.2 Meg no time at all pretty much lovely okay so I'm gonna open that up straight from my browser here and I'm gonna extract that onto my desktop now obviously you can rename that folder anything that you want to and you can put it anywhere that you want to but that is the actual minor program there that's what we've got so now we've got that downloaded what we now need to do is go to a pool and login and sign up the reason that I haven't go into more details about the pools is like the buying and selling of dogecoin it really is entirely up to you if you want a personal recommendation I currently use duke house which is the one that I'll probably be using for the purposes of this tutorial but it's entirely up to you which one you use if you go to the dogecoin reddit what you can do is you can highlight over poles and they have a directory and a list here of various different mining pools and you can use either website and you can have a look through see how many workers are on each pool this information I believe is a bit out of date but the the actual links themselves aren't and then all you need to do to find out about different pools and stuff is is go to one and then go on to the pool information here you can actually see that this this one for example dogecoin pool calm has four hundred and twelve active – and hash rate of one hundred and twelve mega hashes now that's that's obviously a combined pool together because what you'll find as we go through this tutorial is that in the current state of mining with graphics cards using cuda minor you're looking at about four hundred five hundred I mean the best that I get out of my GTX 780 first day edition is about 512 and that's running some really balls to the walls configs which i will go through a lecture on so but anyway you need to basically choose yourself a pool so I've managed to do that I've chosen Doge house here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to sign up to this this website here and I'll pause the video just for two seconds whilst I do the e-mail verification part of the of the video and get the passwords and stuff all sorted out and but as I said before guys just remember that this account is not going to be used permanently there's there's gonna be nothing here so it's not you know worth your time trying to gain access to it or anything like that this is just a temporary account that I'm going to use to demonstrate this content and then I'm going to ask for the cut the account to be deleted off of that so once I've signed into the actual website itself I'll be back with you guys in two minutes okay guys now that I've signed up to the website we have access and we need to use some information from the pool to add to our configuration file for CUDA minor in order to get it working with this website the way that we do that is we need to add a worker we're going to the my work exception of the of the website here and we create one so user and password that's fine this information doesn't really matter because it doesn't gain access to your account or anything like that it's just telling the the website when you log into kewda minor and you put the worker information it's telling you which worker you're using so what you can then do is you can use multiple computers on the same login through specific workers so that's the reason that you have more than one so we'll just use the generic settings that it's that it's given us here so that's the that's the the worker look in there dope test one user worker password password we can monitor it in bits and pieces like that but we don't need to worry about that too much at the moment the next thing that we need to do is go and get the information for actually gaining access to the pool and that information is not in the pool section it's in the let's have a look here I think it's in getting started is it yeah here we go right so this is the actual information that you need to to get the minor configured but there are other bits and pieces that we need to do to to make sure the configuration has been done correctly and the best way of finding that information now is by going to the q2 – set up cuda minor if we just type in QT – setup I believe it's one of the first links that could actually be this link here has information about how to set the system up what we need to do is we need to actually make a dot bat file in our q2 minor and that is actually what we run now obviously I will strongly recommend using the 64 bit version of Qt minor because that's gonna do us a lot of favors in trying to make sure that we're running as optimally as possible that's definitely wrong the right website so I'll have to keep on going and see if we can find it net code pool could be it yeah that's the one lovely right okay so we have the correct information up what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create a new folder sorry I'm just getting ahead of myself there slightly what I'm gonna do is I'm going to create myself a new text document and just call it whatever we're gonna we're going to call it so we'll just call this stress test for now just to see how how well it runs and then we can add sort of more optimal configurations and later on so if I open up this text document there's a set kind of configuration guide that you need to run I'll maximize this back in so we can to see what I'm talking about so this is an example of the sort of information that you need to type in that's the basic code that you need to actually get the system running now as you can see the first thing that it asks for is the IP address of the actual mining pool itself which if we go to dock house here you can see that that is there with the port number and then you have the username and the password there is actually a an example of the CUDA – script here and is also a CG minor ATI guide on this website as well so it might actually be a quite a good place for you guys to start if you're looking into getting some more information now and there is also a CPU – system there for anybody who's running perhaps a little bit slower so we haven't got a GPU that can actually run system I'm not sure about whether or not on board graphics cards can run it in bits and pieces like that I haven't tried if there's enough requests for it and let make you make a video on my Mac about trying to get those working because I have a Haswell MacBook Air that runs on that on bore graphics card with that so we could try that but anyway let's carry on with the the invidious stuff for now we need to go and configure this now there are lots of different configuration and bits and pieces that we need to worry about but to start off with we will just add this information here in fact what we'll do is we'll take it directly from straw from Duke house because then we already have the the correct information added already so we'll minimize that over there we'll put that in here so that's all good to go so we'll just what I'm going to do quickly is I'm just going to delete this information here and put in what I know needs to be there like this and then we add the config before the – oh I don't know one that isn't there on this one I just know what I've what I've had to do in the past to get it working in it they have the the – Oh on that one as well so interesting anyway so we have the the the stratum + t CP Duke house and the port number has been added correctly now what we need to do is we need to type in the the web login and the working name and in the worker passwords so on here I've set up an account see if I can remember the year the account name it was something like do test if I go into workers yep so it's exactly what it says there so web login dot working name so it's Duke test one dot user and then the worker password is just password so that should be the correct information we'll give that a go and make sure it works probably properly sorry and we'll just double-check on here make sure that they thinking that's this that's the right thing so they've done it a little bit differently working in worker past which i think is is actually outdated information and that may be why that that's that's done like that I don't know so I'm not gonna I'm not going to question it we're just going to carry on with go with doing with doing this because I know these these settings work and they work very well so the next thing we need to do is go through our configuration and there's a variety of different things that we can do here and the best thing for you to do is go through them step-by-step and decide whether or not you need to worry about them for example the first is devices and that is a chance for you to tell the configuration file which graphics card that you want to use so for example for me I'm running a graphics card on the first slot so it's because I just have the the one GTX 780 in my computer at the moment I may add a second one if there's ever ever a need to buy the moment that runs pretty much all my games so have to worry about that too much so I know that's on place zero so you can see there that I'm typing in dash D for device and then telling it where it is so that's a 0 the next one we've got is launch configuration what I usually do is type in Auto because it's always good to have this set up for now because then you know that if you ever need to modify it later on and to get those +500 killer has plus speeds that I've been talking to you guys about you need to be able to modify your launch config and that's what I that's what I have done in the past to get that set up so I will bring that up once I've once I've logged into the web to the Skype to get the leads off a friend of mine who knows a lot more about this than I do and I will share that with you at the very end of the video and so the launch config there has been a need to automatic we can choose whether or not we want the word do the computer to be interactive or not now this is a really useful one if you are running a second graphics card and you're telling your cue to minor to run exclusively on that graphics card in which case D would be something like one then you can run interactive mode on 0 to tell the system that you are not intending to interact with that graphics card at all however if like me you are running a system in which you still need the computer to be somewhat responsive then you can type in – I I let's put that in there properly spaced one that's time telling the the configuration here that I still need to use this graphics card to be able to power my computer to power my other bits and pieces that I'm running with this setup that I'm that I'm setting up for you guys here this will give me a killer hashes of around about 460 and it will allow me to do things like play youtube videos and also play dota as well at the same time as I mind so it's definitely a very good configuration if you're actually using the computer you can set up one if you're just literally going to turn the monitor off and stop using the computer or run it without a monitor on I'm gonna bits and pieces like that it's entirely up to you really texture cache I've never had to worry about really and single memory I haven't really touched that yet either those two are configurations that I haven't really had any time to look at you can pause the video now and and read the details about them and if you want to get any more details in there but the last one that we're actually going to do is we're going to be putting in the hash parallel which means that as you can actually can explain here usually like things like Bitcoin right exclusively on sha-256 which is why they're not that you can now run those more efficiently on external USB Bitcoin miners that work exclusively in sha-256 and that's why those miners that run in the mega hashes do not work on script based crypto currencies like dogecoin and so what we could do is we can tell it to single thread those hashes because it because either says it as it says here script also has a small sha-256 component to it we can set to run on a single thread on the CPU multiple threads on the CPU or just dump everything on the GPU now to be honest with you the best configuration that you can run here is one because that means that the the GPU then only has to worry about running all the crud that we're that we're throwing at it without having to rely on that did you run these sha-256 as well and to be honest with you whilst you're mining your cpu isn't really doing that much stuff so we're gonna add that one as well and where I'm going to do is I'm going to put that in alphabetical order just for argument's sake it doesn't actually matter as far as I'm aware so we're going to add that one in there as well so we've done that now what I'm going to do now this is far has been set up correctly I'm going to stop and I'm going to save this file and I'm going to go and rename it I need to actually go save our story so we need to click all files and then what we need to do is we to rename this a dot bat file and what that does is it changes the way that the file works as you can see now we still have that text document but we also now have a Windows batch file and that's the one that we need to run in the command prompt to be able to get this running now what I'm going to do is I'm going to fire this up and we're gonna check that this is working okay hopefully it will be and I wouldn't have to worry too much so here we go this is exactly what what you need to see so this is the what the actual QT minor program looks like it's nice and nice and basic and dos prompt D and fantastic and obviously pay respects to Christian and Burke boot shouldna here who was the chap that actually made this program what it's doing now is it's actually running that auto-tune if you remember that we in the setup here we went through and we set up the launch configuration to be automatic what it's doing by by running maze it's actually testing the GPU itself to find out whether or not it's able to run that sort of set levels and it's fine-tuning that now this is the point in which we need to look at the GPU temperature if there any point you find that this is running and you're running your fans are a hundred percent and your temperatures are getting close to 90 degrees you need to stop by hitting the close button up here that's the really important thing to worry about is that if at any point your GPU is running over ninety degrees no matter what GPU you're running if you're running hotter the ninety degrees centigrade you are doing permanent damage to your graphics card there's absolutely no point in mining if you have to spend money on replacing your graphics card now bear in mind obviously that this is all up to you it's your responsibility to play with and if you decide that you want to do this it's on your own head I can't be held responsible for you breaking a graphics card but as you can see here on the configuration that I'm running at with a hundred percent of fan speed my temperature is sitting at a nice steady 57 and that is as we you can see the GPU usage is pretty much at the full so there we go so now you can see that it's actually started to work the the minor has linked itself up to doge house properly which is exactly what we want and if we now click over here on doke house and go into the dashboard what you can see is that this is me this is specifically my worker and you can see that it is registering that I am doing stuff I have a hash rate which is fantastic that means that it's recognizing the stuff that I'm adding and it's putting it into the the actual pool itself and therefore I'm getting recognized for the work that I'm doing as you can see with the configuration that we're running we are looking at around about four hundred and sixty on the high ends as I said before the configuration that I've shown you so far is a little bit generic it really depends on the sort of setup that you're running the sort of system that you're running but if you are running a a 780 graphics card then what I will do is I will put my personal 780 configuration into the description of this video just down below and with that I have been successfully able to reach speeds of 520 and the absolute best but it's always consistently over 500 killer hashes that is at a unusable speed I mean you can do basic web browsing but you know you can by no means do any sort of gaining or any sort of video watching at all that is as I said before completely balls to the wall you know it's running at all times now you might notice in your q2 minor here and that sometimes you'll get a z' which is good news because that means that it's successfully done its mining part that he was trying to do but then sometimes you might also get boos as well that's perfectly normal when it's getting a boo it means that some that there's there's a chance that somebody else within the pool has already confirmed that block or there's another pool I've already confirmed that block quicker than we were able to in our pool I'm not sure of the specifics of it but I do know that it's completely normal as long as you're achieving a rate of over say 95 percent you're running absolutely fine because that's the sort of thing that I get at the moment it's running completely 100 percent which is fantastic and there you can see we're hitting that sort of four hundred and sixty point if we go back to our temperature mark here you can see that we've actually leveled off here around about 60 to 63 degrees so that's running quite efficiently for me if I run the ball to the water configuration that still gets to sort of 75 if you find that your fans are annoying the hell out of you then you can decrease the speed but as I said before you know it's it's really entirely up to you whether or not you want to there were the fan speeds whether or not you want to increase your overclock I know that by running my GTX 780 in my computer in my setup with the cooling configuration that I'm running because I'm running a liquid called CPU with a sort of a tunnel system where I have a knock to a fan running on the front side and the back side of the radiator pushing exhaust out of the back of the computer and so I know I've got a good level of air pressure running through the system and if I run my AI Suites you can see that I have all my temperatures on my computer running you know very cool very efficiently and that the the fans aren't even running that fast so the system that I'm running I'm able to run that that balls-to-the-wall setup that I'm talking to you guys about at an see percent fan speed and reach temperature of 75 degrees so that means that it's it's at a level where I can actually sleep in the same room as the computer because the fans running at 80 percent are a lot quieter than running at 100 percent but for argument's sake when you are running the computer in the day it's always best to run it as cool as possible hmm excuse me and because otherwise you're going to be doing damage to your computer running as as cool as possible at all times is is the most important thing if you pressed Auto if you let the fans go back to auto speed then that's absolutely fine you're more than welcome to do that but for me for my set up the automatic fans tend to let the sleeve the CPU get into the sort of 80s and to be honest with you I'm not really happy running my graphics card 24/7 with temperatures of 80 degrees plus if I can sit in the 70s that I am more than happy with 80s are it's a bit of a gray area and obviously no graphics card has been created equally they've all just kind of met the mark for the the clock rate that we're that we're running here but there's always an overhead and you can have a good badge the same with a processor you can have a good batch and you can have a bad batch the overclocking and all that kind of stuff is really above the scope of this video and I'll leave you guys to explore that on your own time but I would say that generically speaking if you manage to get under 80 degrees then you should be fine I would recommend getting under getting no higher than 75 degrees because I think once you get past there you're you're you are running a risk of damaging your your graphics card when you are running it for days and days at a time without actually giving it any any sort of rest so if we head back into word oak house here if we refresh this information you can now see that it's starting to recognize the amount of work that we're putting in which is really good news and hopefully this pool will eventually hits a block now I'll briefly explain how this works but I'm going to have to quickly have a little drink because talking this much does help the throat quite a bit hmm excuse me okay in the blocks section of the website if I just bring this up to a slightly larger size there we go you can see the amount of blocks that this this pool is actually able to to break and you can see which ones it broke by going through here so the last 20 blocks that were found was 57 36 sorry that's a both of 42 but it's sort of seconds apart and then there was a gap and then there was a 15-minute gap and there was a one-minute gap it is very random as to who manages to to break the block first the best thing to do is to find the pool with the largest and Giga hashes ratio compared to the smallest amount of users because then that means that the reward the rewards are greater I have personally found that Doak house has given me consistent results so that's the wine I'm give it using this one as an example for you guys but there are plenty of different ones out there to try I don't actually know how many workers are involved on doge house but I do know that like that I consistently get I'd say probably about 600 doog per hour running with this kind of setup on this pool so it's it's pretty efficient you know it runs it runs pretty well and what you can do is you can go into and find out exactly what's going on and what blocks are being broken at what times and where there are knots when you're running you miss Tenny because that can happen as well but regardless that's how you look at all the different blocks and how efficient your paul is when you actually do break a block it will go into your transactions list and it will be in an unconformity a doubt your to your system and the last thing that I need to show you guys before I close off this video is how to set up an automatic pay out so that when you reach a certain amount of doog on your online wallet in your pool you actually can get it to automatically set out and and transfer about that money across to your offline wallet so to do that what you need to do is you need to copy the address so you're going to much receive you right-click address and then you click coppy address that's added it to our clipboard and then what we need to do is we need to type in that here by pressing paste so there we go that's our wallets and once again guys this is not a wallet that I use I'm the the wallet that I actually use for donations for the CAF cast is in the description so bear that in mind now on the automatic payout Thresh out again it's entirely up to you I run a payout every 1000 dog but you can put in you know 500 if you want to for example I can type that in what you need to do is you need to type in your four-digit pin that you typed in when you made the account itself and you click update account and then once that's done it says account details updated fantastic it loves it it's very happy and then we can go back to the dashboard and we can see what's going on so it's all going quite well and eventually if you were doing this for let's say for the next hour you would start to see unconfirmed dough coming in which then turned into confirm Doge and then eventually once you reach that threshold it would become money in your pocket so that's how to mine successfully on an inner video graphics card as I said before you can go to the getting started guide on doke house or look on other websites or other videos to find out how to mine using CG minor for ATO graphics cards or using my nerdy for CPU based systems so you're not limited by this by the system that you're using you can mine with a CPU if you want to but thanks for watching guys I hope this video has been useful and do tread on the side of caution when you're mining is all I can really say for this video because the last thing I want to do is see you burn out your graphics card but anyway thanks so much for watching I've been calf and I'll see you all next time take care guys you've been watching the calf cast we hope you enjoyed our show so far get to check out all of our other videos sure to subscribe to us if you like what you see that's why I know to make more and that you really like me so you've been watching the calf cast we hope you have enjoyed the show don't forget to check card on above all videos

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