CaffCast Tutorials – Dogecoin – Part 1 – What is Dogecoin?

hi guys and welcome back to another podcast today we're doing something a little bit different we're not doing let's play today we're not playing again I wanted to take a minute to talk to you guys about a new type of cryptocurrency that I've recently been getting involved with I'm not an I'm not a person who's done much cryptocurrency in the past I'm definitely a newbie when it comes to crypto currencies like Bitcoin and litecoin but dogecoin is one that has really interested me because the community has been so open and welcoming it's it's been really useful and I've managed to get a lot of a lot of help and a lot of support to get from knowing nothing about crypto currencies to be able to mine for myself and actually have Doak coins in my wallet so what I wanted to do was make a series of videos to explain to you guys a bit about what do coin is and what you can do to get them and what doe coins used for as well you might hear me flickering back and forth between dougen Doge because I recently found out that it's actually pronounced Doge like vogue or rogue that's the problem with the internet when you learn these new words you try and pronounce them phonetically so Duke is what what I thought it was but it's actually Doge so let's just get that out straight out of the way and do forgive me if I do make that mistake phonetically so I did want to quickly just go through a few bits and pieces you're going to get a bit of a behind-the-scenes of the calf cast here I do usually write down some bullet points to kind of help me get through the the information that I need to that I need to speak to you guys about and today is no exception this is part one and just a brief introduction to do coin dogecoin lull and we're going to have some subsequent videos about how to stop your wallet how to start mining if you want to how to start buying and selling in dokkan as well those are kind of like going to be stepper of videos but today we're just talking about the basics so what is dogecoin dogecoin is actually a new cryptocurrency that was start that's actually wrong because I just double checked that information and it was actually started on the 6th of December 2013 according to the Wikipedia page and story checks out from the blog as well so there's the Wikipedia Dave instructions 6th of December 2013 so it's only a date of recording it's only around about 23 days old I think that's about right and we on the the reddit which is something I'll be talking about in more detail later on already has 20,000 subscribers so it's the fastest growing cryptocurrency ever basically in the actual reddit trends it rates higher than reddit than Bitcoin does at the moment which is just crazy so it's it's growing quickly we can cover that but what makes the dope coin special it's actually a lot to do with these two points here the community and the tipping now the first point the community as I explained before dogecoin have been so welcoming the community I mean have been so welcoming and open and interested in getting people started and I've never found a cryptocurrency before that has been like that I did dabble them a little bit of Bitcoin back in its infancy and never really got that much information or enough information to get started unfortunately but no point is very different it's actually giving us a lot of help and a lot of informative information so they're basically if you're looking at trying to get started in cryptocurrency dogecoin in in my opinion is the probably the one to go for and secondly tipping on reddit it is normal to you see tipping of dough coins to people who make interesting or informative comments if we have a look here at for example that's one small step for shoe bear one giant leap for do kind it's a very awesome picture here if we go into the comments on reddit you should see that this person has actually been tipped quite a lot of Duke coin because they have made a interesting and relevant contribution to the reddit now this happens all the time and it's something to look out for because the rate that it's going on the rate that it's moving you might see do coin becoming the default kind of tipping system within reddit there's a bit of a sort of future future telling for you I'm not mystic Nick so I don't know if that's gonna happen for sure but you can keep our fingers crossed anyway so what can you actually do with these coins once you've got them well you can buy things there are a couple of different places that you can go to to look into the things that you can use them for there's the Duke coin business directories and the market and exchanges and stuff but you can also gamble you can buy Duke coins because they are quite low at the moment or you can buy them when they're high interesting sorted bit of information and if I can find it is the value graph here if you have a look it's over a 24-hour period because the interest has been so amazingly high I mean for example in the last 48 hours there's been like two thousand two hundred subscribers to the subreddit and it was subreddit of the day the other day so it's it is really going you know mental more interest means more money more Minds means that the coins are going down slightly but the good thing is that that means that investing is is it's actually quite a good time to invest in the coins and eventually the obviously they will be going up and to find out about how to do that how to buy how to sell how to invest and how to mine I'll be making separate videos for that so you can find out more information later on now the final point I wanted to make today is how can you become part of the Duke the best way of doing it is getting involved with these two website it's the first one is ridic the Duke coin is really popular as I said before we've got 20,000 subscribers at the moment and it's going strong and also the actual homepage for Duke coin do coin comm and that's do GE as you guys can see there and this is actually also the first place where you get your wallets as well you actually download your wallet and so you can keep your coins local to your your machine more information about that later on but if you did want to get involved with any of the the Duke stuff that's going on apart from what's on reddit you have the official forums here and you have the IRC channel as well and then obviously the official blog is a great place to go to to get information about new bits and pieces that are happening as well as obviously to its Aaron Facebook and bits and pieces like that so I hope you guys have found this this video informative I did want to just show you real quick that I am in fact mining as we speak I am mining at four hundred and sixty three killer hashes per second on my GTX 780 and I'm loving it I really think that this is this is not only is it a lot of fun to accumulate a virtual currency a cryptocurrency but it's a lot of fun to get involved on the reddit itself and speak to people on there so more videos coming shortly I haven't decided what order I'm going to making them in yet but they will be posted on the reddit and they will be made available to you guys if you need to any more information then don't forget to subscribe to the calf cast channel because more videos about dogecoin and about cryptocurrency in general should be coming very shortly but for now I'm calf cast thank you very much for watching guys and I'll see you all next time take care you've been watching the calf cast we hope you enjoyed our show so far get to check out videos I will be sure to subscribe to us if you like what you see that's why I allow to make more and that you really like me so you've been watching the calf cast we hope you have enjoyed the show don't for get to check god Kona bum rub our videos

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