just a fun question now that we like to ask all 
our guests but for the end of this year 2021   what's your uh bitcoin price prediction i mean 
i don't typically look at the price i i i bought   my first bitcoins at you know when they were 
trading at 3.50 right i still haven't sold any uh   and that's because i see this as you know 
generational wealth you know and that's why i you   know i have some ease and i have some of the other 
things and i use them to experiment into play but   it's not a way that i can save my money right 
it's not something that i know that my kids or my   grandkids will be able to inherit um so i don't 
really care but uh whatever it is now 10 exits   by the end of this year i mean by the end of this 
year i wouldn't be i mean i wouldn't be surprised   to see at a quarter million by the end of the 
year damn i love it so so you're telling me that   you know you've been in bitcoin a long time 
and you've never sold any significant amount   i've never sold no i mean like maybe sold a few 
hundred dollars worth of bitcoin and i love that   will you i mean i'm never going to have to sell 
like you got a sovereign i'm not going to be   able to borrow against my bitcoin at zero percent 
interest like true you never have to sell bitcoin   that's like it that is the asset you know every 
generation has to make one good decision your   grandparents had to decide to go to college they 
did that they could have everything else they'd be   fine your parents had to decide to buy a house 
didn't matter how much they were underwater on   the mortgage if they bought a house in the 80s 
they're millionaires today our generation has an   even bigger opportunity just buy bitcoin right 
doesn't matter what you do you're going to end   up with few money yes great perspective to 
watch the full conversation there's a link   down below in the video description and if you're 
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