Buying A Real Dark Web Mystery Box Goes Horribly Wrong!!! Very Scary!

[music] What makes today's people go to us Will do something a bit Different I have seen a lot of videos coming out On YouTube, now people order I don’t have these dark web mysterious boxes Know if they are real or fake, so I Start doing some research, about a week Half a time ago, I asked Bray if she To do this unboxing with me and After she agreed to a lot of hard work, But persuading her did not really What do you want to order In the process of this package, all I have to do This to my own if you don't know what The dark web is its hidden part On the Internet, most people can’t Frequent browser visits, you will A special browser is required to obtain Dark web or deep web and browser TOR has many bad things, happen on the Deep Web and that is the part of the web that they call the dark web wherever the bad stuff is taking place that can't be tracked and that stuff like drug trafficking child pornography people actually have said to murder people on camera they call them red rooms and there's people who can watch and participate in the chat rooms I don't want anything to do with that I just made sure that when I got on there I found these mystery boxes that were being sold and I found one for three hundred dollars now that's what I went ahead and ordered this was a week ago I didn't want to give my home address so I had a central appeal box and it was delivered today I am NOT in this [ __ ] at all it was all my idea this is him blame me blaming not me right I take full responsibility for this we have no idea what is inside this box got some latex gloves I don't really want to touch anything that's coming from a dark place on the Internet now that's another thing you can't even use regular money when you're purchasing these things you have to purchase Bitcoin which is an online currency if you guys aren't familiar with what bitcoin is and that makes it untraceable when you make transactions the user that sold it to me their name was anonymous they just wanted the shipping info we made the transaction they sent it there was no other discussions I don't know what's inside the box let's take a look I've heard things and this is gonna be interesting also I have this cool little head cam so that you guys could actually see what I'm taking out of the box as each item comes out and I can give you guys the close-up everything that we're looking at as we go and we could keep this as live as possible so let me go ahead and throw this thing on put the gloves on and we're gonna crack this box open alright so let's open up the package I have no parts in this I'm just here can we make that like extremely alright so this was a $300 box that I got this is the Samsung people want to know you I wanted to know if it was real and yeah so we got a Samsung it's turning on so it works nothing wrong with it so it's got 27 battery life on it says swipe to unlock and it has one app it's a black homescreen with one app on it might as well see what's in the gallery this is unable to establish wireless data connection okay so obviously there's no SIM card in this all sorts of errors popping up on this thing maybe someone's watching us right now through the camera all these error messages weird I just want to open the gallery all right so there's three pictures in the gallery you know so the first one looks like some kind of a house I guess it's not too bad or a creepy or anything it's just a house I would never want to live there but there's a house and that's it and then the third picture is just black darkness so this one looks kind of far away this one looks like it gets a little bit closer and then this one is just black so there's a picture of like a house with with vegetation all over it like it's out in the woods or something I don't know let's see what else is in the box and we'll go through the phone in just a minute not feeling this one this looks like a backpack name on it what's the name sake a Barnet that's definitely a kids backpack [Music] whoa that's just weird all right well I'm glad I got these gloves on now see our reason is that animal okay that's definitely not the same here all right well let me show there is a kids backpack inside this box and there's definitely stuff in it so I'm gonna open it up and we'll see what we got yeah it's dirty as hell it's definitely used I mean it's torn to pieces like there's like literally stains and stuff on it here I love you guys can see down here at the bottom it says it says a Barnett I don't know who the a is but I'm assuming it's a girl so that could be from Allison to Alisha I don't know let's just see what's inside of here something hard right here and it's kind of heavy really what is this [Music] this is like like a little boys outfit [Music] any girls in a girl's backpack I just got goosebumps it's literally like the hair is just good upon mom that's weird I mean yeah like you said let's hope that it's not what we would assume it would I don't know a lot of bad things happen on the dark web and I think that most people who are watching this right now probably assuming what I'm assuming all right there's something hard in the front section that is weird and there's actually stains all over this thing looks like it does look like crayon I wouldn't say that that was blood no you know I wouldn't go that far and say that there's blood on it but there's there's red stains there yeah this is 99y and then on the bottom this is 1991 Ron Potter I am always with you for some reason that does not comfort me in any way no that's kind of weird and creepy and honestly these little kids clothes like just put it back in the bag there's another section there's still some weight to it there's some books in here I think that's it in the bag it smells like old corn chips yeah it smells like someone's lunch like some like a kid's lunch box it smells like a lunch box that somebody forgot to wash off so we've got some books things to make for children this thing looks old as [ __ ] this is like a year on this that's a weird-looking little clown on the front appearances published in 1960 so this book is about 60 years old a sure way of delighting a child is to give him a toy and if you make the plaything yourself its value to the child is all greater as is your satisfaction and giving it as is your satisfaction of giving it is underlined okay so what is this book all about it's weird that's like before the toy store is existed it's weird it's like telling you how to like make things to keep kids entertained look at that and you could tell this is from like 1960 look at the way like everybody's dressed something is this just all like the same okay things too so page 27 has a fold on it things too so rag dolls these dolls have a soft floppy homemade appeal all of them were created from the simple pattern shown in the drawing so far this is just a weird book it's definitely old is there anything else in here any other folded pages that's weird what will be the Oh parties and holidays okay so they're wearing like some face masks type stuff all right so there's some altercation what type of person would do something like that in it like showing this on YouTube but I'm gonna show you guys what is inside this book because it's just really weird and freaky so and then the other page the little kids eyes are like xed out there's more X's on the eyes on another page look at that that's creepy alright things to make for children can we put this somewhere else are you good are you good like staying away from this for those of you who don't know my channel I am a father so like when it comes to stuff with little kids being involved having something like this I don't really know that kids get abducted every single day and if if somebody like were to have my child and there was any kind of way of like finding them I would want someone to do whatever they could you know what I mean I'll have to look into that I just want that [ __ ] as far away from me as possible what is this book this is a pop-up book pop-up numbers looks more new yes a little bit newer pop-up numbers let's see what we got okay so this thing looks like it's kind of beat up a little bit okay number two is ripped are there any numbers in here number three is ripped so this is this was a pop-up number oh there we go so that's something else so all these numbers are ripped and then there's one number that pops up and there is a little boys picture glued to the inside of this book with the number four with this four boats the pictures of the boats and this is just this is this whole backpack thing is kind of freaking me out I have no words number five was gone number six is ​​gone and another picture of two little girls on number seven does she look about seven to you mmm I'm wondering if that was intentional no she doesn't look so how does this one look he looks like he could be about he might be 4 right 4 to 6 he looks more like he's like 5 or 6 she's definitely not something that girls got to be at least 10 but this one maybe could be something so we got clothing in a backpack and we got pictures of children cut out I'm somewhere so it looks like all the numbers were ripped out of this book except for 2 of them which are number 4 and number 7 and both pages have children pictures attached to them can I just mention that this makes me feel very uncomfortable it's making me feel uncomfortable too like I said I have children and I don't like any kind of [ __ ] to do with kids so that all might end up at a police station I don't know if I can do that or not I don't even think you could do that with the dark web I think once you buy it it's like one and done you wouldn't be able to find that transaction anyway very weird-looking box there's stitching on this box it's like alligator skin looks like am I gonna touch it it looks like alligator skin and there's dust all over it too it is weird you guys get a good look at that can you guys see this box right here oh it stinks do you smell that there's a really foul odor coming out of this box you smell it it smells old smells like like rotten fruit almost and there's two things inside of here it look like dolls wrapped in cellophane there's a hair in there all right that's all that was inside this box is these two doll type figures here wrapped in plastic nice look they're dogs yeah I hope they're just dolls too because that box smelt really bad so there's that one and there's that one they stink they do stink it's like a very strange odor coming from these so let's see what we got feels weird yeah I know wrapped in plastic you know it's a weird doll the arms are tied together it looks like you know they're not that kind of moves that's definitely a homemade dough smells really bad what's this one yeah that's a disgusting smell we're gonna have to spray this room down when we leave here this is weird-looking they're both weird-looking they're both handmade they are weird-looking their hands ditch me let me give you guys a close-up that is some weird stuff right there I don't know parts you don't want to take one of these home yeah do you hear me spirit as a souvenir no I'm not [ __ ] with it is that here [Music] there's like hair on these dolls what is this I think this is where it's coming from oh my god that is really weird this looks like human hair well I mean we're already happily there's like human hair attached to the back of this doll's head there's already hair on the doll it's actually coming off now I think I pulled it too hard so what does that mean all right well let me just show these guys wait let me see definitely it's like black hair so this was attached to the back of the doll that we just unwrapped and these dolls smell like [ __ ] honestly this is weird this is like some strange type of religious [ __ ] that I don't really is that voodoo that's what they always say in the movies and stuff right yes but a lot of people are uneducated oh this one has something in the bag so there's no hair on this one but there's like a little sack no what is that this would actually be a hoodoo all right let me let me show these guys cuz this was just tucked in the back of the doll it's like bleach it's discolored it's like a piece of mystery it's like something wrapped up in a cloth it looks like the same material this doll is made out of so it looks like it was moist before what is this know it's like wrap there's like something wrapped up here definitely the same material is it oh is that a tooth what is tooth that's [ __ ] that's the tooth right there's like dried blood on him there's a tooth wrapped up in cloth inside one of these dolls and the other doll has some hair attached to it I'm like not enthused about this at all all right let me show you guys if I'm wearing gloves while touching this stuff gloves inhibit the the curse I mean that's not like my skin that's my skin has not touched any of this all right well these will be outside in the dumpster these would be lay in the dumpster by the end of tonight you want to keep the hitter know how about we put everything in the backpack whoa let's put everything in the backpack take all this to the dumpster [Music] these are really weird there's hair all over this table this animal hair there's human hair and I'm just not like with the shadow and I don't know how you're talking into doing this oh are you almost done I think so there's a few more things in the box look at this look at this there's a ring a man's ring so it looks like we got a whole lot of different people's stuff yeah who knows where this came from it looks like a gold ring there's some diamonds on it I love the real or not some diamonds missing there is some diamonds missing there's actually a lot of time is it missing I don't know does it say 14k it doesn't doesn't say anything I don't see like any kind of gold stamp or anything at a gold ring inside of a plastic ziplock it might actually be worth something hopefully it is because if it's worth something maybe I could get some money back for the 300 that I spent on this disgusting box this might be real I don't see any gold stamp on it there's actually nothing on it I'm not sure I'm gonna actually have to take this somewhere to see if it's real and have it tested it's a little bit shiny it might not be real if it's real it's got to be worth at least like a G like 1000 bucks but if it's real that means it came from somebody to be honest so far from what we've looked at there's some weird things that were in this box kids clothing and that smell is still in there to be over yes like I feel like I'm about out right now you're like you plan you think this [ __ ] is a game right here and it's not there's bottles in here they're empty I think 10 number 10 on this bottle this one has a number 12 on it these look like hand painted on so we have 5 8 10 and 12 I don't I don't know what that could mean I mean is there any kind of order that these should be in 5 8 10 and 12 I don't know like I might be reaching for straws here but those are all like maybe those are ages mmm cuz I mean all the kids stuff in the other bag and then you got number 5 you got a number 8 a number like these look like wine bottles-right there was never a label on any of these there was never a quirk on any of these either just empty bottles with numbers on them 5 8 10 12 and then we had the other numbers in the pop-up book we had 4 and 7 so we would have 4 5 7 8 10 and 12 I don't know if those numbers are significant of anything or maybe they're not any this person is just maybe they're just messing with us I don't know all right to the bottom of the box now hopefully that ring is real so I could have made some of this money back because most of the things in this box are just weird and creepy teddy bear and I love you teddy bear [Music] what is that is it where did you see a date on it oh yeah 2009 so that's nine years ago a little teddy bear I showed you one or two those other dark web mystery box videos in the other videos one guy had a teddy bear with stuff inside it and I could totally feel something inside of this one and that's making me wonder like the person who is selling these is it the same person or maybe like the same group of people that selling here on this yeah that's completely different it's like a little girl's hair or something that looks like a blonde curly hair a little girl or a little boy that's like that's definitely not animal hair that's human hair it's too long again and so it looks like the back was stitched up and there's definitely something you like to touch it there's something hard in here yeah that yeah yes obviously well there's nothing else that could be shaking that's definitely on the inside of this doll by yourself about a sweater so let's see stitches it was like sewn shut and yeah there's definitely something in there it's a heart it says I love you isn't that what the is me isn't that what the sweater said is Lee where's isn't it oh yeah isn't Lee your Izzie all right like is ly his eyes Lee eyes Lee says I love you on the heart so the the teddy bear is sweater says I love you on it and there's a heart that was inside the teddy bear wrapped in plastic and the heart says I love you with a little name eyes your eyes Lee written on it that's weird does there's a thumb drive inside of this little heart box and on the inside of the heart it says from the bottom of my heart and there's a thumb drive that was inside of here just like that we're gonna definitely have to see what's on that thumb drive this is like some kind of kid's poem or something that's framed up here and it just looks kind of weird says children learn as they live would you like to would you like to read this to the camera since you didn't touch anything hmm children learn as they live a child that lives with ridicule learns to be timid a child that lives with criticism learns to condemn a child that lives with distrust learns to be deceitful a child that lives with antagonism learns to be hostile a child that lives with affection learns to love a child that lives with encouragement learns confidence a child that lives with truth learns justice a child that lives with sharing learns to be considerate a child that lives with knowledge learns wisdom a child that lives with patience learns to be tolerant and a child that lives with happiness will find love and beauty I'm a little bit uneasy right now honestly after touching those dolls one of them had a tooth inside of it and the room smells like really bad from whatever was in that that chest I'll tell you what guys we'll go check out this USB together I'm gonna go do it right now but we're gonna wrap this video up today if we get a thousand views on this video I will upload a part two and I'm gonna go record that when you head out and I'm just gonna see what's on this thumb drive and I'll just keep my head cam rolling and I'll set up another camera downstairs and we'll go take a look at this so if you guys enjoyed today's video make sure you hit that thumbs up button we do monthly giveaways on the channel if you're not already subscribed subscribe links are all down below in the description and make sure you guys tune in and like I said if we get a thousand views I would definitely show you guys what I find on this thumb drive [Music]

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