Buy A House w/ 1 BITCOIN!? Housing Market About to CRASH!?

We are in a housing crisis, a brand new housing
bubble fueled by the rich, countrywide. Real Estate, new homes, city development are
the hot topics within communities nationwide. I’m sure many of you are at that home buying
age, thinking…am I ever going to be able to afford one? Don’t worry I ask myself the same question,
even with the recent bull market crypto gains. But the answer to it has recently become clear
to me, and 1 bitcoin is going to equal one home. Confused? Let me try and visine your eyes to clear…Because
it’s time for Chico Crypto! Housing bubble? Well A great example of this, is right in
my the City where this content is shot.

Chico California! Now, I’m sure many of you, when you hear
California….you think, big city, high housing prices anyways. Not in far North California, where Chico sits. Chico is an agriculture community and college
town, filled with trees, trees everywhere…not a large city by no means… But this year, it’s like Chico is right
next to the freakin BAY…..AREA! Uggghhh Tell me when to Go…. But that is false, Chico, is 2 and half to
3 hours away on a good day, 5-6 hours if you hit that Bay traffic. There is no bay breeze that reaches Chico,
it gets blistering hot here in the summers, I’m talking 115 degrees, and cold for California,
dropping to freezing temperatures during the winter. Chico is not prime California geographical
real-estate..yet over the past year and a half it’s growing like it is.

November of 2019, the average home sale price
in Chico was about 365 thousand dollars. As of April 2021, the average sale price was
460 grand. Let me explain this, because I live in Chico,
the average home price is Chico california, should not be close to a half a million dollars! The average per capita income of a person
in Chico, is just 30 thousand dollars per year. The average in the state of California is
37 thousand, and the average nationwide is 34 thousand. Chico California is on the low end of wealth,
far below the California average, and even a good chunk below the national. The average person in Chico, cannot afford
the average house! Even if they put every single lick of their
income, a single person, that entire 30k. Assuming they weren’t taxed any, and the
home loan had zero interest…they could not pay off a home loan in Chico in under 15 years. And that is throwing every single dime at
it. With the reality of the situations, people
have to live, thus they can’t throw 100 percent of their income at homes, then taxes,
and interest….the average single person in Chico, couldn’t afford the average in
home in 30 maybe even 40 years.

So who is buying up all these homes?? Well a Chico based introduction to this story,
tell the entire tale nationwide. We are in the midst of the nastiness housing
bubble America has ever seen. Those who cannot afford a home are once again
being given homes. Millennials are being targeted, as they are
in their prime home buying years! Yes Millennials, according to the latest Data
are the #1 age group, for buying homes in the United States. Even though their wages are not at the levels
to afford these half a million dollar homes. They come in to buy..armed with a smartphone,
a job, a 10 thousand dollar down payment, and that it. And they get the house! Even before the global shutdown and viral
panic, the Federal government had exposed itself to risky housing debt, like never before! That article was written in October of 2019! Our government is eating a ton of the costs,
as many of these risky loans would have already gone capoot in 2020. Mortgage forbearance and foreclosure protections…which
were just expanded in February of this year by the Bidster. From the statement, 1 in 5 renters is behind
on their rent, and over 10 million Americans are behind on mortgage….so let’s expand
these programs out another year…

Well that number is only going to grow and
grow, 10 million behind, will become more and more, most likely 20 to 30 million by
next year. Because that trend already started. Bidster statement, February 16th 2021, just
over 10 million behind on mortgages. March 1st 2021, the Consumer Protection Financial
Bureau report states it's now grown to over 11 million… Obviously a growing problem, but that’s
not stopping new loans from being created. Which can be seen in the April 2021 housing
trends report. Nationally, the typical home just spent 43
days on the market.

In April of 2020, that number was 63. Homes are going quicker than realtors can
list them…no wonder every future Karen from your highschool is selling real estate & “killing
it”… But the reason they are “killing it” is
“in today's market, is the perfect, ripe…but devastating to our future BUBBLE conditions. You now have permanent capital competing with
the young couple trying to buy a house… What do I mean permanent capital vs. new home
buyers? And ripe bubble conditions? Well the conditions are a very fragile economy,
with growing mortgage delinquencies. Limited housing supply. The national inventory of active listings
declined by 53.0% compared with this same time last year! And low rates, reaching rock bottom for the
average 30 year fixed. The low rates sound good, to the average person….but
not so good when your loan is half a million to a million…but some of those average people
are still jumping into loans of that size! But those rates look tasty, to those with
fat pockets. Wall St.

Journal put out an article just last
month titled “If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension Fund-Yield-chasing
investors are snapping up single-family homes, competing with ordinary Americans and driving
up prices” Hedge funds, pension funds, WALL St…they
have come for suburban america. In many FORMs. From the WSJ article it says “In many of
the nation’s top markets, about one in every five houses sold? It's bought by someone who never moves in…” They’re buying to flip, they are buying
in the hopes of growing wealth, having a nice resale down the line…which is being reinforced
externally like never before! Besides crypto that is traded back and forth.

Lumber, for building houses is too. Lumber futures have been exploding, reaching
near 1600 and are showing no signs of slowing down…So hot that even the crypto exchange,
FTX decided to launch the wood based futures on their exchange last week. Now isn’t that ironic!! A bubble is being created and drove by the
wealthy. It’s the institutionalization of real-estate
& it’s happening before our eyes! Right before Chico’s eyes too! To solve the housing crisis, city leaders
have put forward the North Chico Village Vision Plan to hopefully alleviate the communities
housing needs. An infrastructure plan…..great, but scrolling
down to who is working on the project, it says Butte County has hired SWA group….

Looking at their recent work, ughhhh this
is not Chico like…it’s Big City, Bay Area type architecture. They are building not for Chico…but for
the hope that the CITY will move up here! And that is getting common across suburban
areas, small town cities and even starting to grasp your small mom and pop shop town. Chico is not alone… The reality of the situation is this. Homes owned majority by the boomers are being
sold at ridiculously inflated prices to two sets of people. A Young dumb couple, usually millenial age
or a yield hunting phsycho! No sane person is buying a home in these markets…they
can’t afford it!! Communities across the country just keep building
in hopes that this insanity will continue too… Sane people are buying homes…they are buying
homes! I’m not buying a home, right now.

I could buy my dream home right now, if I
was insane and sold nearly my entire stack of BITCOINs……. But I’m doing what they say is called HODLing
out…Until 1 bitcoin buys 1 house in my area. Which as of right now is around 400k Those BTC, the limited supply of 21 million,
make that type of worth inevitable in my opinion! Shoot at 60k, 1 BTC already buys a home in
some parts of America today! That doesn’t mean, I don’t think, we are
in an everything bubble. We are, everything is in a bubble, BITCOIN
included, and when everything POPS, bitcoin does too…. BUT that rebound, and the next BULL RUN is
when it’s highly possible 1 BTC equals a half a million dollar house.

Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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