Buy 1 Bitcoin


I wanted to talk today about something I see
alot of people having a hard time understanding. And what I’m talking about is the idea that
bitcoin is here to stay. Bitcoin has proven its track record. Bitcoin is still at its earlier stage and
we are so so so early. And what are you doing reading the Wikipedia
article still trying to figure out what bitcoin is? You still have yet to get skin in the game. You’re thinking about doing it but you haven’t
yet pulled the trigger. I’m going to tell you today that the time
to wait is over you need to make a decision. You need to buy one bitcoin. Buy one bitcoin. We’ve been in this industry since 2009. People are familiar with it. People understand how it works. When I first started it was the really really
smart people involved and now we’re getting more smart people involved but the tilt and
the critical mass has passed. We’re at the point of no return.



Bitcoin is the future of money. All the forces in the world are not so powerful
as an idea whose time has come. And that idea, ladies and gentlemen, is bitcoin. Do yourself a favor and buy one bitcoin. Your future children will thank you. Your parents probably won’t understand it
but you yourself if you can accumulate even one bitcoin, in 30 years that will put you
in the top 1% financially. Welcome to the new financial elite gentlemen. Do yourself a favor. Move your money out of your bank. Starve the beast. And buy one bitcoin..

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