what's going on guys proto doge here and uh oh yeah shout out to trade coffee for sponsoring this video but um before we get started we got a lot to talk about today by the way but before we get started i want you guys to hit the like button hit the subscribe button if you haven't um hit the notification bell so you stay up to date on my next new videos and share it if you want to i appreciate that but yeah let's get started oh yeah really quickly too um i have merchandise guys boom boom boom boom yeah make sure to get the merch at www.thedosecoinmillionaire.com different colors different sizes the link is in the description section oh yeah and i got a brand new design too i'm really excited about this one the dogecoin millionaire look at that it's got my car in it i'm sitting on my car look the moon's behind me you know what i'm saying to the moon baby he actually took those pictures too so shout out to rodrigo he made a design and took those pictures so that's on the website too burger king accepting dogecoin like do you guys remember my last video what was i talking about my last video go back and watch it if you haven't but what i said was chick-fil-a the sandwich used social media to make viral content and create a demand for the sandwich that equaled in the millions of dollars uh equivalent to advertisement and promotions that they got for free right and what did i say towards the end of the video if they're gonna pick a crypto to like have fun with it's gonna be dogecoin so that's just a given so whenever mcdonald's decides to come out and do something in the cryptocurrency world or wendy's or any one of these you know top-tier coca-cola whatever they're going to come for dogecoin like they're that's going to be the first step into that world they're going to reach out to the dogecoin community and probably do something fun and exciting and something that'll not only pop their names up even more and and have them training on twitter too but you're you're giving awareness to the dogecoin community and the dogecoin crypto i was saying that it's only a matter of time before we see mcdonald's wendy's burger king these big players are starting to get hip to the crypto space and they want to tap into that market so what are we seeing right now it just became official burger king in brazil is accepting dogecoin as payment if you guys want to know exactly what the details are here let's break it down so shout out to brazil first and foremost so uh on the website it says here that they are offering a new item um it's a play off the word of whopper it's called dogpur and it's basically a biscuit that tastes like meat for your dog right and so you know whenever you go buy your meals or whatever this is an option for you to get and you can actually buy these for your dog specifically or you could eat it too probably if you're weird and i don't know if you can even but you could buy it with dogecoin so this is a huge deal i'm surprised that it's actually starting out in brazil before you know even here but this is super exciting like i said i just mentioned it in my last video about companies and corporations starting to embrace crypto starting to embrace dogecoin and who's the first that's what i'm saying in the crypto space who's the first one they're going to go to they're not going to do something for bitcoin you know the community isn't the same they're going to do something for dogecoin because it's fun and so it's just a matter of time before other players jump in on there and start doing the same thing um if we go to their twitter page by the way they uploaded this seven hours ago they actually made this tweet and it reads like this that's that's portuguese for are you without real which is you know their their dollar over there is called rios buy with doge l burger king hevo basically saying it's a revolutionary thing in the galaxies one more time so now that so that's basically saying and we're now accepting the dearest crypto of all dogecoin for payment for for your dog purr a company right so it's easy to buy just go on the website and this is a huge thing man this is this is like a really big deal and i feel like like i said slowly but surely it's going to start getting adopted by other companies as well so let's take a break real quick and let me talk to you guys about trade coffee the sponsor of this video shout out to trade coffee so i want to talk to you about how you can find brand new selection of coffees from the nation's best local roasters so trade matches you to your own personalized selection of coffees so think match.com except you and coffee so this is how it works step one you go on the website and you take a little short quiz that basically asks you questions about the type of roast you like the type of flavors you enjoy and it curates your very own selection based on your choices step two you choose the delivery frequency that you want and it'll appear right at your doorstep making sure that you get it at peak freshness and you never run out of coffee step three you rate and repeat right so trade sends you some coffees you try them out you see how you feel about it you give them some feedback and they can adjust your selections for the next batch or if you like what you got you can continue having those so i went on there myself i took the quiz and these were the ones that trey picked out for me i typically go for the dark roast i like you know the full body chocolatey taste not to mention they deliver in this packaging which is compostable and great for the environment the coffees are also ethically sourced and usda organic basically you're avoiding the grocery store so you'll never run out again you're supporting local businesses and small companies which means your coffee is going to be way better quality not to mention that also added on as well the coffee is roasted and shipped to you within 24 hours of you ordering trade also guarantees that you'll love your first coffee because if you don't they're sending you a whole another bag for free also if you're watching this video right now and you go and click the link in the description you will get your first bag of coffee for free as soon as you take the pop quiz and get the selection right that you want so back to the video also there have been rumors that amazon was going to start accepting crypto payments and bitcoin and other crypto for you know their store uh they just recently came out and completely shot down all those rumors right so amazon is quick to put rest to the rumors that the online retail giant plans to offer crypto payment services for its customers as reported by british newspaper city am which claimed to have spoken to a company insider so guess what i don't buy it i don't believe it amazon i think there is going to be crypto payments soon actually and you guys aren't just aren't ready to say it and you're not ready to put it out there were rumors that tesla was gonna accept bitcoin before the fact and they also denied it because they weren't ready to make that statement yet so amazon is probably gonna offer crypto here soon um there's updates coming to dogecoin we got a lot of exciting things happening not to mention dogecoin developer ross nickel i think that's how you say his name is actually gonna be discussing the dogecoin ethereum bridge with vitalik on twitch um july 28th you know what i mean so there's gonna be updates most certainly talked about and seeing what the potential of the dogecoin ethereum bridge is and and where it's gonna go so that's super exciting as well robin hood wallets is still on the horizon it's still coming up just don't go on the reddit robin hood read it asking for wallets because they will block you within like seconds of you making that post well actually you know what go on there ask them about the wallets and just apply some pressure because the more we talk about it the more we bang on that door like vlad where the hell are our wallets then they're more likely to speed up the process hopefully so yeah right now we're about to get into my portfolio my robinhood account speak of the devil and uh yeah i mean it's looking pretty good not to like we actually went up a little bit you know within the last few days i'm excited about that i hit uh 900 000 over 900 000 was right back up to almost a million so yeah i'm about to show you guys my portfolio really quickly and uh all right let's take a look at my portfolio we're looking pretty good guys in the last hour i am up about twenty thousand dollars um in the last day i am up thirty two thousand dollars past week i am up a hundred and twenty one thousand dollars in the past month i am down 182 000 in the past three months i am down 443 000 and in the past year i am up 680 000 and of and all time thousand dollars so if we look at my doji though just how my dojo doge is doing today we are currently at about 21 cents um just going up and up and up and up we were hitting 22 cents a few days ago so here's my position right now in case you don't know i'm at 3.9 million doge coins my equity is 820 000 average cost basis of 4.7 cents and my total return is 636 000 so yeah look at this look at this in the news in the robin hood news dogecoin community is drooling over burger king brazil's dog per meal right now and we just talked about that but yeah guys so that's how i'm looking like right now not too shabby you know what i mean i also got a bunch of dogecoin in my coinbase wallet so this is not all that i have but um yeah that's what i'm looking like so yeah guys that's my portfolio not too shabby um don't forget to click the link in the description exclusive link for your free bag of coffee from trade go check that out take the little quiz and all that um if you guys want to start getting in your investment bag you know what i'm saying and start investing some money trying to buy some stocks looking up some companies you're interested in weeble weeble is for the people and i have a link in the description also for my affiliation with them so you guys click on that you you deposit a hundred dollars and they will give you 300 free stocks and if you want to trade those you can if you want to sell them back and and keep the credits you can and buy something else it doesn't even matter just get your feet wet and try it out guys like i made a ton of money in the stock market and then in the crypto you guys could do the same thing it just you just have to get started you just have to put your foot in the door and see what you can do you know what i'm saying so yeah hit the like button subscribe button notification bell all that good stuff share the video if you liked it and all that and um i will see you guys on the next video also i'm not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice please do not afford please do not please do not please do not invest more money than you can afford to lose also crypto's very volatile so do your own due diligence and do your own research before you decide to make any investments this is only for entertainment purposes guys so i hope you were entertained are you not entertained i don't even know if that's how it is it's the gladiator thing but whatever see you guys in the next video peace [Laughter]

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