[Music] [Music] foreign [Music] Hey guys and welcome to New Encoder The most beautiful musical instrument out there is the cryptocurrency Violin guys, I hope you have a great day today, come back with some amazing ones The content is for you, I hope you are up and you are ready Because I have some great news for you and some very bullish signals due to The price of xp is going up and I was never optimistic Before that's right, cinnamon meets me Lovely daughter is cinnamon and today we'll look at some of them Price predictions and where I think the xrp market I could go enjoying the beautiful weather in the city center of Den Haag I'm here outside and we're going to look at some of the graphs Before we dive into the uplifting content, I want to thank you all My wife's beautiful music watch averages around 700,000 views at this moment 700,000 crazy men so the giveaway is still valid Subscribe and comment on my beautiful wife channel And you will be eligible to win 100 xrp I won't say 100k but it's just 100 xrp But who knows if xp hits a hundred dollars, xrp is going to be of value Ten thousand dollars to that link at Description without further ado let's dive into it I have English juice content for you today Well first of all, let's look at the xrp usd pair On bitstamp daily and never have been So optimistic about my life guys, buy four signal happened yesterday so what's going on Well that means you guys that buying a signal is one It indicates that I am using them along with the new ones that I use Automated trading advisor and this bot is already doing an analysis The market to me without being an optimist or a follower Coins or buy them on top based on various indicators Big Wheels are also used big based on all those pointers you offer My simple sign for example buy to buy the moon Sign the Taurus sign when the time is right for it So does this mean that the purchase of two signal Less powerful than buying four, that is not the case only they Different signals Robo invites them to buy buy two Three buy four or sell and sell three and sell four but it can also be To be the sixth cell, and the seventh cell, so it's completely different Based on various information robo gets Okay, so we've got a sign of two and four in The xrp usd currency pair is on the good daily level on all three Hourly we actually get those signals but daily We are so optimistic I only use my robo advisor daily And sometimes for three hours, not a minute, not in My 15-minute, 30-minute graph I don't like that I am only here for long term gains so I look at the signals and Last time we got buy two and buy four points The price rose 280 percent here that happened On March 2021, March 2021, and yesterday we got the buyout Two signs so what does this mean that means if We managed to achieve the same gains like Last time we got buy two and buy four signal, that means We are easily at six dollars without any bullish news Without anything happening from the second or the lawsuit Or ripple ipowing because those are different Indications If this happens, people start foaming And they'll see ten 10-20 xrp easy but just to give you a realistic price Expecting five dollars is easy, but please do it yourself Research because of course I cannot give you financial advice Just share my humble opinion, please do what you think It's best for you but if we look at the xrp btc pair then we are Also see that yesterday we got two Guys signal we got we turned on and closed up Support level 2476 Satoshi we have two buy signal In an uptrend, the Ichimoku Cloud is bullish All of these pointers mean something so they're looking Very good for xrp btc also in past months since november 2020 We didn't see a buy two signal and a moon signal and then a huge rally after that Once again a okay two buy signal we've always seen buy Qumran and buy four signal a high, then a great rise A 70 or 80 correction, then a large spike again, and a large correction again for 70 and then again a great hike but we have now Small correction actually we have a correction from top to It was the bottom 40 and now we're already back on Upside Okay so what else does this mean Xrp is likely to outperform Bitcoin and Last but not least, I want to share this Tweet from Peter Brandt Full-time trader since 1975.

He has several books written by him Working report and has 480K Followers on Twitter and he is a very smart man He's been spewing xrp for a long time guys who said xrp is [ __ ] The coin said except that it would go to zero, that is A. Fraudulent manipulation said all sorts of things and you know 16 hours ago he tweeted the following I need it I express my great and all my respect for the eyes and those Who embrace investment and cryptocurrency trading In a wonderful way, I welcome you to the world of commerce And I'm learning a lot from you and hopefully bitcoin and xrp both go The moon and beyond are fine if we press this on us Read more and cryptocat commented that any two currencies could have been named and I chose xrp Peter Brandt ran in Allowed character limit You've been tough on other peers And they've proven me wrong you guys that he's too optimistic about xrp even Bitcoin extremists who didn't believe in xrp are now They began to believe in him and he is actually more than one A dollar is roughly equal to two dollars and now people will turn to it Crazy time buying xrp was at 20 cents and 30 Men cents not at two dollars but many people They were wrong with xrp and I want to tell you I am proud of every one of you who believes in SRP Your investment and in the future we will be one percent for that Stay positive, we're going to have some very bullish days Next If you are very optimistic, go to The comment section is at the end of my comments section that you see Shop from spreadshirt.com I have my own store now You can buy all kinds of xrp products for example This juicy and upward header I liked, I ordered them too See you in the monaco xrp t-shirt xrp army t-shirt Or roadmap to moon sign where we see clear roadmap To ten thousand dollars per xrp men, I hope you like my video I'll be back tonight with another update and hope you stay positive Optimistic, and in the next video I'll see you a great day [Music] Goodbye You are

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