BULLISH Ethereum Signals TODAY (Ethereum Goes Full META)

like bitcoin in 2013 the d5 summer of 2020 and the nft explosion in 2021 a new era for crypto has been painted onto the canvas and it's all and it already has the gains to show for it the metaverse by the end of halloween night many coins involved with the metaverse experience paranormal gains in response to the beginning of facebook's final chapter mana block sand an engine to name a few all underwent some face melting gains is a direct result of zuck's announcement of meta it's clear and obvious that the next big winners in crypto will be the coins that front run the inevitable transition to the meta future of society within days of the announcement of meta vitalik buterin quickly rolled out his proposal for crypto cities this illustrates that when the world wants to paint a picture of what the future will look like ethereum already has a brush in its hand this meta future won't happen overnight but every masterpiece starts with a single stroke let's get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we will discuss recent news and updates surrounding ethereum ralph powell's bullish eth position and how east is front running the metaverse and how it could be a catalyst for the most bullish q4 in history with most of 2021 in the rear view mirror the anticipation for the final two monthly candles of the year are at the forefront of everyone's minds remember remember no short november historically november has been a bullish month for crypto now the stage where price discovery is set since ethereum surpassed its previous all-time highs and is now entering the unchartered territory october ended with a bang with metaverse coins going on a complete tear in light of the facebook meta news the metaverse hype has been rapidly filling the headlines across the largest news outlets in the space and now the industry is wondering who is going to make a move to front run the meta momentum to answer that question within the first 90 minutes of november ethereum's founder vitalik buterin put out a tweet that says crypto cities attached to the tweet is a link that contains his proposal for how cities could integrate blockchain technologies with existing structures to promote a more efficient future his proposal is full to the brim with several practical pragmatic ideas on how to approach building a better tomorrow it is definitely worth your time to read vitalik's proposal in its entirety but we'll cover the broad strokes first he points out another interesting trend of the last year has been the rapid mainstreaming of crypto ideas such as coins non-fungible tokens and decentralized autonomous organizations or dowels so what would happen if we combine the two trends together does it make sense to have a city with a coin in an ft a dow some record keeping on chain for anti-corruption or even all four he goes on to cite several ideas such as cryptocoins.co miami coin and city dow that have already started to experiment with the integration of blockchain into pre-existing infrastructures he then goes on to elaborate on how these ideas could be improved upon vitality points out the many governments are inefficient and slow moving the many outside the box political ideas are often terrifying it's important that the smart contract cities start at the local level to actually help the general population this can't become a vehicle for the government to have more control than they already do this has to be in the best interest of the people not a setup for season six of black mirror he said for every idea that can be reasonably described as freedom expanding or democratic there are then ideas that are just different forms of centralized control and walls and universal surveillance it's important when experimenting with these futuristic ideas that it's done in a way that not only gives the citizens an incentive to participate but also prioritizes the needs of the community rather than amplifying the control of the governing body he goes on to say that there are two distinct categories of blockchain ideas that would make sense in terms of practical application using blockchains to create more trusted transparent and verifiable versions of existing processes number two using blockchains to implement new and experimental forms of ownership for land and other scarce assets as well as a new and experimental form of democratic governance other practical applications or existing processes that blockchains could drastically improve include keeping track of taxes payrolls fair number generators like for the lottery certificates asset registries and even voting to some these may seem like radical ideas but in all honesty for us to progress as a society being able to verify transactions on the blockchain is the next logical step forward for the world to be a more trusted and transparent place to be it's only a matter of time until the ideas like miami coin prove themselves to be efficient slowly but surely these smart cities will spread out throughout the states and the screenshot of mass adoption will become a mural in a museum ethereum is first in line to front run this meta future and saying i'm excited to see how far this goes in the next 10 years would be a serious understatement you might be thinking ben i don't care about the distant future i want to know how to make gains now don't worry i got you covered just keep in mind just like how the metaverse was a catalyst for mana pumping over 300 percent similar picture is being painted for ethereum currently ethan is more bullish than ever here are some rapid fire facts eth is holding strong above four thousand dollars it recently hit a new all-time high just a few days ago there's a supply shock given that only eleven percent of ease is available on exchanges over seven hundred thousand tokens have been burned since eip-1559 eth just had its first week of negative issuance there are several rumors of an etf there's a lack of selling pressure due to the fact that there are billions of eat steak to support the merge to 2.0 in an amcrypto.com article by varuni trevetti she points out that many similarities between east charred in 2017 exist with each chart now she pointed out that in november of 2017 each price blasted presenting 166 gains as the trend continued till december will history repeat itself well it's more than possible and if you don't believe me just ask former goldman sachs exec world renowned macro strategist and friend of the channel ralph powell including options around 85 of his entire portfolio asset allocations are solely in ethereum powell tweeted that he is irresponsibly long on eath right now i now have leveraged via calls this is by far and away the biggest personal position in my entire life by a factor of 10 or more raul is practically all in on ethereum he's basing this position off of the passionate belief that heath will hit 15 000 by the end of 2021 and will end up somewhere around 40 000 by the end of this cycle what a world-renowned trader macro investor such as himself publicly disclose such a massive position and risk his reputation unless he knows something that we don't well he discussed this in a recent interview by real vision finance in this interview when rao was asked where he sees the next macro play coming from either currencies bonds commodity to real estate he responded i've been shouting and screaming that the biggest macro trade in all of history is underway it's crypto macro is crypto ethereum is up 500 this year and somebody says what's the macro play this is the macro play whether you like it or not i admire his passion it's really hard not to agree with this man here the opportunity is without a doubt the macro play although i don't exactly see eye to eye with his timeline and price points the fact is he puts his money where his mouth is and is willing to risk his reputation on the biggest trade of his life he's very bullish for ethereum one day when we live in the meta future will you be able to look back and say you were one of the lucky few that got in on eth before ten thousand dollars well there's an exponential element to this because of that the opportunities are endless the question is how will you paint yourself into the picture in closing i completely agree with rao powell when he says we're in the business of investing when things go exponential you can make a lot of money so following these exponential technologies where their earnings go exponential and their adoption goes exponential is truly a gift of an opportunity anyone who's been involved in the crypto markets in the last two years has seen what exponentiality means and we haven't started it yet he's got that right that's all i got be blessed way out 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