Bullish Bitcoin news, ignore social media BTC drama, Monero on the rise, Bitcoin Angola progress

hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister remember to subscribe to this channel
like this video share this video first off i read the great article about
storage storage of your valuables your precious metals your Bitcoin by Andy
Hoffman over at Miles Franklin my friend andy hoffman thank you so much for the
shoutout he gave a link to this channel and said very nice things about me and
Miles Franklin does a great job of storm your precious metals by your precious
metals from them there's my plug that down but Andy Hoffman a good friend
thank you Andy is very nice this channel now here where you are we have over 900 subscribers thanks a
lot people subscribers thanks to the mysterious dash dude or dudette who
keeps on sending me a teeny bit of cash every week or every two weeks every
three weeks is very random but I know it's the same person i have a feeling
it's the same person thank you very much i know some of you
think it's amanda johnson by night I don't think it's amanda johnson you want
to notice i get a little video earlier today you got two for the price of one
today no that was more like a little promotion for my new site trays or help

Com but you guys should remember that because it's not just about setting up
your trays or I will consult about anything Bitcoin anything cryptocurrency
and of course you can email me now a much easier email address to remember
Adam at trays or help.com Adam at trees or help . com big coin trays or
information and installation that's what you'll get and you'll also get
crypto-currency information of all sorts and I'm going to link to the video that I just alluded to
you might not have interest to it is short though Madero trading volume and
price are up what's going on someone said on my comments section that
i predicted it no I think this is luck I think I don't
know why this is happening I don't know if my theory was correct so thanks for
giving me credit but i'm not going to take credit on that one yet we'll see
we'll see where it goes maybe people do get interested in anonymous coins
because of the the dash jump in price we will see good luck to both narrow and dash cope
with their prices go up even more mad dash to go back down again so maybe
that's why mineiro is going on products why do people care so much about the
Bitcoin reddit group in the so-called censorship there i hear so many people
and cryptocurrency land talking about censorship of their forearms and you
know that's like a really side issue because it actually isn't the
cryptocurrency I know bitcoin-litecoin on his channel the guy who drives the
truck in those videos at the same time he was you know rightfully complaining
about all the drama that it was like tiring him up out and getting him away
from cryptocurrency and he has a point like people really need to focus more on
the actual cryptocurrency and not like the dramatic things about censorship and
I know some of you are very passionate that the moderator at the Bitcoin ready
group is not letting certain ppl safety I don't even know what's that have to do
with the price of big I mean what's that have to do with you buying bitcoins
story Bitcoin and waiting dead by whole by hold until $MONTH 20-21 it's worth a
lot more money i mean what's that I don't know ignore the drama guys hey but venture capital news there was a
lot of venture capital investment in Bitcoin this past half year i will link
to the article and that news came out today or last night
and that might have helped bring bitcoins price up got some investors
excited again because that is news when venture capital companies are funding
bitcoin-related businesses that is what has been going on the first half of this
year apparently a lot of money is going to cry blockchain related businesses
from venture capital sources anyway I i also went to another an
Imperium classic article and it's biased toward hearing plastic but it is an
interesting article that i found earlier today I want to I want to bring this up
because some of you know I've alluded to this I made some progress with my angola
project over skype i was on the skype with a guy in Angola and it went to well
looks like i have a great contact on the ground angola remember i'm using the
Bitcoin sent to this channel in the address that's below for that project
that's that's not going to enrich me or anything like that it's going to this
project and there are definitely some expenses when we're talking about a
project that involves Angolan but i think it is going to help speed up the
worldwide mass adoption of Bitcoin and i'll just leave it at that for now still
really nebulous and ambiguous about this and goal of project but obviously it's
got to do with Angola and bitcoin gettings getting some Bitcoin in there
for the people and if you have any interest in that type of thing do you
contact me at my my great new email address of course Adam metros or help
calm i will talk to you later

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