Bull or Bear? – SUSHI, HNT, OGN, STMX – June 2nd

this strategy it perfectly makes sense kind of similar to the android strategy by google okay so let's done so let's start from the sushi so chop another is four chart and a weekly chart on a four java basis i pay attention to the brilliant enterprise move and as you can see here compared with other artwork project reversal power of the sushi is stronger then currently they are trying to hit middle price line of this bridge event just so that these sweet spots move that we need to pay attention to whether sushi price can hitting over this polishing band middle price launch or not okay on a weekly chart basis i pay attention to email 8 and 34. sushi price hitting row outside of ema34 is a bare signal and other key steps we need to pay attention to whether ema 8 is going to experience its debt cost on ema 34 or not okay so still in june if the bitcoin price bearing screen will continue we have to prepare this date clause here and it sets the clause such that clause on email 834 blink as another bear strength on the sushi so let's continue the pay attention to the displacement okay and this one define asset market so asset market updates market total kind of miscalculation on the defined price so no stats and young finance three point fifty five millions plus ten percent bespoke around 700 million minus sixteen percent bachelor 605 millions minus two point five percent on radio 359.1 million minus fifteen percent so young finance plus 10 percent in this restaurant is amazing work okay next one hmt hidden network so great news on heroin network here's comment so there have now been 23 third body maker application under him hidden improvement proposal hiv 19.

Third body maker play an essential role in easing on a bottleneck for hot spot manufacturing on people network with the helm network so check out the progress on this in the github url here amazing progress kind of network they also produce their own wi-fi loadings hardware to the consumer but also they're gonna take the oem approach this strategy it perfectly makes sense kind of similar up to the android strategy by google because google take the dominant player and market positioning on the smart home market computers apple or apple all the time take the particular product strategy then think about you know future neural developments on a demographic model with a hidden network oem approach is pretty accurate strategy then and with their amazing executions currently they have 23 third party maker amazing then with this news agency price they're going to update old-time high on may 28 23.9 simply say in this bearish trend on the entire crypto market in green bitcoin acting all time high in this timing is amazing work from here we can understand that how atm d fundamentals is quite strong especially compared with other alcohol project okay then once we're going to look the weekly chat here looks like currently ma18 is working for critical strong support line on this planet's move so it's good and then later decentralized cdn so p2p cdn no development updates center 49k minus 80 hit hidden hotspot okay 46k plus 12 ethero around 5k plus 1.9 percent and 5.0 updates brand new updates and the dent finally hitting plus 4 since february 17 26 video pretty good progress and especially when i pay attention to here that compared with sierra network is a little bit kind of broad tie for the node open stuff hidden network every week they get added around 10 percent increase here this is pretty good city progress amazing you know which means that in june hitting the hotspot number here might hit higher score than sierra here so let's pay attention to this okay and then this one ogn so chart analysis daily chart and weekly chart on a bollinger band basis as you can see here ogn price move is much stronger than other point project because they're already hitting over the middle price line of this bonus event currently on the price move here on the bollinger band they are experiences under the combustion trend which means that oj also kind of preparing right now about another british trend okay then once we get over to weekly databases mba 50 here looks like welcomes you know support right here it's pretty good too next one sdmx stomachs so chapter losses daily chart and weekly chart on the bollinger band basis as you can see here like origin protocol sdmx plus reversal power is much stronger than other earthquake market it's pretty good then once we're going with the weekly databases looks like currently key price movements happening here whether they can maintain this ema 34 at the support line or not once they cannot maintain this price length here we have to prepare that dead cloth between ema 8 and emi 34.

Stomachs with this quite strong bullish power here it's kind of critical moments whether they can maintain this long-term risk trend or not okay all right so the last one so the hotel is the best for retail investor to minimize the risk and much money return because investment in our point just like an investment in audi days of google and facebook and the ones we're going to look at the legendary angel investors such as ron conway peter t reed hoffman all the time they're going to take the simple investment approach it's a long-term investment now here's another evidence for the bias research it's a bitcoin case but longest holder of the bitcoin they got to maximize the investment return in this case longest hold of the bitcoin they're gonna get plus 220 return compared with short-term holder share okay so i'm gonna also basically take the long-term investment approach for alcohol investment so i'm going to also recommend you guys to take the same reports too okay all right so that is all this time so i'm going to make this video for the educational purpose so i'm not going to guarantee you any kind of certain investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys understand about high potential about crypto virtual space so i'm gonna make a lot of interest video crypto unboxing space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe bye you

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