Bull or Bear? – REEF, BTRST, DEVT, AXS – Oct 20th

so here's skin updates finance taking launch is xx stacking with api up to 152.80 it's amazing number [Music] okay so let's start so this is my phone propagation assistant as of now so total investment returns since my 619 is 1 300 okay and then last week i'm going to solve some of my token for rad ogm and wi-fi and i newly an additional investment in sol crv audio vnb matic lunar ldo and yzz okay these are my all cryptos currently that i investment in these are my total investment return for each crypto assets okay and if you are interested in my detail profile allocations also my real time buying same actual for every single crypto assets including ico ido and defy please think about to join my premium membership program it's a real all-time buy and sale signal the main purpose for this membership program to help you reach your crypto asset investment performance to my level here and for more detail please check out my other video and here's my video link okay then let's start from the reef the polka dots is ready for pearl chain launch option is proposed so the main net launch of the polka dots it's pretty close right now and with this news reef price is sharply rising right now because the reef is one of the major dubs project on the polka dots that's why then you know eventually the price is hits higher than this the distance right here 0.02987 this is pretty good news for the reef so we might see some price questions after this because the bitcoin also experienced this brass question moment but once bitcoin time to be another new brand think about this angle of the sharp increase here on the reef price leave time to be a pretty strong brown that's the key things we can allow from here it's good then let it market up this define yield market eater market tv updates comics finance class 16.84 young finance plus 4.17 sunny minus 16.97 alpaca plus 9.43 and a bunch of down plus 17.9 percent so convex finance butchered know it's pretty good then complex final steps increase coming from stable coin pair then batter dial starts increase coming from bitcoin market restraint okay the rickety staking is the next big thing on the device space okay the widow their tdl minus one point seventy seven percent marinade plus seventy one point fifty percent stay cal plus seven point eighty percent the outcome seven point eighty four percent statewide plus 7.65 widow is a dominant player here it's pretty good next one defy insurance market the insurance market tv updates armor plus 7.34 percent nasa signature plus seven point twenty seven percent ash last plus three point ninety percent the insurance no change the armor is backed by the ss mutual okay the next one bt rst brain trust so here's good news last month the average job size of brain trust was 76k the average job size of the upwork is 750k simply because brain thrust focusing on full-time job work then up work focusing on sport jobs like crowd sourcing work that's why these that difference we can confirm from the market analysis okay 10 ticket analysis bt rst usd daily drive after coinbase we still talking here they're gonna hit the ultimate high 49 594 here shop drop then now it's kind of price question moment for them now okay price is around 9.5 dollars the next one lady market of this decent cem so p2p senior node open updates helium plus five point nine percent seater eight note plus forty three percent alright guardians three five ten at the enterprise no no chance sixteen is zero two thousand seven nine zero minus eleven percent share coin six five eight plus one point seven percent then they are now capacity and use capacity is four point eight petabytes at one point eighty eight and a blade then five point no change okay the next one excess rc infinity so here's guinea updates finance taking launches xx sticking with api up to 152.80 it's amazing number out of it all right then assist ucd so still there on a strong broad trend up on em-10 but also the brilliant gradually forming combustion trend think about various trend move on a bitcoin next one or two weeks ass also experiences you know combining trend plus question moments on this flight still okay this one dvd deep rising all right so dear fry sunrise is 8.5 million it's pretty season ramp to bring it's metamask game divas to life the upcoming blockchain based game that provides massively multiplayer online game with a role playing opportunity or mmorpg for short burberry's version of the high fantasy high actual adventure game amazing next big things on nft is of course nfc game and from the boss business perspective also nfc game there now a lot of smart entrepreneurs focusing on nxt game then one of the biggest potential on this nfc game is these prizes then i'm gonna join their private sales discount here so from now on i'm gonna keep to update you guys about how their project is roughly growing in this pioneer market okay then later background updates b2c and b2b dabs so lsd greater rankings by sales spawning symphony is version still as infinity number player then that's launching game category split download on high is the number one player and the rcvt number six next category d5 pancake swap is the number one because of the a lot of chinese user moving from central exchange to politics swap next exchange tornado zone on an avalanche is doing quite well top four this week the next one questionables enemy drop shot number one next one marketplace open c still number one the ultimate market wax is also doing quite well okay and the social yeah on eos still number one but still it's a pretty big white space in a social category here no big player is not coming here yet then that's what others are making assets and what's still number one all right so this is the last slide so hudo is the best for the retail investor to minimize the risk and maximize the return because investment in crypto assets just like investment in early days of google and facebook so once we're gonna look at the resilient angel investment productions such as long conway peter tier relocate all the time they're gonna take the simple investment approach it's a long-term investment and here's another evidence for the violence research it's a bit good guess but the longest holder of the bitcoin mastermind the investment return in this case plus 220 percent much larger number than other showtime holder here then i'm gonna also basically take the long-term investment approach so i'm gonna also recommend you guys to taking the same opportunity okay all right so the little design so i'm gonna make this video for the educational purpose so i'm not gonna guarantee you any kind of certain every investment outcome with this video any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys understand about high quotation about crypto both in space so i'm going to make a lot to make this video quick about this space so thank you for watching don't forget to 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