Bull or Bear? – LUNA, SNX, AXS, BAT – July 14th

almost hitting higher half level two so my next big question that whether accidentally [Music] snx 8xs and b80 okay so let's start so let's start from luna so key news updates terra and harmony announces tiled full stack partnership focus on users developers and mass adaptations i've got a question here that you know for terror perspective you know building a partnership with harmony is not so you know attractive one okay that's my key point because how many itself have you know blockchain intel over the software layer like cosmos and polka dots but those players these days strung around the ecosystem dope itself polkadot is number one but harmony is number three player from the terror perspective this passage might have helped but it's kind of literally tough for them to get some certain attractions with this partnership that's my analysis okay on a technical analysis daily chart and a weekly job and on a daily chart basis i'm still paying additional to email to hundreds the reason is currently ema 75 try to resist plus move on here against ema 200s so once ema 75 can maintain this ladies and spice room here it's quite positive you know scenario from the technical analysis perspective for the next round of the red targets okay now once we're gonna look at the weekly databases it's also pretty positive things happening here this weekly basis last week move is pretty good too because of this partnership the emf 1026 is pretty important possible here okay next one snx so kidneys updates defy protocol synthetics optimistic about flying layer to launch so long awaiting layer 2 exchange will launch this month only three scenes do start but more added soon and satisfies reacted strongly with 12 percent again on the day so here like this it's kind of quite positive news on a daily database is that price hitting higher even too hot it's here it's pretty good but interesting plus move here that once we look at the weekly databases ema 200 is just like a key sub online here it's kind of pretty interesting and then let them out like this define their index and initial loss so there'll be market updates total tbl 2.67 meters plus 36 percent because since it is hitting plus 52 percent this stat increase coming from of course price search on sns targets total tbl 1.21 billions okay next mutual 342 minutes minus five percent um 97 meters minus five percent and hedging 38 million minus five percent okay i don't know let it mark on this defy asset market asset market updates market total submits configuration only five pounds the young finance three point fifty four billions minus three point six percent battery down 378 million minus eleven percent and the best for 444 million minus 52.6 percent okay our next one axs access infinity so kidneys updates these days as we know oxy infinity is sky rocketing for the attraction level here it's amazing the now next topic we need to focus on whether asus infinity can gain higher traction than any top shot it's the number one nfd game on the virtual space look at this in attraction level owner size on a number here it's getting close buyer size almost is a half level sale size almost hitting higher than half level two so my next big question that whether actually is unity going to be another player on top of enemies option or not right it's a pretty big topic for us for energy gaming space then technical analysis daily chart a weekly job daily chart amazing plus move whether they can maintain this ema 10 as online or not that's the key point we reach our bases amazing work yeah the next one bat blind browser so keyless updates so they're gonna open their bat roar map 2.0 update two and for the details since i'm going to release that score update with a vip token so please check out the video and there are i'm going to make the deep analysis about this update model so please check out this video okay then technical analysis daily chart and weekly job daily chart it's kind of a positive plus whatever happening here based on boring demand the reason is combustion trend is narrowing down and more and more that is why for the you know baby plus move itself it's much easier hitting higher than middle class line over the bollinger band then once we're going to repeat job still they're going to maintain you know this price nature 0.4 now at the same time emf 55 just like a key support line here and then later back up this decentralized cdn so p2p cen no devops updates shatter minus 30 helium plus eight point two percent ether plus twenty seven percent five coin blade deaths no updates and sierra coin plus one percent and their stretch use is one point seventy petabytes it's pretty good so hitting stats is again getting close to the center so i'm kind of pleading you know curious about the next stats move here okay all right so this is the last time so hotel is the best for me to invest up to minimize the risk and maximum return because investment in all coins just like investment in audi days of google and facebook and once we're gonna look at the legendary angel investors such as long conway peter two rita hoffman all the time they're gonna take the simple investment approach it's a long-term investment and here's another evidence for the finance research it's a bitcoin case but longest hold on with the bitcoin they gotta maximize the investment return is plus 220 percent compared with short-term holder here okay so i'm gonna also basically take the long term investment approach that is why i'm gonna also recommend you guys to take the same routers too okay all right so there is this time so i'm gonna make this video for the occasional purpose so i'm not gonna guarantee you any kind of certainty investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys understand about high potential with crypto and roaches face so i'm going to make a lovely dispute our crypto portion space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe you

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