Bull or Bear? – LUNA, BADGER, HNT, DENT – June 23rd

they close price move against ema 26 so whether june 27 for rudolph butcher hnt and death okay so let's start so let's start from the luna so technical analysis learn usd daily chart and a weekly job so as you can see luna price is currently forming both supplies move here but at the same time what we need to pay attention to is ma18 and 50 because crank the you know ma18 moving into that clause class move and then available the same time emf200s functional like resistance like here once we're gonna move to weaker databases first of all emf 75 is function works as key support line for this class move as same as daily chart ema 10 is going to experience this dead clause price move against ema 26.

So whether round fives can maintain this price move here against this dead cost event it's kind of key events that whether they can maintain this box price move or not on their price move once you're gonna maintain this fly smooth they can move into next we'll wrap one's gonna fail next steps we need to pay attention to is this one ema 200 on a weekly databases lab price will test this price line here okay and then later market updates stablecoin and lending so many minecraft is total gvl 29.5 units minus five percent make it out six point nine billion minus eight percent abe 11.1 video minus five percent compound six point seventy five million minus two percent and queen minus zero point three percent still on the mild bear strength okay and this is updates usd 72k die 7k tera usd bay and osd no stats and the transaction volume lasts 24 hours usd 47 millions die 492 millions today usd 32 millions fed 30 millions osd 70k total subtraction supply u.s dollar basis usd 62.8 billions die 4.96 videos 10 usd 1.91 videos pay 441 millions oh you see 9 millions okay no big move this week okay next one butcher and the battery usd four chart on daily job four jet bases ice cream pay addition to this very smooth on ema 200.

Because you know next one or two weeks voucher will test whether they can experience this upper breakout against ema 200s or not then once we get rid of the daily databases i'm going to pay attention to the brilliant event added this combining trend price move i'm going to take this one at the point one especially as same as bitcoin once bitcoin price they're gonna experience this upper breakout on this regional basis these four bases butterfly is also hitting upper breakout against ems 300s so butterflies itself moving to the another blue right here but currently it's kind of way on c mode okay and this one define asset market asset market updates market total there is no stats because of this calculation only five thousand and the young finance 4.31 videos minus two percent best for 545 millions plus two percent but you down 480 meters minus seven percent refinance i'm still waiting for the stats no big move on asset market this week okay next learning market updates define delivery decks and insurance so daily market updates market total tbl 2.08 videos plus six percent since it takes 927 meters plus three point six percent nexus ritual 358 meters minus three point eight percent over 170 meters plus six percent hedging 47 meters plus 20 even in a kind of bearish market move on other defy protocol these possible stats on the database decks it's kind of interesting especially his stats progress is pretty good okay and this one hmt harem so key news updates there have now been a total 34 applications under hiv 19 for third party hotspot maker to blink new hnd mining option to the people network on internet amazing problems because two years ago when i shared the same news here the stats was 29 so it's plus five which means you know kind of android strategy on the hidden network is extremely successful right now so it's huge progress this is great so at a time analysis hmt usdt daily chart and weekly job and pay attention to the ema market trend because currently short-term trend ema 10 26 75 is competing each other since email 200's long-term trend is gradually moving to nose so around 30 days later so this price move on ema they're gonna test ema 200 as a key support line or not and then once we're gonna move to weekly databases it's got a pretty beautiful price move based on point injected basis so video line of this valve function like key supply here right so this means if the hmd price can take the bleach actions against these ema 200s on a weekly bollinger band basis they're gonna go into another blue round that's what i'm thinking about okay next one dead so then the usd daily chalk on a weekly job daily services i'm gonna pay attention to email 75 and 200 because next one or two weeks they're gonna experience is that cost here so kind price move or the dent is working on a box price move it's pretty stable which is actually pretty good for next full run but with this little day close events whether then price can maintain this price move or not that's the key things we need to pay attention to because once we're gonna go to weekly chat races currently ems 75 is a key price of online here okay so once then price experiences bearish price move with this their clause on a daily chart basis also plus their class on the ema 10 26 here they're gonna experience this brs breakout against ems 75 so next key support line that we need to pay attention to is ems 200 here okay and the real market is decentralized cdn so p2p cdn node updates sierra ethnos no change helium hotspot plus 11 ether minus two point five percent particularly no updates cf wine new project four hundred ninety three plus zero percent their use rate is one petabytes and this three point two petabytes is their network capacity are they blade and then no updates still amazing progress or hit them for their three grows it's pretty good all right so this is the last slide so hodo is the best for retail investor to minimize the risk and the maximum return because investment in our just like an investment aim are the days of google facebook then once we're gonna look at regional angel investors such as ron conway pewdiepie all the time they're gonna take the simple investment approach is a long-term investment and has another evidence for the finance research but also in a bitcoin case longest holder of the bitcoin maximize their investment return in this case longest holder of the bitcoin you're gonna gain plus 220 investment return compared with showtime holder here i'm gonna also basically take the long-term investment approach i'm gonna also recommend you guys to take the same approach too okay all right so that's all this time so i'm gonna make this video for education purpose so i'm not gonna get at you any kind of certain even investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys understand about high potential about crypto and broader space and also i'm going to newly started live q a sessions for my membership program on my youtube channel so if you got any kind of questions for this video or any other video that i make please join these live qr sessions because you can ask me anything about my video here okay for more detail please check out this video link okay i'm gonna make a lot to make this video on the crypto on the blockchain space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe [Music] you

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