Bull or Bear? – HNT, FIL, AXS, RAD – July 7th

why this news is related to radical rap because of this one so it's step five h 12 axs and ram guess what stuff so let's start with hmt helium network so key news updates great research results from bethuri one of the major crypto asset research company in the world 55 000 nodes helium is now one of the largest p2p blockchain network with about 4x as many nodes as the bitcoin network the hidden seeks to be an aibnb of the terco it's an amazing expression enabling everyone to contribute to providing permissionless raw bandwidth connectivity for iot devices amazing now as you can see their growth here it's pretty amazing right it's impressive then technical analysis hmd usct daily chart and weekly job then i'm going to pay attention to ema especially ema 200 once we look at other arkoi market most of the cryptosex is under ema 200 these days because of the strong price class these days but hidden network still higher than ema 200s then they're going to take ema 200 at support line this is amazing okay the weekly databases still i'm going to pay attention to bring you down because they're going to take middle fire slime on this brilliant band also the key sample right here next one fail firecoin updates five coin price was nine percent is active miners and the number of accounts that's new heights then they're going to say that here is their active miner here on 2.5 k now what accounts is also around one video or so but i tried to research about the informational source of this you know picture here but i cannot find it out so i'm kind of literally still skipping all about these stats because you know since fine point on their home page they never open these stats by themselves so still i mean a little bit question about their attraction at this moment okay then we're gonna move into technical analysis field usd daily chart a weekly chart i'm going to pay attention to ema 75 and 200 on a daily chart basis the reason is it's close to the debt cost okay then once we're going to weekly databases i'm also paying attention to ema here the reason is look at this every time follicle in testing you know ems trend here they're gonna testing ema26 on the five squash they're gonna test ems 75 and apply squash then now they are testing ema-200s this is a critical moment for their firepoint the reason is if they cannot maintain you know these ema 200s here as you can see they're gonna lose all the bullish momentum past six months or so so it's kind of pretty critical moment for the firecoin that's the key thing someone should understand here okay all right let it knock out this decent five cdn and the p2pc then no drupal updates theater plus 40 percent hidden plus 11 isro plus 47 percent firecoin still the updates sierra coin plus two percent blame then no updates as always steady growth weekly basis head to heart stop plus 11 last week because also 18 amazing mark okay now at the same time i'm going to pay attention to ethereum stocks here plus 47 percent this reason comes from china risk stuff the reason is you know a lot of chinese miners also join the mining of the israel then now chinese government bond that you know money activity any kind of cryptos and mining activity in china that is why you know last week with experience is minus 50 so kind of market crash stuff but because of this incident a lot lots of new miners outside of china join ethereum network that is why you're gonna experience this plus 47 here it's pretty amazing so you know removing china risk it's not only good for the bitcoin market but also the good for ethereum too that's the casing someone should understand here okay next one axs axi infinity so keyless updates this week axis generated more revenues than mere mass power cake synthetics mercado and calf combined here amazing growth now axis infinity is getting to be a next nba top shot you know top nfd game in the global pretty amazing there are another great news from you know as infinity so greg one of only 19 triple music axes just sold for 369 e's around 1 million usd this stuff this character is pretty cute but wants us around 1 million usd it's amazing then technical analysis daily chart and weekly job sharp increase like this one same as weekly basis still as i told you on the helium network you know on a price recovery moment we're going to experience this kind of trend move here axis infinity just like heavy network they are moving to the next stage of the growth it's pretty amazing on the next one right radical so keynes update team balance reads web source called nft sales for 5.4 million usd and source wise why this news is related to radical rap because of this one so it's step five team banners re he's going to make this code over the world wide web for free brand tia base stuff and 13 years later they're going to receive 5.4 million with nxt transaction stuff this is a critical pain point on open source community here because once you look at the entire open source community a lot of smart programmers genius programmer write a code for free and a huge contribution in the market and the top level is the team bonusly worldwide web so from this perspective we got a lot of unique needs on each pain points happening here on the open source community and radical wrap tried to solve this problem by dev5 so dave5 is decentralized finance that supports that sustainable and regenerative funding of open source software it applies to any financial primitives that empower developers to control the production and the distribution of their code and for the detail like this right radical findings are their fine solutions so they gotta create and distribute massively you know fossil support and fund to project and users and put money behind issue to pre-fund maintain as work and subscribe to project and user and create community currencies to correctively govern projects and software alliances as energy just like world wide web what i expect radical that every single those variety based you know genius programmer or small programmer on open source space can get some incentives reward with nft technology that's exactly what i expect about team balance and ft program stuff okay so this is the last slide so photo is the best for retail messenger to minimize the risk and the mass market return because investment in all coins just like an investment in early days of google and facebook once we get to look at legendary angel investment traction such as long conway peter tube with offline all the time we're going to make the simple investment approach it's a long term investment and here's another evidence for the finance research it's a bitcoin case but the long-term holder on the bitcoin all the time they're going to maximize their return compared with short-term holder here so in this case plus 220 investment return so i'm gonna also basically take the long-term investment approach for any kind of article investment stuff so i'm gonna also recommend you guys to take the same approach too okay all right so that's all this time so i'm gonna make this video for the educational purpose so i'm not gonna guarantee you any kind of certain limited investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video will practically help you guys understand about high potential about crypto and broken space so i'm gonna make a lot to make this video crypto broke this race so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe [Music] you

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