Bull or Bear? – CRV, CREAM, SNX, ZRX – Feb 17th

now as you can see still price move is pouring up you know middle line of bollinger band trend so it says twice so this time is a regular item brew a bear for crv cream snx rx price analysis okay so let's start so let's talk about crv so key news updates car finance coming to equivalent of the program pro chain this is kind of pretty interesting news because you know car finance is one of the major decks project on ethereum platform the polkadot is a you know blockchain interview software problem also starting their own dex project especially crosstown decks pork starter i'm pretty curious about how the eastern dx player crowd-wide or connect with denno brought the interoperability platform like polka dots the how the price reacted with this news is almost no reactions because you know before this news price already hits 3.666 here then with this news we're gonna experience a small bridge momentum came to the market but could not get over this highest price here then now crv token experiences crash moment on a daily chart basis then this is kind of tough time for them because they already the price they hit over down 22 you know middle line of the brilliant band now try to against this lower price line of bollinger band ideal scenario that on a daily chart basis crb price hitting over the middle line of this bollinger band see how to be talking still can't keep the momentum on a daily charter basis but once they're gonna fail to keep the plus middle line with ranger band candle chart move into like this way and then try to get the distance actions lower price line of the bollinger band once we're gonna move to weekly chart interesting price move here so all the time so the other experience is one short term trend hitting the middle term on long term trend here on the kdj it's pushed back again there is some possibility that same things happen in a second time too okay next one cream finance bad news for crypto finance 37.5 million lost by cream defy on the largest fraction attack ever then how the price reacted negative way but right before that on february 1st cream finance hit all-time high 380 dollars it's pretty good but for child bases price already experiences crash along with the btc clash on the bollinger band lowest price line also moving to prior moment here in my analysis clean finance price this price candle chart will hit lower line of this bollinger band so the price target is 140 so still the brs trend is continuous then once we're gonna move to weekly databases on kdj as you can see short-term trend experiences downside breakout against middle line also the long-term line of this in the kdj line here still bearish another bearish signal is forming like this way on the cattle chart basis as you can see once cream flies hit all time high here price push back then now we have negative candle chart here price of the cream will continue the bearish momentum for a while that's my analysis on the next one snx so key news updates synthetics community boasts to tokenize tesla stock favorite tests this is great news because synthetics it's a derivative dex which means they can list any kind of price of the financial assets no nobody knows crypto assets on ethereum but also like bitcoin nft also exists in stock or fiat currency gold whatever this thing those financial products on the synthetics it's a great accelerator to attract a lot of retail investors on an existing financial market because for them it's much easier to move their money from fiat currency market based one to cryptocurrency based one this is pretty good news then how did the market reacted with this price and sales price after the all-time high february 14th 28.981 great then now price exceeded the crash moment along with the you know bitcoin price crash but on a daily chart basis once price hits middle line of ranger band plus push back now as you can see still price move is throwing up you know middle line of bollinger band trend so snx price also my analysis couple weeks ago i'm gonna show you guys you know wi-fi is closer than frog formations still keeping the british momentum but once we're going to move to weekly databases that here's kind of a lot here on a kdj combining turning formations is happening here so imana says essence price you know british momentum will continue next one or two months or so but after that probably experiences small crash that's my analysis the rx so key news updates the rex takes initial steps toward decentralizing governance and here's quotation we are correctly walking into the uncharted territory of human coordination we biggest collective challenge will be transitioning from engaged to accountable communities with that incredible growth in public blockchain adaptations and blossoming interest in open project governance we are confident that xerox community will transition to a fully accountable one in a years to come great and also the rx project right now is seriously working on version 4 updates including governance model and a lot of great updates coming to xerox in a project on a version 4 so how the price reacted they're going to have their all-time high on february 12th 2.036 then after this price experience and crash along with the bitcoin crash but before you know on a crash moment press hits middle line of bollinger band press push back in here still there are some possibility that price hit the middle line original band line here but entirely the bridge momentum on the rx still continuing okay now once we get them into weekly databases once we're going to look at the kdj here all the time short-term trend once they're gonna hit the middle time long term trend short-term trend push back again to the bridge side so overall the rx bridge momentum still continuing so this is the last five so hudo is the best for retail investor to minimize the risk and the most money return our coin investment just like investment in early days on google and facebook so once we're going to look at the legendary investor attractions such as ron corway peter 2 read offline all the time you can take the same investment approach it's a long term investment and here's another evidence for the binance so this is a bitcoin case but all the time longest holder maximize the return so longest holder with a bitcoin makes a 220 return compared with short-term holder here i'm gonna also take the you know long-term investment for the arco investment too so i'm gonna also recommend you guys take the same approach okay all right so that is all this time so i'm gonna make this video for the educational purpose so i cannot guarantee you any kind of certain labor investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys to understand about the high potential about crypto assets and blockchain so i'm going to make lots of in this video and krypton your space so thank you for watching don't forget to 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