Bull or Bear? – AXS, UNI, SUSHI, SRM – July 26th

daily chart and wrigley chart on the daily chart basis it's a beautiful price actions against burning j bad video plus like here [Music] to so key news updates nft marketplace open c rises 100 medium in a funding round made by unusable it's amazing still an ft market is quite hard still continuously the business moving stuff it's amazing the initial key news updates nft critical ranking starts from crypto swap this is all time stats then finally rc infinity hitting the number one tractions on an active creditable ranking higher than eleven top shot so this is amazing traction then once we got the access usd daily chart and weekly chart on the daily chart basis it's a beautiful price actions against bollinger band video price line here right and then with this you know trusted news rc infinity itself experiences this program but looks like a technical perspective this applies through this kind of around signal that brew around will close to the end again and weekly charts still i'm going to pay attention to the cannibal but it's pretty hard to predict the price move on a weekly databases okay and then later market updates burst market so major bus active stats since last monday ethereum 2.0 and the other three you know ethereum project buying a smart chain slider and fall these days as you can see here ethereum 3.0 set is getting improving this is pretty good and the other stats i'm also still waiting for the updates on the dash.com okay then next one ethernet transaction fee four point zero eight minus seven percent then last week still the bitcoin transaction fee is cheaper than israel but to me this means bitcoin transaction fee is too cheap right now okay and the next one uni key news update user criticized uni swap decision to remove over 100 token for main interface this timing i'm going to accept the reality what swap is facing right now because you know they're going to receive the request from the ussc about some of it on this hundred token it's kind of illegal against u.s ecc regulation stuff but how they're going to remove these 100 token stuff to me it's kind of wrong approach the reason is we should leverage that ecosystem so we should apply the voting approach of course it takes time quite a lot of efforts to effectively run this down body model to remove these 100 tokens but this is the things we have to achieve on the dial mechanism stuff so it takes time to realize this one but let's walk together with a strong patience okay and another key updates mastercard involving program for cryptocurrency wallets and exchange and here's quotations today not all cryptic companies the foundational infrastructure to convert cryptocurrency to traditional fiat currency we are making it easier amazing anarchy is from visa visa acquires ripple net partner currency cloud for 950 millions here's quotations acquisition of the currency cloud is another example of the visa executing on your network of network strategy to facilitate global money movements said korean ostrowski the business global treasurer consumer and businesses increasingly expect transparency speed and simplicity when making or receiving international payment staff with our acquisition of currency crowd we can support our clients and partner to further reduce their pain points of cross-border payments and develop the great user experiences for their customers okay then why i put in a business ambassador at the news here for the uni swap to go through this so we have to reinvent payment information global basis this is the existing one central bank fairgrounds insurance swift international payment network and retail payment network based on nasa and the user on the margin future what you're going to try to achieve is defined into decentralized payment network okay that's the basic strategy for entire crypto industry then my future blueprint is like this white ethereum you need swap megadot statement going down and origin protocol will play a critical role here that's why i invested these items here the imanos is uni here play the critical role in this level in this year swift and design ambassador okay that's why then technical analysis daily chart and weekly job unit swap still the very strength so once we're going to look at the ems 25 200's they're going to experience the debt cost this means uni swap my experience is something able to be restrained again but still this around 40 dollars here is a great step online same as weekly job 2.

In a weekly chat basis ema 35 is a skill supply here once we look at you know lower level article project most of their projects throwing around even 200 on a weekly basis still so from this perspective unit swap can hold much stronger momentum here okay and next one sushi so key news updates sushi swap deep proco announces next generation trident aml sushi swap upgraded the software and for more detail i'm going to publish the updated squad model of the swiss swap so please check it out okay on the technical it's pretty good fast look on a volunteer basis so the bollinger band itself experiences combustion trend then last week the bitcoin market experiences you know strong various moments sushi price also they could maintain these bears trend on a lower price line with this bollinger band basis so this is good then once we get a move to weekly job still even 200 it's kind of key stuff online for now and with the price level i don't know 5.5 it's a key price length as a support line for the sushi and the next one srm serum decks so key news updates sam why i bought back binance shadows in ftx so recently ftx announced you know pretty big fun running deal with 900 million usd it's pretty big but the purpose of this fundraising is actually to buy back the ftx stock for binance this means fdx take the original step and also they're going to consider binance also the rival and then modify deep reading for this article binance these days you're going to experience this pretty tight ligation about stop price listing on binance exchange right original player to start this stock plastic model is actually fts and from the sound perspective all the time he was thinking about to develop the pretty scarable dex project serum decks also the major player and then to compete with uni swap some try to take the stop-plus racing model other you know different products foreign so this is also their primary motivation that they're gonna take their original pass to develop the effective dex system with the stock pricing model okay technical analysis daily chart and weekly job daily job still the better strength the class is struggling under ema 26 it's on the bearish then weekly chat as you can see here even at 200 in the support line but once you gotta look at the unit swap ems 75 is a sample line srm still a more bearish strength than unison okay and then later market updates define decks the train boarding comparison between central direction the decks the last week was 10 to 1 these three was 11 to one and these days central election trading volume is overwhelming dex but this is plenty of natural things happening here because all the time you know entire crypto markets time to be a bridge trend again bitcoin take the market lead so from this perspective same transaction train volume is all the time hitting higher than dex running volume okay so that's why to me this stat trend is totally understandable okay and the next one dex tbr updates since sunday market total 20.05 videos plus 15 car finance plus 30 percent unit swap plus nine point four percent sushi swap plus four percent any swap question next plus 40 so still amazing trash on the car finance this means market is still on a bare trend on our point too okay next one define deliver www market total 2.45 millions plus 12 percent synthetics plus seventy percent next time ritual plus thirteen point five percent um plus eleven percent hazy plus eleven 11 since you know some of the outgoing assets hitting higher prices aids because the bullish trend of bitcoin so all the staff is quite positive these days okay the next one let's mark up this define asset market so asset market updates market total seven point zero four billion plus ten percent convicts finance run by car finance plus eleven percent young finance plus four percent bespoke minus five percent battery now plus six percent okay so still the stable coin defined by your convex is quite strong okay all right so this is our slide so photo is the best for retail investor to minimize the risk and maximum return because investment in our point just like an investment in audi days of google and facebook and once we're going to look at the legendary angel investors fashion such as hong kong way peter thiel read often all the time they're gonna take a simple investment approach it's a long-term investment and here's another evidence from the bias research it's a bitcoin case but the longest holder of the bitcoin they gotta maximize their investment return in this case longest hold on the bitcoin they're gonna gain plus 220 investment return much higher now by the short term holder here so i'm gonna also basically take the long term investment approach so i'm gonna also recommend you guys to take the same offer soon okay all right so that's all this time so i'm gonna make this video for the educational purpose so i'm not going to guarantee you any kind of certain labor investment outcome with this video or any other video that i make but i truly hope that my video will probably help you guys understand about high potential with critical road to space so i'm going to make a lot with this video crypto boxing space so thank you for watching don't forget to [Music] subscribe you

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